The Alchemist Formula (S3) – Crucible

I need to come up with some decent snooker pun for this one but I have been black balled…. Welcome to the world of Crucible.


Reasonably fast she can keep up with most of the team, her TAC is average as is her DEF (no ARM though). Her INF is also average while her KICK is ok nice dice poll but not striker distance.


Incensed – At the start of her activation she gains either the burning or poison condition, why we shall see next.

Chemical admixture – When she damages a model they also gain the same condition she has. Which means you have to decide between her doing damage or dodging around during her activation.

Covalence – An aura around her which is a momentum sink for your opponent as they need to spend an extra MP to shift conditions if they are suffering one of  the ones she hands out. Incredibly powerful when you consider what the alchemists can do against models with conditions. This can quickly hurt opponents momentum as it is always on.

Reactive Solution – We have seen something similar with the return shadows trait, if an enemy is suffering poison/burning near her at the end of her activation she gets a free 4” dodge.


She has plenty of access to momentum (4/5) and a lot of this is dodges and some pushes. She does have momentous damage but it is so high you will usually only get it on the charge. Her most interesting choices are at the low end with her play and tackle and dodge to keep her moving..


Nimble – Costs 1 INF, boosts her DEF up to good, but obviously she needs to go early in the turn to get the most out of it.

Sling past – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild Ball (2 hits), allows her to ‘jump over’ an enemy she is engaged with. Actually makes her a little bit faster in an odd way as she can just engage a model and be moved to any point around the model staying in her engagement zone. This means against a 30mm based model it is almost an extra 3” of movement. If she manages to get a wraparound she can also move out of engagement as well making her movement possibilities interesting in the right situation.


She is a really interesting choice of team member for the alchemists, she brings an unusual condition game. Particularly in that she needs to be suffering the condition to hand it out. This means with burning you actually slow her down as she doesn’t have the same trait as vKataylst.

On top of this she is a bit tricky about when to active her (in the same vein as Venin) as she will get more out of Nimble she needs to go early but to ensure she gets the most out of the condition game she needs to go later in the turn.

Sling past is an interesting play that will work well if she goes on a goal run as if she has the ball already on the charge she has the chance to have a decent threat range which is always worth keeping in your head when looking for those lanes.

So really she can achieve a few things for you but when getting the most out of her during a turn is going to be a very delicate balance between her abilities/plays. Sometimes you are going to get it wrong, but she is naturally going to want to appear in a list that is strong on the condition game so keep that in mind (but still competing with Calculus, Venin and Mercury).

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The Alchemist Formula – Smoke

Its time for some mirrors as well I have the Smoke already.


She is slow, like Boar slow (but that is easily tweaked as we shall see). Her TAC is also poor especially for a captain not even average for the game. Her INF is average for a captain as is her DEF and some ARM as well.

The standout is her KICK it brings an amazing amount of dice to the pool while also only having a small range on it. There is a reason for this as we shall see…

Character Traits

Cloud Jumper – Her big trait it allows her to be placed within any AoE that she can target with 4” which means her low-speed suddenly becomes significantly larger and without the worry of parting blows. As that 4” plus the length of the AoE plus her MOV suddenly she is moving more than 12” that is fishermen speed!!

Unpredictable Movement –Advance into her melee range and she can skip away (dodge 2″) once per turn, just to make her but more survivable. But as always watch out for that 2″ melee..

Momentous Inspiration – Last seen on Ballista, this helps boost early game Momentum generation when you consider the likes of Calculus and Mercury. Does become less important later into the game but certainly helps.

Legendary Play

Chemical Shower – Pretty straight forward play as, Smoke creates 2 AoEs that both do 3 damage to any models in one of them. Now this is condition damage so doesn’t trigger tough skin, so everyone takes the 3. These AoEs then stay around as poison AoEs which she can obviously move around.


A small playbook that gives us some access to momentous pushes and Tackle, however you don’t really want her in combat she isn’t going to get you much out of going unless she charges. Keep her out as a goal threat and using her plays to get AoEs everywhere…

She could get wraps on the charge it has to be said BUT you would need to be in need of Momentum to do that (or want the ball).


Smoke Bomb – Costs 1 INF, Creates a cover AoE which is handy with cloud jumper. Means she can reach some pretty impressive speed! Also moveable cover is always handy..

Alchemy Mix – Costs 1 INF, Allows her to create a new AoE from one that is already on the board which is a duplicate (copy a burning you get a second burning etc.). Which is placed in base contact with the original. Can only do this once a turn but you can create a wall of AoEs your opponent wont want to get near.

Chemical Breeze – Cost 1 INF, Allows you to move an AoE on the board (placed by friendly model) up to 4” from its current location. This counts for any models ending up within the AoE after its movement as if they had moved into it. So therefore taking the ongoing effect from the AoE. Targetting models that have already gone means you can really stack the different conditions from the alchemists.


