#ToMB2 Month 3

Things are progressing well I have yet to miss a deadline which is pretty good going!

Month 2 was all about the up close and personal damage output with Bishop and Strongarm suit. I didn’t get as many games as I wanted with the pair of them but I think I have seen enough to know that.

Bishop with oathkeeper (or other access to fast) is a monster, a charge followed by furry means he can eat anyone in the game. Especially with all his triggers, however he is a glass cannon.

SAS is a tougher one to call as he is incredibly hard to shift as long as he can use his Armour and he can hit hard, which is always very nice. Certainly a tanky model to have around and for my theme one to always consider.

This month will see some more shooting involved in my games with my purchases being Lazrus and Hans. I am tempted to see how well a Von Schill gunline does with these guys trappers and the I Pay Better upgrade. Can be card intensive but will be interesting to see how it does.

As mentioned in Beareditorials I have a tournament coming up at the end of the month so I am currently contemplating going single master or see if I can get the Viks painted up as well…


#ToMB2 Month 2 – Bishop

He is big and nasty, perfect for some out of Freikorps models πŸ˜‰

I lost the blade in an accident, so ended up giving him a spike cosh instead. Not completely happy with the paint job as a lot of the details are a little soft which is a shame. But no-one will notice that after he has charged and then flurried in one activation (I really love oathkeeper πŸ˜‰ ).



As we month 1 I will be taking better pictures at the end of #ToMB2.

#ToMB2 Month 2

As always to keep up to date what everyone else is doing make sure you have a look for links and whatnot HERE.

So that was Month 1 completed, models done and games played πŸ™‚ which has given as nice base to move forward with month 2.

So what am I going to be adding, well after the forums/social media I let others pick so it isn’t my fault when I fail;

  • Strongarm Suit
  • Bishop

Based on where I get my models that comes in at roughly Β£15 which is nice…

So what this adds is some serious melee hitting power. Which should give me a bit more balance with the heavy shooting I can kick out form month 1. However both are rocking in at 10 points so my lists are going to be much smaller if I decide to take both in a list (lets be honest I will just because).

So making so choices I am going to go with the following list to start with as a trial (regardless of strats and schemes as a test).

  • Von Schill; Survivalist, Shirt Comes Off – Cache 4
  • 2 Trappers
  • Librarian
  • Korpsmen
  • Bishop; Oathkeeper
  • SAS

This is very different to the list I started with in Month 1 with its 9 models so interesting to see how things go. As I have lost 2 activations overall but gained 2 big hitters (one that has some shooting around anyway).

I have kept the trappers as they make such great deterrents, while the Librarian is just excellent as keeping models going. I may struggle with only 1 Korpsmen for scheme running but we shall see. I have also sacrified Oathkeeper on Von Schill for slightly bigger cache as the idea of Bishop with 4AP for a turn is too fun not to try..

On the plus side only 2 models to paint πŸ™‚

#ToMB2 vs #ToMB2

Got a ToMB2 game recently against the good man GPG.

You can check out the little write-up he did here; ToMB2: First Game.

Check out his conversions using the TTB kits, loving his Cassandra work πŸ™‚

But now for my thoughts, first his crew and Ironsides. I can see the potential of her, he was just unlucky dealing with a fast Von Schill turn 1 and then me winning initiative turn 2 to finish her off. But the Captain WOW I need this guy in my Arcanist crews he is very nasty and well worth a look if you havent already!

Von Schill – Beasted Ironsides (flukey it has to be said) and made a nuisance of himself. If I had realised that the mages did not have H2K and that I wasnt playing Cursed Object (spent so long jumping between taking assassinate and cursed object that I ended up setting that up instead of just killing).

Shirt off upgrade is amazing but can’t be relied on to get the Horror duels to come off.

Trunk – Used much better this game allowing one of the Trappers to heal. Could have been more useful if more Burning had been on the board. But much better use as an activation in this game.

Librarian – A great bodyguard target if she is being played in her support role. She got Von Schill up and running again and generally stayed out-of-the-way.

Trappers – As before the threat of the trapper was scarier than the actual trapper. One did manage to take an Ironsides charge on the chin

KorpsmenΒ  – My scheme runners in these first few lists and I have to say they may some use than a void wretch depending on points. By the end of the game one had claimed 3 squat markers while the other claimed another and acted as a road block. I am finding that their 0 action is a little more situational depending on how I choose to use them.

Specialist – Still struggling to get full use out of him. I think I am using him far too defensively I need to be more aggresive. Not sure why to be honest, he doesnt seem to be working for me at the moment. I will continue to try but think he may be dropped in month 2 for something new and shiny.

#ToMB2 Month 1 – Complete

Well I have managed to do it πŸ™‚ Month 1 purchases for #ToMB2 are complete..


Nine models done in a month is not bad going if I do say so myself! Pretty happy how these have turned out. I may go back an add some weathering pigments to lower half of models for malifaux dust but not sure yet.

The pictures are from my phone not actual camera. I will do some better ones once #ToMB2 is done with everything I have achieved in the year!












Steam Trunk



Von Schill


So what does Month 2 hold for me? Well lets just say it comes on a 40mm base and leave it at that..