Corrupted Warhound

This is the first of my corrupted Warhound, made from spare parts and lots of green stuff.


He is magnetised ready for more weapons, because you never know.


I have found the warhound the easiest kit to make from spares of the kit, I am not sure yet how to tackle the reavers yet but we shall see 🙂


As we stomp into uncertain times, I think we need to recongise that there is something soothing about a 50ft robot coming to save the day


Too tag along with my other reaver I have the other variant so I can play with all the toys. Fully magged up as well because why not ALL the options 🙂

Adeptus Titanicus Cerastus Knights – Review

We are back again, this time to look at the new Knights for AT and the first of the baby brothers of FW only kit. I am excited to see these as I was not a huge fan of having lots of knights running around that are all the same!

As with all the AT stuff so far the box art is something special and they look the part. Seriously I would be tempted by an AT art book I really would!


The back is the same as well showing off the painted models and how shiny they are..


We get the same transfer sheet as the normal Knights which makes sense, however for me it feels like this kit needs it less but that is just me.

As usual the iunstruction booklet is lovely CAD work, but something that did throw me off (and I know I wasnt the only one with this problem). The printing wasnt done to fit the page. Now clearly only a small error I did find it a little jarring and dare I say cheap by GW not to fix something like this.

Now I know it is something silly, but I dont expect this from GW but there you go!


Anyway onto the shiny, the kit lets you build 2 Knights and come with just the one sprue, unfortunately you only get the one set of weapon options, so I would expect another kit/ (whisper) weapon sprue in the future to cover the other options.


But then as we look closer the detail is pretty much amazing, as all the AT kits have been so far.


Look at the crotch section and all the piping and rivets, for something that is so scaled down GW are not afraid to keep as much detail from the 28mm scale as possible…


While the carapace is again full of the details we have seen in the other knight kit and is generally spot on! Although feels odd that the extended shoulder pads are extra pieces, tiny extra pieces!

So a quick family shot before I slap some paint down. you can see they are significantly taller than the Knight and sit nicely in-between them and the warhound!



A great addition to the AT forces and well worth the price of under £20 from our friends and FLGS over at Leodis Games.

The slow grow continues at a nice pace and I am managing to keep more or less on target with a purchase a month. which at this point means I only need a Reaver to complete the collection. Which nicely gives me an Axiom maniple and 2 units of different knights when I get there!! Plus so far I am only on about £135 spent before the reaver to get me to this stage. which is still much less than the grand master box!!

And because I have started doing this here is some paint thrown on my knights…




Adeptus Titanicus Is A Go

So thanks to the guys at Triple Helix Wargames. We are going to be able to have a series of posts based around slow growing ourselves some Titans

Make sure you check out THG you could say low prices are in their DNA……I am not sorry for that 😀

Anyway bad puns aside, with the preorder going live ( ) I figured I should plan out what I have in mind.

Much has been said about the cost of the Grand Master box and it’s price, yes it’s a decent deal considering the individual prices.

However I am one of those gamers that cant outlay that in a single month. So we are going slow grow with the idea of 1 or 2 purchases a month.

The idea being I can get a force (maniple I believe) to call my own. But stretched over a couple of months to tie into the releases for the other titans.

With this in mind I will be picking up the ruleset box to start with (and review of course) what this will allow me to do is get to grips with the rules on the cheap(er) level but also allow me to plan a force out before shiny things are bought.

After this is a new system and no-one truly knows what is going to work or not.

This slow grow will also allow me to build the other titans as they drop and wait to get the warlord near the end as that is the showcase model and should be a reward after all, not something you start with 😀

A side note I won’t be touching the AT terrain as I can DIY my own but also I am imagining 40K is going to work a treat as surely the imperium has some magnificent structures dedicated to the emperor even some that dwarf titans 😉

Plus I want to do one of those celebration roads seen in HH books of giant statues of marines…aka marine on plinths.

Let me know what you think and should be an interesting journey.