#WIPWednesday Goliath Truck

So those keeping up I have been flirting with GSC. In the sense I am building towards a chaos/machine cult with a heavy mad max theme.

As I wanted a mounted force I need trucks and well cults generally have to make do and mend/steal.

So I went with that and used some old leman russ chassis I had from my fallen knights I wasnt using.

But I needed open top and space for transport, so start the a-team music and off we go.

Admittedly it’s far from done as need weapons and some more support struts on the side and well bit more mad max.

But as a start I am liking it so far.

#WIPWednesday Charnel Throne

As much as I love GW kits, its always ALWAYS more fun to throw some things together. When I became a Hobby Hero 😉 I got to go to Warhammerfest in which they have a bit of fun in which you get 5 minutes to build as much stuff as possible and what you desprue you keep.

Tis great fun and I have been sat on them ever since not having a reason to run with it. Until the FEC book introduced a Throne scenery piece.

After some playing around with estimating size of the thing from pictures we have arrived at this;




I was going to make a throne from the Skulls kit but a mate sorted me out with one 🙂


Still a way to go, including more skulls/carrion and more damage potentially but pretty happy so far.