He is big he is stompy, he just wants to cuddle..


Actually that is a lie, when has Tau ever been stompy?!

Grotau ‘Ammer ‘Ead WIP part 2

So after my initial chop shop work last time HERE, I have been working on filling those huge gaps..

Fortunately  I had some spare trukk parts that fitted together far to well…


I still have a lot of gaps but some will be here to stay as I like the look of them, while some will need some green stuffing!

I am really surprised how boxy it looks without the extra curves provide by the side parts!


Bit more work using some of Basecrafts steampunk resin sheets to close up the huge gaps!


So Grot repairs on the fan system..


Now I only really need to add a few details to the hull, onto the fun bits the GUNZ!!!!