WIP day 4, something Slaaneshy

Well that has come together pretty quickly.

I think many will have realised that we have ourselves a Fane of Slaanesh. That is going to match my swamp siren theme.

Still lots to do but you get an idea of the madness 🙂

Early WIP Day 1

In the spirit of me doing more real-time blogging. I want to share more of my WIPs as I progress a project.

I will find this hard as I know I am an OK painter and I get by with what I do.

However, I also know I am a very messy painter. The finished product will look OK but getting there will probably make many people laugh/nervous/think I am crazy.

I am a strong believer in the touch up…on a project!So with all that in mind, here is day 1 of a project I have started.

Can you guess what it is yet?

The Noble Knights of Nawing

It’s been ages since I showed any WIPs or ideas as just become very focused about end product. Hoping to make a change to that as well who needs real life 😉

So behold the mighty knights of my Flesh Eater Court. First up Lord Nawing himself, Sir Archibald Dinar and his trusty mount C’Hop..


So obviously this was picked up on the cheap and needed some TLC. So I have magged up the wings for easier transport and such a noble steed needed to have his masters colours on him so he has a lovely Caparison.


Archie is also magged to his steed for when he wants to go it alone, but figuring out if he needs armour as well, he will be getting a flowing cape at some point!


Having such a steed for so many battles has left scares and C’Hop is no exception, after losing an eye his master had the best blacksmiths in the land craft a faceplate to protect him from further harm..


We also have the first unit of bodyguard for the Lord and don’t they look magnificent in their robes of refinement!