She is the Queen of conditions and AoEs, in the right team she can litter the pitch with them that makes it that the opposition is going to have to take some conditions to get anywhere. She is an a great goal threat and it isn’t straight line threat either as her cloud jump makes it so she can go more or less where she wants which is incredibly powerful.

Her cloud jump gets around a lot of issues in the game from counter charge to Unpredictable Movement so use this to your advantage. If you do play the condition game, you are going to want her to go later in a turn so you can get conditions on the opponent with less reprisals or using MP to remove the condition. This means her team becomes a goal threat but also a team of a thousand cuts as players just keep taking 1-3 damage a turn maybe more if you have Venin on the board. Although it would take a while it does weaken teams far quicker than you expect so keep that in mind.

A very unique captain that offers a goal scoring/damaing dealing way to play that no-one currently gets close to duplicating.

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The Alchemist Formula – Venin

When you really really want poison on the board you bring the man who gives it a way in his name…Its Venin time.


He is pretty decent for his speed, he can keep up with all but the likes of Vitroil and Smoke. His TAC, DEF, INF are all average and he does have some ARM. His KICK is interesting as the dice pool is small but he has a great range. He makes an OK emergency striker or good for feeding the strikers in the team. Although momentum for a boost maybe helpful..

Character Traits

Poisonous Fumes – You get to close to him you get poison.

Venomous Strike –If he hits you, you get poison!! Did I mention he likes poison?!

Heroic Play

Coagulation – Nasty play this one, as any model suffering from poison also gains the bleed condition. This is a small bubble but timed right can hurt a lot of players and these 2 conditions combine equals healthy damage!


He has reasonable momentum generation (4/5 columns) with plenty of dodges and some damage output. He also has a pretty easy to get momentous tackle as well.

His book is deceptive due to the amount of potential damage he can do with his trait for poison and also his heroic.


Melting Body – Costs 0 INF, gives himself poison but then he gets and ARM boost, which is really nice. What is worth nothing is he can remove the poison using Momentum and still gets the ARM for the turn and if he already has poison again its free ARM for the turn.

Sacrificial puppet – Cost 1 INF or 1 Guild ball (3/5 hits), If he hits the model with this they take a small amount of damage (remember his traits) but also the next time Venin would take damage from the playbook he passes it onto the model hit with this.

Does mean he still gets knocked down and tackled etc. but at least he wont take any damage.


A poison generating machine that can be pretty hard to take out, that can in the right situations generate a lot of damage for your team. Now he comes at a double-edge sword as you get best out of his Melting Body he needs to go early BUT then his condition game is easier for the opponent to deal with as they have time to generate MP to remove all your hard work. A tricky model to get the best out of for this, he is certainly a player that has to play what is in front of him as it dictates how you use him and how your opponent deals with him.

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The Alchemist Formula – vKatalyst

Veteran players, which are variations on existing characters as they progress through the story arc. This means I have an actual comparison to make at the end between the type versions of a player.

Ever had a really bad hangover? Well Katalyst will beat you hands down. Do not drink anything green….ever!!


He is reasonable fast, his Jog is average but his sprint is much healthier. His KICK is terrible, like mascot bad. His DEF is also rubbish although he does have some ARM. His TAC is amazing at captain levels, and his INF is great as he brings 2 and can only ever have 2.

Character Traits

Furious – Well wouldn’t you be?! He gets to charge for free, which is pretty nice as it means he doesn’t need any INF on himself to get stuff done. But as always it can be shut down easily so be cautious.

Chemical Frenzy – If the enemy model has a condition on them, then he gets +1 DMG for playbook damage.

Deteriorating – He takes damage at the end of every activation he takes, which means if you want him to stay alive you will probably need to heal him. This is dependent on your opponents. Fish for instance may not be doing much damage in which case you can run him a bit hot before healing, while against Brewers/Butchers healing would be worthwhile.

Heroic Play

Witness Me – If he takes out a model, he immediately also gets taken out. Doing so bags you an additional +2VP. What this means is you could win with just 3 take-outs over the game. Although you would have given your opponent 6VP as well. It is situational but score an early goal and he takes a model out. Suddenly you could be 8-2 up, which means you don’t need to do much to get to 12 at that point. It is a fun ability but perhaps you wont see it too much.


A great playbook which has a bit of everything,  he has Knockdowns although not momentous, he has loads of pushes which is great with all the AoEs that can be on the board. He also has access to plenty of momentous damage as well. Overall though he has OK momentum generation with 5/8 of columns delivering. He does have a Tackle as well but that is probably not worth mentioning.


Intensify – Costs 2 INF or 1 Guild Ball (3/6/7 hits) – Once activated this does 2 DMG to all models in a decent size pulse that have a condition on them. With his base size this is actually a big area of coverage. Also all the columns this triggers on will also generate momentum as well which is great.


