Beared-itorial – Summer Slapdown Tournament report

Another tournament at the grid completed, another great 3 games played.

Have to admit I was not looking forward to the event because I just didn’t like the mix of strategies and schemes on offer. But in the end my opponents made the day a great one so results/games didn’t matter in the end and really isn’t that why we have tournaments to meet up and play some games and have a laugh?

Again I took outcasts in fact this is the first time in any system I have taken the same faction in back to back events!!! I am a hobby butterfly hear me flutter..

Round 1 – Turf War

This was against the generous (gave a model to McMourning4MacMillan) Nate (The_Big_Ned on Twitter) and his Levy crew, which he pointed out was 1e metal models and was not a band wagoner, I believed him……

So my crew for this was;

  • Tara with Eternal Journey, Knowledge of Eternity and Survivalist
  • 2x Trappers
  • Hans with Scout the Field
  • 2x Korpsmen
  • Hannah with Ancient Tomes, I Pay Better

From the available schemes I picked Distract and Take a Prisoner (on Ashes and Dust). In the end I lost the game 9-4 with 2 points for turf war and 2 points Distract.

The list worked OK and 6 focus sniper shots a turn make an opponent very nervous, however against Ashes & Dust and Howard Langston. He had 2 very quick hitters I had no really answer for. Although He couldn’t really do anything so nasty with Levy as I was making those Hollow Waiths hide 🙂

Best moments had to be an abomination hiding behind a lamp-post for cover, Nate’s Johan finally causing damage ever (he had to work for it though, apparently Korpsmen are hard to hit when stood still) and then the other korpsmen and hollow wraith enjoying a picnic next to a lake (no really)

In the end I was crushed but had a great game that results in me getting a School of Faux Golden Star 😀

Round 2 – Headhunter

This is an odd one as you need the hitters to kill but then not have the head marker easy to pick up by your opponent. This game was against a very tall man called Tristan who was running Jack Daw for the second (first time was round 1), he also has the unique accolade to have lost to both me and my usual playing buddy (poor sod).

So my crew for this was;

  • Von Schill with Oathkeeper, The Shirt Comes Off and Survivalist
  • Bishop with Oathkeeper
  • Ronin
  • Johan
  • Strongarm Suit with Oathkeeper
  • 2x Void wretch

For this one it made sense to take Protect Territory and also Bodyguard (Johan). This one was a close game and I ended up winning 8-7 with 3 for each scheme and 2 for head hunter.

This was all about what the trio of Von Schill, Bishop and Strongarm Suit could do and in the end it wasn’t much, although in the end they did account for a Trapper, Taelor and a Hanged but my opponent was very cheeky and picked up one of those heads.

In the end we sort of avoid each other a lot, with Johan doing nothing but running and hiding for the entire game. Although I did make Tristan slightly nervous as I was dropping lots schemes that were actually not outside of the limit for protect territory. He thought it was me doing something nasty, in the end it was because I am a rubbish measurer but I did enjoy making him nervous about why (sorry sir).

Odd one with needing to kill but not in an easy-to-pick-up-head-marker-area-for-your-opponent sort of way. But in the end another fun match.

Round 3 – Reckoning

Never a fun one for me as never good at picking a mix of stompy and scheme runners. Lucky I was against the always a pleasure Connor (Proximocoal) not rocking his Gremlins but his new Ressers, which actually meant we had a #ToMB2 off which was pretty cool. Although he did take Nicodem instead of Seamus which made me very happy but this is ressers so would have prefered none of them..

In the end I went for the following list;

  • Von Schill with The Shirt Comes Off and Survivalist
  • Librarian
  • Johan
  • Korpsman
  • Lazrus
  • Strongarm Suit with Oathkeeper
  • Void wretch

For this one (after a practice with Panzer) I went for Plant Explosives and Breakthrough. We ended up drawing which I will take very nice against someone like Connor, 6-6. With all my points coming from schemes.

A very brutal match but with me only losing the Wretch and Johan whereas Connor only had the valedictorian left on the board. Alas I couldn’t kill two things in one turn 😦

Void wretch has to be a man of the match contender holding up the Valedictorian for 2 rounds, now that is some ducking and weaving.

Also trying to get Johan to die to drop his scheme marker for easy plant explosives easy right with only 1 wound left. Lazrus, 3 shots didn’t get him once!!! No he nicely spread the damage around between 3 enemy models.

So overall I went 1-1-1 again (getting a habit) with a WP diff. -4 which means I did better from my results than expected but my diff is a little disappointing.

Probably didn’t help that I was testing gremlin Zorida the night before playing outcasts in a tournament 😀

Anyway Gremlins are now back on deck for a while, we are going back to the Bayou.

