TIE the rebels up

Sorry for the title (not sorry), but here are TIE squardons from the epxansion pack.





Mystic Spirits Review

Welcome to today’s post, which is a review of the latest expansion book out for Freebooters Fate – Mystic Spirits.

Carrying on with a similar theme from other FF reviews I will be looking at the  Fluff; Miniatures; Rules/Mechanics; Price and a Summary.

Fluff – Carrying on from Deep Jungle, we see the pirates still enjoying their ownership of Longfall. While the Armada are running some guerilla warfare from the jungles. The goblins are starting their nation with the help of 2 orcs!! The Brotherhood continue their work and the Amazons are getting Angry (angrier). All this and we have to deal with The Cult and their walking dead.

Miniatures – As always the models look stunning and the characters the have generated make the world so much more enjoyable to play. Although as with Deep Jungle not everything is available yet as anything beyond artwork.

The Book – Another cracking book from the FF guys following the same size as Deep jungle and as always some amazing artwork and as mentioned good fluff (always positives).

The main focus other than new models is the new magic rules you can use in games, which brings me nicely to the mechanics section 😉


Basically the new ‘powers’ work like the equipment cards in which case you purchase them for your magic user at the cost indicated. There are 4 different themed areas of magic which you may only have access to a couple of them through the faction you are playing.

All these powers are known as Loas and you buy like you do the equipment cards (review). There can be additional costs in-game as some of the Loas need blood, so your character may need to take some damage at the start before you even use the power.

The mechanism works in a very similar way to which a normal duel takes place but with an added layer of complexity based on what you are trying to cast. The basics you can see in my review week of Freebooters HERE. Although it is a straight 3 on 3 card duel unlike a normal one..

On top of this you now need to be lower or equal the invocation value of Laos for it to succeed. This is done by working out a total based on various things such as LoS, how much the duel weakened the invocation or if the caster got the preferred characteristic through.

So how does it work all Loas have a specific characteristic (RE: a like torso, head for a normal duel; here we have Sober etc..). Now it is possible to block this as in a normal duel, however the opponent may not/can’t block it fully but they can weaken it by matching to the offerings on the card.

See below we have additional pictures of a chicken and a candle, matching these means you have weakened. Once all cards are played you can work out if the Loas was succesful based on the modifiers mentioned!

That was a whistle top tour as I didn’t want to spoil too much 😉

But what is clear is that you do not want to add these powers into the game until you have the game mechanics down, they are very much for the seasoned player. As the added complexity could get confusing for a newer player..

New Card Deck – Alongside the new book, there is also a card pack I recommend you pick up as well. If you are new to the game then get this set over the normal hand set as you get duplicate cards that work with both the magic use and normal combat (which is very handy).

On top of that you get more equipment cards that are optional extras (Check out my review HERE).

But the main use of these cards is to have the magic spells in easy format rather than using the book all the time.

What you get for your money – As always a cracking product by FF and certainly worth it for anyone wanting to take their pirate experience further. How could you not want to when the choices for adding Voodoo Magic is too good to pass up 😀

Summary – A great book that adds so much to the Freebooters Fate world, which is all you can ask for 🙂

Deep Jungle Review

Welcome to today’s post, which is a review of the latest expansion book out for Freebooters Fate – Deep Jungle.

Some of you may not have consider Freebooters Fate for those please go and check out my week-long review of it starting on Day 1

This is will be the first review I do of an expansion from the original releases so you may notice some differences from previous reviews on the blog. However I am going to try to stick with FMRRMWYGFYMS or in other words – Fluff; Miniatures; Rulebook; Rules/Mechanics; what you get for your money and a Summary.

Fluff – Carrying on from the first book we have seen a movement of the story of Longfall. The pirates now own the entire town and pushed the Armada out into the jungles. While the goblins are gaining in strength while the brotherhood is suffering without the Armada to fuel them and more importantly the Amazons have appeared and a little annoyed. How? You will have to go and read the book :P.

Miniatures – I have yet to get my hands on some of the new miniatures but from the look of things the high quality is still and should be a joy to deal with.

(Rule)book – Technically this is an expansion so is not the rule book but that messes with the acronym I have….Anyway what do we get with Deep Jungle? A very nice full-colour book, which is weighing in at 80 pages.

So what so we get in that 80 pages? Let’s find out;

To start with we get 6 pages of general fluff following an inhabitant of the main island. While we see extra rules (covered later) coming in at 7 pages.

The amazons being the main impetus for this book get the largest section as you would imagine coming in at a weighty 15 pages of half-naked killer women.

Both the pirates and the goblins get 5 pages each to keep them happy while the Armada gets 6 pages. While the stealthy Brotherhood slip in with 4 pages. While the poor mercenaries only get a mere 2 pages

Then finally we are treated to more scenarios and finally a mini-campagin that looks like it should be fun.


Animal handlers – allow you to take additional characters that do not count as specialists/deckhands that are animals. This open ups something unique for Freebooters as you now have ‘units’ in the game as these animals need to stay close or they revert to instinctual behaviour. Yes it is several rules combined I have just mentioned but that about sums it up.

Honour Guard is a great way of altering your lists and how deckhands work. Basically leaders can bring their chosen honour guard with them. This equates to having deckhands with additional rules for an extra cross which is great.

As for the the extra miniatures each faction gets, you will be looking at at least one new Leader and so form of Specialist. But that is all I am going to spoil, why? because I am evil 😛

What you get for your money – Well you may have gathered you get 80 pages of full colour of nicely presented material.

This book is all about the Amazons but we also see some great additions to all the of the factions which is awesome. For what you get for the price it is very reasonable and in-line with everything else out there.

Summary – A great book that adds so much to the Freebooters Fate world, which is all you can ask for 🙂

If I was being greedy I would say maybe a little more from the designers just to get the book to a round 100 pages but that is just me wanting MORE!!

And while we are at it here are some new releases from them as well;