#ToMB2 Month 4 – Hannah

Well we have reached the end of #ToMB2 I have finished Hannah.

One of the reasons I wanted to do the Freikorps (well that and VS is awesome)



Better pictures will be incoming soon as I capture all the models painted for #ToMB2 have to say I have enjoyed it greatly. Only question is what to do next year 😉

#ToMB2 Month 4

So Month 3 with Lazrus and Hans was finished well within in time which was good 🙂

I have even managed to get a tournament in which was good and even with a win ratio of 1-2 it was still good.

What I have found out is I love Von Schill and really should have made the last tournament just about him and have it as a #ToMB2 event   🙂

However I didn’t so we move on, especially as I learnt maybe the Viks are too swingy (in how the games go) for me to enjoy them as much as other masters.

With this in mind I will be spending some time with Tara seeing if I can get her down or not.

So what this means is Month 4 purchase is going to be a simple one Hannah!

I don’t have many Henchmen in my collection and with her Freikorps background works with what I want from Von Schill but she also has the bury ability which I am sure could help Tara in certain situations!

After this not sure if there will be many more purchases but we shall see.

Beareditorial – Grumblin Gremlin Tournament Report

So that was Grumblin Gremlin at the Grid.

My first time at the Grid and its a fine little gaming area, I would imagine can be cold in winter as with all these industrial park units. But with the hosts being Scottish I doubt complaining would work 😉

So how did I do? well in the end I came 10th out of 16 and a result of 1-2 with a VP diff of 0. But losing to 2 top 20 players I don’t think is an embarrassment.

Round 1

Connor Barker (@Proximocoal) playing his Gremlins. I lost 9-6.

I used the list I had planned;


While Connor had Ulix and 3 warpigs!!!

I took Protect Territory and Power Ritual and scored max points for both but didn’t get a single one for the strategy. In the end not taking into account close deployment was my downfall. Warpig charges first turn are a thing apparently!!

I also got too greedy trying to wait for the chance to ‘bury and stand on the marker play’ with Hannah but didn’t happen so in the end wasted 2 points on an Upgrade I didn’t use!! Note to self stop being greedy and use the upgrade as is!!

An enjoyable game for sure but lessons learnt about close deployment (in casual games generally just do normal deployment or flank).

Round 2

Was against a nice man called Nick. He was rocking a 10T crew lead by Lynch. I was looking forward to this as I love lynch in 10T. I won the Game 9-2


My list consisted of the same as above but I dropped Lazarus for Bishop (with Oathkeeper). I realised just as we were about to deploy that the Strategy was Interference which is the Reconnoiter alternative NOT Turf War one (Blasts bit pointless when you spread out).

In the end the only thing left for Nick was an Illuminated sat on for the Outflank points.

With the deployment being Flank with it made sense to take Breakthrough, as it was in a way easier BUT my second scheme was Bodyguard and I didn’t get far enough away with my Librarian to score full points for it.

Nick was lovely and a joy to play and once he gets his head around Brilliance will be hard to deal with. That and if his cards give him a break.

Round 3

So this was an Outcast off against the very good Maria! She took Jack Daw and I lost 9-5 in the end I scored full for Breakthrough but only managed 2 points with Spring the Trap!

Went for the slingshot Viks, plus student of conflict, double trappers and Korpsmen instead of ronin and Vanessa. Wanted lots of minions as they didn’t give away points as much (didn’t work).


In the end, my cards where not great and Maria knew what to do to my Viks crew she pulled me apart relatively easily. In the end I failed to kill anything 😦 but a fun game regardless especially against Maria’s amazingly mental models.

What I have taken away from this tournament is that Viks don’t fit well with me, they are an all or nothing crew BUT without the fun of the Gremlins. So I will continue to use them but maybe not as much as I had planned.

Von Schill remains the Boss Man, love him and the Freikorps. Although I need more practice with Hannah. Going forward I am planning on Running Tara and Levi for a while to see how they fit in with me. Plus what they offer over Von Schill.

I think I will be dipping into Neverborn and Arcanists soon as well for a bit of variation. Plus Brewmaster is coming so close I can also taste the shine 🙂

Hobby This Week

I am in post-tournament lull so nothing to see here..

However this week I have been very Guild Ball orientated so a new system is getting bigger on my time. Something that has happened in a while.

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

Grumblin Gremlin Tournament Pre-Report

So Sunday I will be going to the a malifaux tournament down at the Gird in Doncaster.

As appears to be the norm we know the strategy and schemes prior going into the tournament. As I write this before the tournament I thought it would be interesting to have my thoughts about them and what I think I will use going into the tournament as a pre-ample before I write my report.

I will be taking Outcasts to this as my first tournament as part of #ToMB2 which basically means I taking Von Schill and the Viks. The hightlighted schemes are those that are building towards as using.

Round 1

Strategy – Guard the Stash, Close Deployment
Schemes – A Line in the Sand, Protect Territory, Power Ritual, Assassinate and Plant Explosives

With this strategy I have been having good luck with a shooty core with the scheme runners for everything else. With this in mind I am thinking Von Schill, as he can go where I need him to with a Henchmen being the linchpin for me with I Pay Better while trappers etc. use the free focus to pepper stuff as they hide behind the stash markers.

Close deployment does make me worry as everything will be much closer.



So we have Hannah as the rock in the middle of the board. Trappers killing stuff with free focus. Void wretches running schemes. Korpsman running generally interference making sure to get his Df boost trigger when I can. The libriain healing who needs it. Von Schill Problem solving.

Round 2

Strategy – Interference, Flank Deployment
Scheme – A Line in the Sand, Breakthrough, Outflank, Bodyguard and Distract

As interference is like turf war any list would work with this but I need some models that are hard to shift OR get too. So Ronin and perhaps Ama No Zako as well.

Think I will probably run Von Schill again for this one.image


Lazrus dropping blasts into the the 6″ bubble in the middle. Von Schill, Trappers, Librarian and Void Wretches doing same job as round 1 and Johan there to tie stuff up and smash if needed.

Round 3

Strategy – Collect the Bounty, Standard Deployment
Schemes – A Line in the Sand, Assassinate, Plant Explosives, Breakthrough and Spring the Trap

Tough one if I know there is a lot of blasts coming my way then Freikorps will be a must. However, I am feeling Viks for this. Mainly as many people will be terrified of them regardless of if I run slingshot or not.

imageVanessa and Librarain dealing with the healing. Ronin and Trappers can be swapped around but Ronin I can get rid of if I need the Soulstones. Void Wretch running schemes. The Viks being threatening and doing the stratergy work when I need it.

I think all these lists will give me a reasonable backbone. Obviously any summoners will be seeing Taelor 🙂
Killjoy may appear in the last game as well.
Any advice is welcome, the aim is 2-1 although based on who I know is going more like 1-2 and as close to positive VP differential as I can get.

Oh and if you are reading this and going all of what I have said is a lie and I am taking Neverborn