Beared-itorial with Tetra Review

This week continues the walk towards the Breast Cancer Brawl tournament next week, so continuing on from last week I will be looking at my other list, but first;

New Dark Elves

OK I have rewritten this section a couple of times now as I swing one way or the other. Hopefully I have calmed down now…

The Warriors are just warriors will wait to see if they are a huge step from the old ones. The new witch elves are stunning straight out of 40k 😉 Shadowblade is also a very nice assassin model..

What is disappointing is the Barney the Hydrasaur which is just bad, how can a monster with dentures look threatening doesn’t even have fangs. While I am unsure about the moving stately home staircase that is the Cauldron of Blood.

We will have to wait and see as I hope that the Executioners/Black Guard are in the supposed second month release AND plastic.

Legion Lists Pre-tournament

So last week was Thagrosh list this week its my shooty list. Again this is based on what I own and have painted over actually being ‘optimal’.

Lylyth Shadow of Everblight shooty list of death list

  • eLylyth
  • Ravagore
  • Ravagore
  • Naga Nightlurker
  • Shredder
  • Striders & UA
  • Deathstalker
  • Forsaken

Another relatively simple list, with the aim to drop the feat early game and hope to cause enough damage my opponent cant come back. With the 2 ravagores doing as much heavy lifting as I can get out of them.

Tau Tetra Review

A bit different this week as well, a friend who hates building stuff ( I know right?) wanted his new shiny Forge World Tetras building. Always fun to build something without instructions and thought may as well review them at the same time 🙂

So the bits count is pretty low and as always no instructions for them with it being a small kit from FW!!

Generally they stuff was pretty good, however the twin-pulse rifles are very bad as you can see;

There was actually a bar between the 2 under-slung sections of the guns which was a bloody nervous removal to ensure the didn’t break!

Very smooth finish on top, but

not as pretty underneath, at least with this resin it doesn’t take much to clean up!! With the exception of some of the clean up the build itself was pretty easy

Overall a pretty nice kit yes the pulse rifles are bad, but they are not as easy to see once built so maybe I will cut FW some slack there, so not bad and I have a happy Tau player ‘friend’. Speaking of FW;

Sons of Horus upgrades

They now have some very nice new heads and torsos for the SoHs.

I liking them a lot. I must really start-up my SoHs again I have neglected them for far too long, although I hear Iron Hands need some new players 😀

Paint/hobby Corner

Legion is almost done everything is finished except for Thagrosh who I hope will be done in time t-minus 7 days!! Pictures of the finished stuff will be appearing soon so keep your eyes peeled. Hopefully I can actually start painting my CoC battlebox now :O

As always any suggests/comments welcome and if you want me to cover anything let me know, as always see you hopefully next week.

outpost 150x150

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Sons of Horus Contemptor Dreadnought

Here is the next stage of my path on #ForgeWorldOnly this time being my Contemptor Dreadnought with magnetised arms.

If you want to see more pictures (and close ups) then head on over to the #FWO blog to check them out.

You can use this handy link HERE.

I am really happy how he hasd turned out and how my SoHs are shaping up.

Sons of Horus Terminators

So here they are my first steps on the path of #ForgeWorldOnly is complete the first of my Cataphractii terminators.

If you want to see more pictures (of individual minis) then head on over to the #FWO blog to check them out.

You can use this handy link HERE.

I am really happy how they turned out and looking forward to painting up some more of these soon. But in the mean time I await Santa who is brining a Contemptor 😀

#FWO Sons of Horus Catch-Up

It has been a while since I have mentioned anything on here about my decent into Forge World madness 😉

To start with some more progress with my Cataphractii terminators they are nearly done, you can see the latest picture HERE

I have also finally managed to get a list constructed with some back story already well a name for my commander at least, internet points for the first one to tell me what his name means and the language used 😉

Anyway you can read the list HERE.

All thoughts welcome either here or on the #ForgeWorldOnly blog