Hobby This Week

I have started painting my Drudges for the Cepalyx list I have :O first bit of Warmahordes in a long time. Fingers crossed I can remember what I wanted to do..

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Summer Slapdown – Pre-tournament rundown

So here are my pre-thoughts about the tournament I am attending on Sunday at the Gird. To all those attending this may or may not be a bluff on my part…

Round 1 – Turf War, Standard Deployment

Nice and easy start, get in the middle and stay there. I really enjoy Turf War mainly as when I am testing new masters this is a default strategy (and I test a lot of masters).

  • Schemes: Line in the Sand, Distract, Assassinate, Deliver a Message, Take Prisoner

Right from the off lets park LitS and Take Prisoner, although opponent specific for me its not worth the gamble at this stage to try and pull off.

Assassinate is Master dependent as well, I could aim for this one but by no means ever easy. People will know I spent a long time going against Ressers which generally takes this off the table. So I have become loathed to take it.

So that leaves me with Deliver a Message and Distract, both up close and personal ones but also I think I can achieve these better than the others.

I think Outcasts can have the speed to hit DaM OK without too many issues. Depending on the list I take, while Distract is the best of a bad bunch. However since this is turf war we are dealing with it does mean 2 model are going to be in a spot I know so at least if I can get to them shouldn’t be an issue.

Round 2 – Headhunter, Corner Deployment

An interesting Strategy which is a balance between killing and scheme running. It’s certainly a thought provoking one.

Looking at that balance is a tricking one as there is not much accomplice around in my lists so tough to pick up those markers straight away.

  • Schemes: Line in the Sand, Protect Territory, Bodyguard, Entourage, Murder Protege

Again LitS is a bit of a meh so will be ignored (but still considered on the day).

Murder Protege is opponent specific as I will imagine at least one big hitter in the list I am facing so having to pick that may or may not be very wise.

That leaves me with Protect Territory, Bodyguard and Entourage. So Protect territory is nice easy one to achive drop couple of markers hidden away job done. Bodyguard is a tough one to choose on 2 fronts its Headhunter so things will die and also no guarantee we will see turn 5. Entourage is also worth considering with Outcasts due to the speed the masters can reach.

Round 3 – Reckoning, Close Deployment

Really dislike this one, never been a fan of it small elite crews just avoiding each other to trying to not give up points (my experience). At least with close deployment it could be over quick 😉

Schemes: Line in the Sand, Breakthrough, Distract, Plant Explosives, Cursed Object

 LitS we have covered and still stands to be honest, ignore unless I have too.

Breakthrough is a no-brainer almost with close deployment some models can be dropping markers turn 1 so not terrible one to consider to score.

Distract and Cursed Object are pretty similar ones so becomes a case of which one you can score off the most. With Cursed probably coming out on top due to only needing one model to have it to claim a VP.

Plant Explosives is an odd one as generally you will see smaller crews in this strategy sooooo less chance to claim full points. Cant call if this one will be worth it.

I think this one could be an uphill struggle for me this weekend as such I will be aiming for 1 win at some point in the day and just hope I can give go game for the other 2.

After some analysis in the last 3 tournaments I have attended I have lost round 1 all 3 times so putting that right would be pretty cool but we shall see. Again with the tracking I have been doing my VP is extremely close across the tournaments so keeping that up and maybe creep into the positive diff would be great for me. So in an ideal world based on who I know is coming to this tournament AND what I hope/expect of myself a result of 1-2 with +2 diff would be helpful.

As for the masters I will be taking a couple but which ones I use has probably become my biggest head ache now. Hopefully I can make a decision soon but we shall see, fly by the seat on ones pants works right 😉

Beareditorial – Grumblin Gremlin Tournament Report

So that was Grumblin Gremlin at the Grid.

My first time at the Grid and its a fine little gaming area, I would imagine can be cold in winter as with all these industrial park units. But with the hosts being Scottish I doubt complaining would work 😉

So how did I do? well in the end I came 10th out of 16 and a result of 1-2 with a VP diff of 0. But losing to 2 top 20 players I don’t think is an embarrassment.

Round 1

Connor Barker (@Proximocoal) playing his Gremlins. I lost 9-6.

I used the list I had planned;


While Connor had Ulix and 3 warpigs!!!

I took Protect Territory and Power Ritual and scored max points for both but didn’t get a single one for the strategy. In the end not taking into account close deployment was my downfall. Warpig charges first turn are a thing apparently!!

I also got too greedy trying to wait for the chance to ‘bury and stand on the marker play’ with Hannah but didn’t happen so in the end wasted 2 points on an Upgrade I didn’t use!! Note to self stop being greedy and use the upgrade as is!!

