Dankhold Troggoth

We are back again with some more new shiny, for those keeping up I have come up as a little force of Trogs/Trolls as a travelling circus (ideas here).

So figured now is a good start to get going so checked out our friends at Triple Helix and picked up the Dankhold Troggoth kit to make my Troggboss.


What struck my most from the box is how small, its 5-man unit size box. For some reason I was expecting a larger monster box.


Well presented box showing of the various options available for the different builds.


Perhaps more than some of the other kits I have looked at from GW the CAD-like instruction manual is pretty important as this is an extensive kit that has lots of uneven joins going on to get the unusual look to the boss. An example is the front of the torso onto the back-left arm connection its a little fiddly and the instructions helped loads.


Well these spures (2 of them) explain why the box is so small. There is literally no wastage going on here, the gaps are really small between pieces. Jam-packed gets thrown around a lot but this kit lives and breathes it!!

When the only cleat space is between the troggs legs you know things are tight…..there is a joke in there somewhere.


‘The detailing is amazing from the ‘barnacles’ on the body to the fact the rock weapons are sort of a hint at something else masonry-like. I would be surprised if we see a new army in the future that has an intact piece of whatever it is.


You still get plenty of options in the kit which is really nice, from the back being stalagmites or fungus to the usual head swaps and the like.



As mentioned some of this kit is pretty fiddly not due to size but needing to get piece A into B needs to be a just the right angle otherwise you wont get the fit right!

Now I am not much of dry-fitter but I would suggest this for this kit as if you use super glue you are going to have a wonky trogg and no-one wants that.

On the whole an amazing kit that is full of character and perhaps dare I say too much detail in places, sooooo many barnacles!!


All together a great, but as mine is a ringmaster, he will be getting a little more work on him to be fitting of the trog circus hence why he isn’t based up yet, or painted 🙂

Anyway if you want to run away to the circus or just love yourself some trogg go check him and his buddies out over at our tame suppliers Triple Helix Wargames.

Trog Circus

So I may, may be running with a slightly mad idea…

The Troggoth Circus that’s right, roll up roll up grots of all ages prepare to be amazed and squished by the might of the Trog Circus..

So really wanted to run a small Troggoth force, as I do like a compact force and having moved away from 40K these guys couple be perfect.

So how do we go about doing a Trog Circus, well at the moment my aim is 1k pts to start with.

Which handily comes out as, Troggoth Hag, Trogboss and a unit of each Troggoths. 8 models nice and compact!

But how to make the circus, well the aim is a mixture of paint scheme and Green Stuff. Plus some other bits for the madder conversion…

So the Rockguts are strong men, basically paint as I want then add in some fur to the cloth items, maybe give 1 a mustache.

The Fellwaters are going to be converted from rockguts as I am not a fan of the actual models and they shall be Clowns. So baggy trousers, maybe a balloon animal if I am feeling adventurous, but the key is their range attack… Did someone say fake flower squirts?

Troggboss, is going to be straight forward Ringmaster, so painted red with a mushroom top hat and will need to source a whip. His name will be Baaaaaaar’um

The Hag, is going to be a huge conversion as I dislike the FW model. So the idea here is a Bearded Grot (fake beard of course) sat on a travelling caravan pulled by squigs.

The Loonshrine terrain piece is easiest idea….a circus tent, dimensions wont be perfect but reckon I can get a close fit…

So any more ideas fire them my way 😉