Avatar of War Marauder Champion Review

A different sort of review this time, rather than a book or some big gribbly that we all love. I thought it would be fun to look at just a single 28mm model.

In this case one of the Avatar of Wars character models, the Marauder Champion. The blister pack is a decent size with some nice artwork on the sleeve.

You actually get a few options within the pack, be 2 axes, sword and axe or shield and weapon. Plus 2 very different heads means you wont be short of things to do with him..

I am loving the head options, the standard barbarian head is nice but the bag head is awesome 🙂

Lots of choppy chop death..

Some nice little details on the body, the thing to remember with the AoW stuff is of course that it is true scale miniatures so although it will fit in with most things on closer inspection you will be able to tell the difference.


A very nice model, I love you actually get options to build your model. Interestingly they can have many different uses from Warhammer to D&D. OK they may not fit into hero scale as much but on the tabletop I don’t think you will notice so much.

So the AoW models are certainly worth a look for your fantasy need.

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