Tinkering the Engineers (S3) – Locus

I feel with the engineers we need to focus on one spot….Say hello to Locus


He is slow, normal big guy slow, his TAC is average. His DEF is meh but he does bring 2 ARM which is good and his INF is average. His standout stat is his healthy KICK for a big guy although like all engineers the distance is not amazing but he should succeed most of the time.


Gravity Well – An unusual ability when an enemy ends an advance engaging him, he can push them towards him. This does allow you to mess slightly with your opponent’s location. However a canny opponent can use this against Locus so be weary of it.

Reanimate – Seen on plenty of the Engineers, just means he is that little bit harder to take out and a little bit more of an INF sink against the hitty teams.

Stoic – Allows him to ignore the first push he suffers each turn, has it uses but more effective against certain models.


He has plenty of momentum generating choices (all columns have MP), easy access to knock down as well as lots and lots of pushes, he can also cause some damage although it will not be picked often if you want momentum. He also has access to a momentous tackle (with a push) which could be very handy to get the ball and then stop all retaliation.


Destructive Impulse – Costs 2 INF, The target suffers some damage and also a push. A nice way of freeing up Locus or just messing with enemies location. While the damage is a nice little bonus.

Remote Control – Costs 2 INF, Allows you to target a free ball and make a kick from the point of the ball. This is such an interesting play as the ball could be free from kick-off or after a goal. This makes him a nice choice to dealing with this play (and your opponent will need to play round it).


An amazing looking model, who certainly brings plenty of MP generation to the team and of course more knock downs and pushes (for when minefield is up). What really stands out for him is Gravity Well which although situation has the potential to mess just a little with opponents positioning and in a game where positioning is king it could be big.

His plays are really nice although Remote Control is not going to happen too often unfortunately. While Destructive Impulse is better when Gravity Well has done its job. Although situational it is always worth remembering that a certain other team member can borrow these plays to make the possible utility much greater.

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Tinkering the Engineers (S2) – vVelocity

Veteran players, which are variations on existing characters as they progress through the story arc. This means I have an actual comparison to make at the end between the type versions of a player.

Next on the Veteran machine is the 6 million dollar mechanica we have rebuilt her, Velocity is back.


She is fast (not Fishermen fast but she can get there), her TAC, DEF (she gets some ARM) and INF are all average. Her KICK is something we have seen in Engineers before great dice pool but the range is a little short, although still average.

Character Traits

Goal Defence– While she stays near the goal it is harder to get the success on goal shots.

Hundred Hand Stance – While she is in the same Goal Defence area if the enemy miss the goal she gets to take possession of the ball without the scatter.

Fly Keeper – This has to be one of my favourite abilities in the game. You can decide at the start of the turn to drop goal defence and HHS. If you do you gain a little boost to your MOV and also get Unpredictable Movement. This allows vVelocity to play in 2 very different ways.


Her playbook gives her a decent amount of momentum generation (4/5 columns) she has plenty of access to pushes, with some dodges as well. 3/5 of her columns get a Tackle on them with the higher ones being momentous. She does a tiny amount of damage but nothing you want to consider really. She is a ball hunter.


Aggressive Defence – Costs 1 INF, she gains +2 TAC, which makes her pretty scary on the charge with wraps a very strong possibility.  

Smashed Shins – Costs 1 Guild Ball (2/4 hits), one we have seen before basically neuters any ball player in the game. Even Angel under Corsair legendary is only rolling 2 dice and that is huge, never mind the distance reduction as well. Great ability on a goal keeper..


The first multi-purpose player in the game, as she can quickly change her role. She can be as quick as a Fishermen while having UM. Or you use her as a goal keeper who can quickly turn defence into attack, which is a great visual idea. How you do this I think will depend on your opposition, but she works well in both roles.

She wants to get the ball, not necessarily to use to score but she can easily get the ball off most players, with wraps easy on the charge with her play. It does mean she can be INF hungry if she is hunting, however when she is defending she wont need much again tieing into that dual role.

Comparison between Velocity –  We have gone from speedy goal scorer to a total rebuild.

They have the same move, however vVelocity can be faster  (better threat range) but normal Velocity is still the bigger goal threat range (significantly better KICK).