An enjoyable game for sure but lessons learnt about close deployment (in casual games generally just do normal deployment or flank).

Round 2

Was against a nice man called Nick. He was rocking a 10T crew lead by Lynch. I was looking forward to this as I love lynch in 10T. I won the Game 9-2


My list consisted of the same as above but I dropped Lazarus for Bishop (with Oathkeeper). I realised just as we were about to deploy that the Strategy was Interference which is the Reconnoiter alternative NOT Turf War one (Blasts bit pointless when you spread out).

In the end the only thing left for Nick was an Illuminated sat on for the Outflank points.

With the deployment being Flank with it made sense to take Breakthrough, as it was in a way easier BUT my second scheme was Bodyguard and I didn’t get far enough away with my Librarian to score full points for it.

Nick was lovely and a joy to play and once he gets his head around Brilliance will be hard to deal with. That and if his cards give him a break.

Round 3

So this was an Outcast off against the very good Maria! She took Jack Daw and I lost 9-5 in the end I scored full for Breakthrough but only managed 2 points with Spring the Trap!

Went for the slingshot Viks, plus student of conflict, double trappers and Korpsmen instead of ronin and Vanessa. Wanted lots of minions as they didn’t give away points as much (didn’t work).


In the end, my cards where not great and Maria knew what to do to my Viks crew she pulled me apart relatively easily. In the end I failed to kill anything 😦 but a fun game regardless especially against Maria’s amazingly mental models.

What I have taken away from this tournament is that Viks don’t fit well with me, they are an all or nothing crew BUT without the fun of the Gremlins. So I will continue to use them but maybe not as much as I had planned.

Von Schill remains the Boss Man, love him and the Freikorps. Although I need more practice with Hannah. Going forward I am planning on Running Tara and Levi for a while to see how they fit in with me. Plus what they offer over Von Schill.

I think I will be dipping into Neverborn and Arcanists soon as well for a bit of variation. Plus Brewmaster is coming so close I can also taste the shine 🙂

Hobby This Week

I am in post-tournament lull so nothing to see here..

However this week I have been very Guild Ball orientated so a new system is getting bigger on my time. Something that has happened in a while.

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Grumblin Gremlin Tournament Pre-Report

So Sunday I will be going to the a malifaux tournament down at the Gird in Doncaster.

As appears to be the norm we know the strategy and schemes prior going into the tournament. As I write this before the tournament I thought it would be interesting to have my thoughts about them and what I think I will use going into the tournament as a pre-ample before I write my report.

I will be taking Outcasts to this as my first tournament as part of #ToMB2 which basically means I taking Von Schill and the Viks. The hightlighted schemes are those that are building towards as using.

Round 1

Strategy – Guard the Stash, Close Deployment
Schemes – A Line in the Sand, Protect Territory, Power Ritual, Assassinate and Plant Explosives

With this strategy I have been having good luck with a shooty core with the scheme runners for everything else. With this in mind I am thinking Von Schill, as he can go where I need him to with a Henchmen being the linchpin for me with I Pay Better while trappers etc. use the free focus to pepper stuff as they hide behind the stash markers.

Close deployment does make me worry as everything will be much closer.



So we have Hannah as the rock in the middle of the board. Trappers killing stuff with free focus. Void wretches running schemes. Korpsman running generally interference making sure to get his Df boost trigger when I can. The libriain healing who needs it. Von Schill Problem solving.

Round 2

Strategy – Interference, Flank Deployment
Scheme – A Line in the Sand, Breakthrough, Outflank, Bodyguard and Distract

As interference is like turf war any list would work with this but I need some models that are hard to shift OR get too. So Ronin and perhaps Ama No Zako as well.

Think I will probably run Von Schill again for this one.image


Lazrus dropping blasts into the the 6″ bubble in the middle. Von Schill, Trappers, Librarian and Void Wretches doing same job as round 1 and Johan there to tie stuff up and smash if needed.

Round 3

Strategy – Collect the Bounty, Standard Deployment
Schemes – A Line in the Sand, Assassinate, Plant Explosives, Breakthrough and Spring the Trap

Tough one if I know there is a lot of blasts coming my way then Freikorps will be a must. However, I am feeling Viks for this. Mainly as many people will be terrified of them regardless of if I run slingshot or not.

imageVanessa and Librarain dealing with the healing. Ronin and Trappers can be swapped around but Ronin I can get rid of if I need the Soulstones. Void Wretch running schemes. The Viks being threatening and doing the stratergy work when I need it.

