Grotau ‘Ammer ‘Ead WIP

I have finally made a start with my Grot/Tau conversion allies or Grotau for short 🙂 As part of this I have decided I would make a start on my Hammerhead conversion based around the orks making the skimmer into a hovercraft.

With that in mind I did some Fleabay surfing and came across a nice looking hovercraft and the top hull of the devilfish for a combined total of £5 I figured it was a good starting point.

Well until the toy hovercraft turned up…..looks like I have a lot of sawing to do!!!


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For the Greater Grot part 2


So I am pretty settled on creating my ally force for Orks as ‘For the Greater Grot’ but now I want to refine some of the ideas I had initially and drop some choices I know would be cool but I don’t want to carry on with while I am still thinking about just an ally force and that is all it will be an ally force! No moving into a full army for me oh no!!!

Original post is here for those that missed it.

And just so you know they are now forever know as Grotau (must be said fast)

The Bench

So the following is the things that could have been fun to do but I don’t they would fit into a small force or I think they don’t match with my Ork force.

Kroot – It was a tough choice as I could imagine them being pretty good competition for Kommandos but for the time being they are a no.

Skyray – I think it would look cool orked up with grots riding rockets ‘for guidance’ but I just don’t think I will use them in a game, when the Hammerhead is around.

Vespids – Had the great idea of Grot stormboys for these with probably necron-esque guns. However at the moment they are not going to see the light of day, although those marine killer guns could be worth it down the line…

Piranhas – Again they could have uses but when compared to bikes and koptas the competition is too great for them.

Stealth suits – I think this is a tricky one as I do like the stealth suits but a) I am not 100% sure what I could do for them and b) it is all about the normal Battlesuits (maybe riptide) for that elite slot.

Flyers – If I am going to need flyers it has to be dakka jets has to be 😉

The clean up

Etheral – I havent changed from my first idea of the Etheral being an old skool type of mad boy who use to be a Runt Herder, so thinking the plastic Runt herder from the grot kit with a bigger head.

Riptide – Plan now is to use a converted Mega-Dread from FW, conversion being rockets for the jump pack and something Tau-like for the gun arm, So I will be using only one of the FW arms the other is to be scratch built.

Markerlights – These are going to be shown as different things; either squigs that are very brightly painted or grots with flash lights attached to their guns. This fits in with the idea of

Pathfinders – so 2 birds one grot as it where…

Drones – This hasnt changed with the use of different ideas for the different types of Drones.

Gun Drone – Grots riding gun drones and double weapon grots pretending to be drones..

Shield Drone – Grots using drone ‘head’ as a shield

Marker Drone – Flashlight Grot with drone head

Missile drone – Imagine grot stikkbombas 😉

Fire Warriors – These are grots with Fire Warrior parts stuck to them, as already mentioned. This is actually going to be a big job as I was originally going to use grots but they have proven to need loads of work! So I have chosen to use WFB multi-kit goblins but I will still need to do a lot of kit bashing and GSing so its going to be a channel to pull it off as best I can!!!

Battlesuits – These will be converted so the grot either sits in a blown out cockpit of the BS OR having his head sticking out where the BS head would go.. While I will need rockets stuck around the jet pack as obviously they wont be working right

Broadsides – Following same line as Battlesuits really just with BIGGER guns..

Hammerhead – At the moment I will only be looking at a Hammerhead and I have decided on a looted frame that is going to be a hovercraft (skimmer), which at the moment means I am watching out for some toy hovercraft that I can chop up 😉

Weapons – At the moment I am looking to keep the Tau weapons as they are with bigger guns probably being different also the burst cannons are going to be scratch built rather than use the Tau ones!

So there you go more my ideas have started to settle nicely into a holding pattern now I just need to try and pull the ideas off….

Keep your eyes peeled for some of my attempts coming soon.

For the Greater Grot

So I have been thinking of a little project just for a play converting. With the idea of me enhancing if only a little my plasticard and green stuffing skills if only a little.

So sat round with my wargaming mates we started throwing ideas a round after a game as you do and with one of them restarting his Tau. The idea of adding some allies to my Orks started to emerge, now I know sometimes count-as armies are grumbled at for various reasons but I though I would share a pretty decent article I stumbled across funnily enough on a Tau blog LINK.

So as this idea started to sprout, I started to have a look round the internet for inspiration and below is some of the things I have found.

A trukk/devilfish have mated o_O taken from dakkadakka LINKY

More from dakkadakka a piranhaaaa

Then I came across these guys on BoLS which are pretty close to what I was thinking although also slightly not. Anyway here is the link to all the pictures LINK

Again these converted battle suits represent some of the same ideas I was having.

The Idea

So The idea is some allies for my Orks using the Tau book, now I didn’t just want straight looted stuff that any Ork could have no since the Tau as individuals are let’s be honest puny that would not suit Orks.

And what is the next best thing (you’ve guessed it) Grots 🙂

Now the example above is a little to clean for me especially if you have seen my painting and the rest of my Orks. So I was looking for a more run-down look. So below I will explain what I have in my head for the possible choices available.

Now also this will based on looted Tau stuff so I will need to paint them as Tau and then orky/grot them up. May use Friends pain scheme of wait/grey 😉

Fire Warriors – These are grots with FW parts stuck to them, so FW helmets worn as such by the grots (ill-fitting). Shoulder pads used as shoulder pads, more helmets and maybe body armour. Finally Tau rifles as guns but also clubs, as lets face it will most Grots be able to use a Tau rifle unless by fluke.

Etheral – Now I will probably not use them much but always handy. So idea of a Weird boy or a Runt Herder turned brain boy (think normal ork with mutated huge brain) being in charge which fits with a Ork still being in charge of the Grots.

Battlesuits – These will be converted so the grot either sits in a blown out cockpit of the BS OR use the grot from the stormboy kit (the one sat in the rocket cone) as pilots. I am also thinking of not using Tau burst cannons instead make my own to be more orky/groty. Other weapons could do with extra power supplies and the like, while sticking rockets in the jet pack vents will help them keep moving..

Broadsides – Along same line as basttlesuits but they are carrying Zzap guns or lobbers.

Kroot – I was thinking along the lines of Jungle grots carrying kroot rifles. Think war paint and Apocalypse Now! Kroot hounds have to be squigs.

Skyray – Ork up a little bit and have rockets from say the flyer kit instead of the normal missiles.

Devilfish – Was thinking along the lines of making them into helicopters but not sure yet.

Hammerhead – Just needs a big ork gun.

Vespids – Not going to bother..

Piranhas – Perhaps something similar to above, a plane that just can’t take off!

Drones – Mixture of grots riding them bucking bronco style or wearing them as hats…

Pathfinders – Need to be different from Kroot idea, so this may end up being one of the other, which leads me to;

Markerlights – If I don’t do Kroot then I think squigs will be what use for Markerlight identification (squigs with numbers on their back).

Riptide – Make it into a Grot Stompa

Stealth suits – This one is a tricky one, all I can think is sticking trees/wheels/barrels to them to show grot camo..

Flyers – Again maybe one of those things I don’t use OR gets mated with another kit like the dakka jet.

What do people think then? what have I missed? what ideas can you give me? am I insane?