Normal Velocity is incredibly difficult to hit (more so with Nimble), but she is an out and out striker (with close control as well) while vVelocity is your swiss army knife she can do what you need her to do depending on your situation. Depending how you want to play will greatly affect which one you lean towards and if you just want a goal threat or you want something you can play more adaptive with.

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Tinkering the Engineers (S2) – Mother

Always do what your mother tells you especially if she happens to be a mechanical spider.


Reasonably fast (but not the fastest around), TAC and DEF are average with some ARM as well. She does have a decent KICK for a mascot though. Range is still bad but that can be mitigated as we shall see. The INF is average for mascots but she can use more than usual.

Character Traits

Spider Nests – Allows her to place a nest marker within 6” once a turn and she can’t have more than 3 on the board at once. These are pretty nasty as they add a negative to any TN tests if they are near them these are going to be nasty.

Webbing – This is an incredible triat as if the ball lands near a nest marker, then you can remove the marker and give mother the ball. If they are placed just right can mean she can have the ball anywhere. Get her near the enemy goal and you can KICK the ball towards a nest and hope she can claim it ready to score a goal.


Short playbook that has some momentum plays on it, must notably some momentous push-dodge and also the double dodge. In general you are only going to be getting decent results on the charge. However the Tackle on column one, can mean she isn’t a bad retrieve of the ball. On top of her mobility she can certainly annoy the ball-playing teams.


Burrow – Costs 1 INF, this allows her to get 4” of extra movement (so ignoring parting blows) at the cost of a nest marker. Actually makes her one of the fastest Mascots around. But as an added bonus she gets to make an attack without INF spending as she pops out, it is only once a turn but allows mother to move around a lot.


A mascot that actually has a scary threat range on Goal. One of the sacriest from a mascot in the game. Her nests are also pretty nasty for your opponent to be cautious off. Never mind she can get possession anywhere on the board with them.

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Tinkering the Engineers (S2) – Pin Vice

We continue the walk into the Season 2 captains, I hope I PIN down in a VICE this captain (couldn’t think of a decent pun). Its time for the Engineers to get themselves a new captain


She is pretty fast in anyones book on par with plenty of the strikers in the game. Her TAC is average for a captain, while her DEF is great but obviously no ARM because of that.

She brings a reasonable amount of INF to the table and isn’t that selfish either as her max is only 6. Finally her KICK is very similar to other Engineers a very good dice pool but rubbish range. So another close passing game model.

Character Taits

Close Control – This makes her a decent carrier of the ball as you are going to need to tackle her twice to get it off her. Very nice against any models without easy reach of Knock Down.

Reanimate – Great ability on a captain as it makes her that little bit harder to kill. As first time each turn she reaches 0 wounds she resets with 3 wounds and all conditions removed. Wont make her indestructible put allows you to keep her going.

Heroic Play

Mechanical Heart – While she is on the pitch all friendly guild models gain the Mechanica character type. This means you don’t need to stick to certain models in your build to get most out of her plays and Legendary. Does mean she prefers not using Union models if you plan to use this a lot.

Legendary Play

Well Oiled Machine- This is one unusual play, each friendly Mechanica model (see heroic) gets an oil token.

When a model receives the ball from a pass they can discard the oil token to make an out of activation pass. They can’t use the token if they use the momentum generated for some pushing.

This can lead to some interesting interactions that can all lead to much momentum being generated for the team. It also will help reposition the ball to your liking against teams wanting the ball to play (Fish for example), but it also plays into the Controller play (below) for the dream possible 2 goals in 2 activations with no response!! I do not think we will see the whole possibilities of this play for a while. There are the easy MP wins but the little extras could be huge!!


Plenty of dodges available to Pin Vice (with all but one of them MP generating). She also access to a low momentous tackle, although the Knockdown would be hard to get beyond using a charge. She also has nice mix of damage in there and with Alternator play she can in theory do a fair amount of damage when loaded up if you wish.


Controller – Costs 3 INF – Allows a target Mechanica model. To activate straight after Pin Vice for some damage cost to it. Incredibly powerful and like the Legendary the easy spot for this are, taking a model out, scoring a goal before your opponent can do anything to stop you; Are all easy to see but other possibilities are certainly possible with this.