He is literally the Hulk, yes he slowly takes damage but 4 wounds on a chassis that starts with nearly 30 in a game that can be over in 3 or 4 turns wont kill him. It is just something that needs to be managed. He hits like a truck, if conditions are on the board he hits like Boar!! This is before the intensify play is consider for splashing damage around. He is also INF efficient as you don’t need him loaded up to be useful, this is great in the early turns as you get him into position while the rest of team use his INF for conditions and the like. (always remember knock-down is a condition as well). He is not subtle which makes for something of a change in Alchemists, but be wary of his Heroic Play it can be tempting to do it a lot but you don’t want to give your opponent an advantage in VP unneccessary.

Comparison between Kataylsts –  Went from controlled aggression to insane.

So normal Katalyst is faster than his bigger version, while vKataylst got more TAC but lost a lot of KICK and DEF, however the amount of INF stayed the same. But vKataylst gained a more efficiency due to furious. He also gained more melee reach so his threat went up but his goal threat went down.

vKataylst also got a straight boost to DMG against conditions while nKataylst has more bonuses but depends on fire condition being around.

Obviously vKatalyst is doing more damage but with the bonuses nKataylst could get better chances at a wrap around for more momentum generated.

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The Alchemist Formula (S2) – Naja

So the dirty snake in the grass has brought his dirty snake in the grass….Its Venin’s pet Naja.


Fast enough to keep pace with Venin (and with added range of melee zone is great). Her TAC is average for a mascot as is her KICK, DEF is on the high side but doesn’t comes with any ARM and INF is standard for mascots but you can give her slightly more than usual if you want.

Character Traits

Venomous Strike – Any damage she does will hand out poison, nasty with Venin about.

Unpredictable movement – Will know this is a great ability and made even better with the 2” melee the snake has, she is going to be hard to pin down.

Assist (Venin) – If she attacks the same model as Venin she gets a boost to her TAC and DMG output. Which is pretty nasty however this will need set up as usually Venin wants to go last with his Heroic Play for all the bleed.


Short playbook as you would expect but it gets momentum on most columns. She has access to momentous dodges and a small amount of damage (which is increased by being near Venin and of course poison).


Hypnosis – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild Ball (2/3 hits), a great play to have access to, as it increases the INF cost of an attack or play for a model hit. This means it actually complete shuts down any model that only has 1 INF on them (Boar/Rage will cry if they are engaged) and also the bigger, easier to-hit models in the game are going to be cautious around the snake that’s for sure.


The snake is here to being annoying, she is pretty hard to pin down due to her large engagement and UM (only worry about Mallet) she obviously is going to be better with Venin on the board, but it is all about that Hyponsis play it is going to be pretty powerful against certain teams.

Now if you don’t need the free cover/Mercury is not on the board/ you really like intensify then the snake makes a pretty nice model to use. Hypnosis could prove to be pretty powerful as we have seen from what Fear can do on Ghast.

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The Alchemist Formula/Tinkering The Engineers – Compound

Back to the alchemist lab, and we find a new big guy in the form of Compound


For a guy of his size he moves pretty fast, Nice TAC, average DEF and ARM. His kick is petty average for the game and he brings average INF to the game.

Character Traits

Rush Keeper – A new rule for season two. While he is within 4″ of your goal, and unengaged, he can charge enemy that wander to close to your goal. Nice ability!

Noxious Death – When he is taken out, models within 3″ take three damage and gain the poison condition.

Gluttonous Mass– Compounds a big lad, so the first time he is hit by an enemy attack or play he ignores it. Nice ability that keeps Compound in the game.


Plenty of options for generating momentum, with a small amount of damage. He does have easy to reach Tackles (keeper after all) and his knockdowns although harder to get to, with his ability to charge about for free while near the goal means they are possible to get.


Chemical Resist – Cost 1, RNG 4″. Target model can ignore the first Poison or Burning condition it receives in the turn

Horrific Odour – Cost 1 RNG S, Aura 6″. Enemy models have to pay one additional Influence to make a kick. Doubles up nicely with Rush Keeper.


Compound is a great addition to either teams line up. With Armour and Gluttonous Mass he is tougher to take out than he first appears.

I wouldn’t let Rush Keeper and Horrific Odour to fool you into keeping him at the back in all games. In some match ups he can play very well in a defensive midfield role, where you can hover up balls that come near and generally just get in the way, I say this because sometimes leaving someone far back can hurt as you are almost playing with 1 player less. Especially when he has decent reach as well.

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#WAAC Guild Ball Alchemist Raffle WINNER


The Winner as been picked!!

But first thank you to all those that helped paint the models BUT more importantly those that donated! In total we raised £335 just from this team raffle :O

Thank you one and all!! So the winner is a Mr E.Freeman aka @sixeleven on twitter, congrats you have a shiny team to learn.. (and also very nicely donated extra money when he found out 🙂 )

P.S. the Malifaux raffle will be starting VERY soon 🙂 and also keep your eyes on YouTube for some battling hammerers running something 😉