#WAAC Update

We had a great day yesterday thanks to all that took part in the Legion of Everblight raffle.

In a weekend we raised over £600 pounds for MacMillan!!! Which has handily raised us past the 1k level already 🙂 Go see it by clicking the button..


But if you missed out don’t worry we have a second raffle coming, go check it out on the following link;


The potential to win a fully painted Salamanders army sounds pretty cool to me! Go help rob out he needs the help to get through the early days of a new child (well done that man).

Above all please please please spread the word of WAAC so we can raise some cash for those amazing nurses.

Also over this year and last we are only £580 from having raised £10000 😀

Hordes online charity raffle 2015 #WAAC

The raffle is live for a chance to win a fully painted Legion of Everblight army!

Info is below, please use the link to go see shiny pictures of the army and please spread the word

Tickets are 1 for £2 or 3 for £5 payable by PayPal to releasetheminions(at)gmail.com. Note – please include an email address on this..

You will have your raffle numbers emailed to you.

Draw finishes 1900 on the 31st May 2015.

via Warmachine and Hordes online charity raffle 2015.

McMourning for MacMillan #WAAC2015

WAACThanks to the amazing guys from Wyrd I have a McM crew box coming to form part of raffle prize.

So whats the plan, I need many peoples help, as I want this to be a very nicely painted crew (hence I aint touching it).

The theme is Green as you will have guessed, apart from that all things are open. Obviously the Nurses have to look amazing as damn it the MacMillan Nurses are what it is all about.

So the plan is to create a 50ss crew to raffle off, this means the following;

  • Need help forming a nice list
  • Suggestions for basing
  • Volunteers for painting
  • Any models lying around you don’t want would be awesome to help as well
  • Some basing suggestions.

I will update these things as they come in, so we have the following models coming and names of who is painting them;

Deadline is end of July for painting/donations of models to be complete so we can raffle off in August.

I will update this as things progress and for those that are wanting to help monetarily looking at £2 a ticket. More money = more tickets.

Everything to go through the WAAC2015 and make sure you tell me you are entering in the comments of the site

NOTE: Non-UK entry is allowed but you will have to help cover postage costs 🙂 Although please keep in mind that I dont know anything about rules for such things in other countries so please check yourselves first before entering.

The #WAACChallenge

Some may have seen the £5 challenge done previously the concept is simple buy a model cheaply from a bidding site, paint it up, sell it on. Any profit you make from doing it goes into the WAAC pot 🙂

So some rules as we all need rules otherwise we all descend into Hobby ADD!!

  • Buy a model cheaply, can be any model any genre, system, age, condition. Doesn’t matter where from as long as you can screen shot when you bought/won the model.
  • You then have 6 weeks (to allow for postage) to paint it. It does not need to be sold at the point BUT does need to be for sale.
  • Anything you can make above the original cost (ignoring postage) goes to WAAC.
  • Make sure you use Twitter, Facebook, Blogs as a way to share the challenge but also there may be prizes for the biggest % difference (free models is cheating though 😉 )or original idea.
  • Donations to go here please WAAC2015

Optional Rules

  • Doesn’t need to be one model you could do a squad or even an army if you are mad enough BUT the cost per model needs to be less than £5.
  • If you miss the 6 week deadline (and it is not Royal Mails fault) then you have to add 1p per day late.
  • You can change your personal deadline as well. As long as we see proof of a start and end date
  • You can do it more than once if you wish other the coming months.

#Vappafaux Sweepstake for #WAAC2015

Vappafaux is 01/02/2015 (or 02/01/2015 if you are American).

As the nice TO has allowed me to do this, I am going to be doing a sweepstake on how well I can do during the tournament 🙂 and also pick masters for each round as well!!

So it is simple fill in the form below or contact me on Twitter or Facebook with the following.

  • Payment (at Vappafaux or Paypal)
  • How many wins (draws count as wins to make it easier)
  • Victory Point total
  • if you wish to pick my masters (one master for each round)

The prize will be a Voucher to spend at The Outpost, total dependent on numbers who take part but it will be at least £10. If no-one gets the right number of wins AND VP total then prize will go to closest person. If still tied prize will be shared.

e.g. If I get 2-1 and 3VP and closest are 2-1 2Vp and 2-1 4VP it will be shared.

It is a £1 to pick win ratio, VPs and masters.

Below is a link to the spreadsheet I will keep up-to-date of who has claimed which possible options

Link to Choices.

Finally a bit of fun you can pick a master for each round – 3 rounds 3 masters and the choices are;

  • Mei Feng
  • Yan Lo
  • Jakob Lynch

Anything that is not going to the prize pot will be going straight to WAAC 2015. Want to help or just donate contact me or head on over to the Donation Site



#WAAC2015 First Post


After raising so much last year..

2015-01-16_0804We are doing it all again LINK. With the aim of more fun over a longer period of time 🙂 Hopefully this year I can be a touch more organised……

We have a Facebook Group Now HERE.

Plus the usual twitter #WAAC and now #WAAC2015.

So the first little fundraiser will be around Vappafaux in York on the 1st of February my first tournament of the year (and only my second Malifaux one).

I am looking at either a sweepstake of how well I finish (with prize of a Voucher from a certain Gaming Store) or donate to pick the master I have to use for each round of the tournament, So I would like feedback as to which people would prefer?