I think all these lists will give me a reasonable backbone. Obviously any summoners will be seeing Taelor 🙂
Killjoy may appear in the last game as well.
Any advice is welcome, the aim is 2-1 although based on who I know is going more like 1-2 and as close to positive VP differential as I can get.

Oh and if you are reading this and going all of what I have said is a lie and I am taking Neverborn

Post Tournament look back (40k)

So last weekend as you will know I attended my first ever 40K tournament, at The Outpost.

For those that missed here is my LIST..

So quick run down of the event set-up. One day event with 3 games following 3 different scenarios (for interest you can read the scenarios HERE). In the end it was 18 players taking part with a reasonable spread of armies with perhaps Space Marine style armies accounting for the highest number (4).

To cut a long story short I lost every game and got tabled in all but one game, some how I didn’t come bottom!!

My list wasn’t competitive so I wasn’t expecting to do great just go try a new environment of tournament play. But boy was my list badly mangled by the 6th edition lists I was facing, the Orks really need some help surviving better against all the shooting.

So what did I play against, well fortunately I got to play against 3 very different armies AND the opponents were all good fun to play against.

Game 1 – Daemons/Chaos Space Marines – Lots of Nurgle and Lots of Spawn and Lots of Flyers (2 DPs and Heldrake). He got first turn so could dictate what he could deal with first. Dealing with 10 spawn is not fun and I just couldn’t deal with such high toughness targets even with Lootas. I did take down his Warlord with my Warboss in a bike duel. While I had some boys kill typhus which was nice.

Game 2 – Tau – A riptide and 9 broadsides! All in a castle formation this was going to hurt but since I got first turn and some good ramshackle roles meant I was on him turn 2. I failed a lot of charges in this game but I did manage to chew through a good chunk of his army eventually. Great game and really showed the pain Tau and Orks can do to each other.

Game 3 – Ravenwing – So many scouting bikes and that horrible banner again just ate through my boys. Again I just couldn’t do enough damage with the boys with those T5 bikes.

The Venue – Was great a fine shop with separate place for the tournament goers to be out-of-the-way of shoppers. Air con get us all going although it was a touch too cold if your table was next to it (nothing a jumper wouldn’t fix). The supplied food was pretty good (Burrito from nearby shop) and the discount on everything in store for the day was VERY nice.

Overall, I enjoyed myself even if I was a bit flat for my last opponent, having great games is all well and good but the damage I was taking did unfortunately wear me down a little. For that I have to apologise and I shall try to not do it again.

I did find this tournament less stressful to play in compared to Warmahordes. Those timed turns really do focus the mind a little lol. While this felt a little more relaxed due to a time limit on the game rather than each turn. I see pros/cons for both and to be honest I do enjoy them both really, but I didn’t feel so mentally exhausted after this one than my WH/H tournaments – I blame the press-gangers I have to deal with (Hi Mark and Amric 😀 ).

As I have found with other tournaments you learn more about your armies than any amount of practice. I will never again be using Zagstruk for my Stormboys, in 2 games he died from mishaps which took 300 points straight out of my game. I love the idea of him but no more!!

With high toughness targets becoming more popular (marine bikes/Wraith Guard etc.) the Orks are pillow fisted and even on the charge are not able to do a great deal. relying too much on the Nobs power klaw and when he is off fighting silly challenges they don’t have much chance!

For now I think the boys are going to be relaxing until the new dex is out. I have a new challenge with my Eldar both painting and playing so we will see who I get on with them..

So if you can make it to Sheffield I would really recommend giving a tournament at the Outpost a go.

outpost 150x150

Ork Speed Freaks List (1st Tournament)

End of this month I will be going to my first ever 40k tournament down at blog Sponsors The Outpost and I have to say I am looking forward to it.

Having had some great fun at Warmahordes tournaments up in LeedsWarmachine I figured it would be good to a) try a new system and b) a new environment. Something this ticks both boxes for 🙂

The tournament is 3 scenarios all at 1750 points, well I had to take my Orks who I enjoy playing the most despite so much Shooty Tau out there 😦 and then the type of list to save on painting anything new and actually practice I had to go Speed Freaks 😀 so below is my list it can’t be changed now as I have sent it through. Hopefully it can do alright;

HQ – Ork Warboss on Bike (PK, Boss pole and Cyborg Body)

Elites – 8x Lootas; 8x Lootas

Troops – 6x Biker Nobz 2 with PK, Painboy with Grot orderly; 4x Trukk Boy units (12 boys each with Nob – PK, boss pole)

FA – Deffkopta with TL-RL; Deffkopta with TL-RL; 19x Stormboyz with Zagstruk

So what is my game plan pretty simple really apply ork boys to whoever I am facing 😀  but really these are my ideas.