Alternator – Costs 1 INF – Gives target Mechanica a speed boost at the cost of some damage. Also cheap (INF cost) for extra speed even if it is damaging. Worth noting you could do this to the whole team turn 1 if you wish.

Deletion – Costs 1 INF – Gives target Mechanica +1 DMG to Plays and Playbook damage results and gets free use of Bonus time once, again with the damage taken to use it. Obviously helps the ranged players gain a bit more from their plays but also makes her and others a little more dangerous in combat 2-4 damage is not bad on such a fast model (mascot hunting anyone).


She is about getting the most out of her mech friends while also being a decent goal threat herself. She can be pretty selfish and go off getting MP and scoring goals or she can support the rest of the team with little bonuses and of course that Heroic means she can be pretty open with her team choices.

The big thing as mentioned is that Legendary, like any good machine all the cogs need to work together but oh my I think when people figure out when best to drop that play it is going to make them better than fish at moving the ball around.

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The Alchemist Formula/Tinkering The Engineers – Compound

Back to the alchemist lab, and we find a new big guy in the form of Compound


For a guy of his size he moves pretty fast, Nice TAC, average DEF and ARM. His kick is petty average for the game and he brings average INF to the game.

Character Traits

Rush Keeper – A new rule for season two. While he is within 4″ of your goal, and unengaged, he can charge enemy that wander to close to your goal. Nice ability!

Noxious Death – When he is taken out, models within 3″ take three damage and gain the poison condition.

Gluttonous Mass– Compounds a big lad, so the first time he is hit by an enemy attack or play he ignores it. Nice ability that keeps Compound in the game.


Plenty of options for generating momentum, with a small amount of damage. He does have easy to reach Tackles (keeper after all) and his knockdowns although harder to get to, with his ability to charge about for free while near the goal means they are possible to get.


Chemical Resist – Cost 1, RNG 4″. Target model can ignore the first Poison or Burning condition it receives in the turn

Horrific Odour – Cost 1 RNG S, Aura 6″. Enemy models have to pay one additional Influence to make a kick. Doubles up nicely with Rush Keeper.


Compound is a great addition to either teams line up. With Armour and Gluttonous Mass he is tougher to take out than he first appears.

I wouldn’t let Rush Keeper and Horrific Odour to fool you into keeping him at the back in all games. In some match ups he can play very well in a defensive midfield role, where you can hover up balls that come near and generally just get in the way, I say this because sometimes leaving someone far back can hurt as you are almost playing with 1 player less. Especially when he has decent reach as well.

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Tinkering the Engineers – Hoist

Ever feel like you need a pick me up? Well the Engineers will be able to Hoist you back to the feel goodness….I am so sorry terrible pun (not sorry).


Pretty average MOV and a great KICK would have been awesome but the range is a little too average. He has average DEF and comes with ARM. His TAC is also average as is his INF stat. A decent enough midfielder that should be able to feed strikers well.

Character Traits

Tough Hide – Makes it that little bit harder to throw out big damage. However don’t expect him to tank as with 11 wounds he wont stay around for long, however;

Reanimate – Once a turn (and every turn) when reduced to 0 wounds, he regains 3 wounds and remove all conditions. Which makes him that little bit harder to take out and little more INF intensify to do so.

Sturdy – Keeping in the same vein, he ignores the first time he would get knocked down once a turn. Making it pretty hard to keep him down (literally).


He has access to plenty of pushes and dodges in his play book. He also has access to an easy momentous tackle, he also has little momentous damage which is nice to have around.


True Replication – Costs 0 INF, allows him to borrow a friendly model character play for the turn. Which is great to have as it makes him so versatile, it is worth noting where the Guild Ball (2 hits) and double Gulid Ball (4 hits) are on his playbook, when selecting plays.


Fast moving, play stealing midfielder for the Engineers. He is hard to pin down and will be a great way of getting hold of the ball and feeding Velocity.

True replication makes him the swiss army bot of the engineers he has some much potential to use different plays he can really be anything you need him to be.

There are plenty of goodness that I cant even begin to say what is best as it is all situation. The one issue you will have is he needs to be near the right player at the right time, so he is by no means easy to use

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