Lootas are there as some long-range distractions and also my anti-air in this list (going for volume of shots over anything else) as rolling 6s or 5/6s is not a huge difference.

The deffkoptas will either outflank or scout depending on the army and how much interceptor is about, But they are a bit of anti-tank that can also just be a pain for people to deal with (who wants rokkits flying at them on a mobile platform).

Stormboyz have to deep strike which is fine as they can still assault and the unit should be big enough to deal the shooting. Maybe not the best choice but I love the idea of Zagstruk him may come off, he may not be fun anyway.

The Warboss and his nobs on bikes are there to be a hug distraction that is actually pretty hard to remove what with cover saves (if they are not removed) reasonable save and feel no pain. All on top of high toughness and plenty of wounds a fun combination that will also hit pretty hard if they survive.

The Trukk boys are for knocking heads and grabbing objectives, or with my luck dying in their 10s :(.

So overall army tactics I am going for is hug the cover (line of sight blocking hopefully) and aim to get my boys for a turn 2 charge turn 3 at the latest. While my nobs and warboss try to go for a juicy target or just become general pains.

Lootas and deffkoptas shoot at anything they can, while Zagstruk turns up in time and in a sensible place 🙂

Well thats the plan anyway……

Keep your eyes out for a post-tournament run down on how I fared.

Post Tournament Report

Or in my case practice more BEFORE you go to a tournament :S

As usual I went to Leeds Warmachine, as it is a day event and also means I can be home in 10 minutes 🙂 Click the button to go to their FB page!

So first tournament using Zaal & Xerxis and to be honest I should have had more than one game each with them before hand so more fool me 😦 I ended up going 1-3 so not my best result but at least I am keeping up the proud tradition of winning at least 1 game 😀

My lists were the following;

Tyrant Xerxis
  • Bronzeback,Gladiator,Cyclops Shaman
  • min Beast Handlers
  • min Arcuarii
  • max Cetrati
  • max Nihilators
  • Tyrant Commander
  • Agonizer
Supreme Aptimus Zaal
  • Cyclops Raider,Cyclops Shaman,Cannoneer
  • Aptimus Marketh
  • max Immortals
  • min Beast Handlers
  • max Swordsmen with UA
  • Extoller Soulward
  • 2x Ancestral Guardians
  • Hakaar
  • Tyrant Commander

So here is how my games went!

Game 1 – Zaal vs Kraye;

I lost this purely because I was so used to moving my warcaster/warlocks up a lot more than I should be with Zaal oh and getting greedy with spells leaving him with no fury to damage transfer!! So a Stormwall big gun to the face is generally bad 😦

Game 2 – Zaal vs Irusk;

I lost all my swordsmen to the enemy and over half my Immortals to last stand but with a soul-full Hakaar and only a great bear in the way of Irusk with feat and last stand I was able to take him down. A fluky win in which my opponent didn’t have the Wardog in the right place and moved Irusk up to far for his own feat.

Game 3 – Zaal vs eHaley;

As we didnt know how many games we could get in and the fact I had not used Xerxis I let him come out to play against eHaley. I got punished again by a bonded Stormwall. But this was my own fault I shouldnt have split my forces so much.

Game 4 – Zaal vs pDoomie;

This was against my friend and his twin peaks list (2 yes 2 Mountain Kings). My feat turn deserted me in this one as I had to react to his feat turn as I would have lost an awful lot if I had not used fury this turn 😦 but when a Bronzeback, Gladiator (with fury up) and unit of Cetrati and Acuraii and Ty Comm. Can between them only take one MK and hurt the other a lot then you know you are onto a bit of a loser..


The Zaal list I like for the infantry which is what he is all a bout but I am unsure on the shooting idea of the beasts. Mainly as I never got to use them really they are just there for the fury for Zaal which in a way seems odd for Skorne. I would be tempted to take it again though for another try with perhaps no beast handlers and another solo. Although the Ty Comm proved very handy for the infantry and initial was unsure about him.

Xerxis list seems OK but I feel I need another beast which means more beast handlers 😉 I dont think I  need 2 medium based units but at the moment not sure which one I would drop.

Oh and I need new dice for feat turns……………………..

Overall my experiments with Skorne2013 is going OK, they are not proving as good a mesh as Cygnar are with me but I am enjoying the games which is always good, although I need to pick my targets better as I woeful on the amount of enemy points killed, WOEFUL!! The 2 Warlocks I was supposed to concentrate have proved to be the 2 better ones I have done well with in Zaal and pMaekda. Question is do I throw someone else in there to make it 3 warlocks maybe pMoghoul for beast fun 😉