Adeptus Titanicus Warbringer Nemesis – Review

It has felt like an age since we last got some shiny new titans but we got one and boy is he a big boy. Although has to be said he needs to think about having some leg days in the gym. Time to look at the Warbringer 😀

We get the standard fair for the box, really nice artwork. I am particularly a fan of the perspective of looking up to the engine adds some great scale to it. The back is of course a pretty picture of painted up titan, what is also huge for this box is the introduction of the game terminals (and weapon cards) for the titan. Which means if this spreads to the other titans, you get what you need to play all in one box without the need to buy x or y as well.

Good news everyone 🙂

The long time bugbear of this erm. bear is that the quality of these titans was almost let down by the instruction manual and the quick B&W print off feel to them. Not anymore we get the full GW experience with the Warbringer .

Just feels better that you are building this and that GW also care about it as well. I get its a something to be bothered about, but I now feel less nervous that AT is just something that GW is a bit meh about.

Standard transfer sheets to git with the size of the WBN.

As always we get the transfers but as mentioned we get the game terminal. Now this is really helpful but alas it is only (only he says) a high quality paper copy. Not the cardboard versions you would have got for the previous titans. Now its not a big deal but for those with OCD and not having the same type available it will be a bit jarring. I know that you can get a set of the terminals from GW but I am not sure if they are different again.

But we are getting these in the price so I am not going to complain too much as at least we arent at the whim of limited quantities of terminals and the joys of ebay.

We now move on to the spures now we get 3 in the box and it is already clear that we are set up for potential upgrade spures at some point. Like the other titans, almost like its planned…

The big sprue is obviously the legs and the majority of the body sections as you would expect. Like all the titans the level of detail is just a little bit silly.

I mean look a walkway and step round the main weapon area!! It is just mind-blowing what is being achieved at the moment.

Next we have the panels which as always gives us both loyal and traitor panels that are really really nice. Both the eagle and the eye are really striking and naturally stand out a lot on model.

The mark of the true hero
booooo hiss

Finally the exciting sprue the weapons 🙂 I do love that the Quake cannon is an revolver weapon. But on top of that we also have loading cranes on this titan to move the massive shells to the gun. Again, the detail is :O I dont care if I sound like a fanboy when GW get something right they cant be touched when it comes to model production.

Just some additional information that the arm weapons are the same size/scale as the Reaver weapons, its impossible to tell the difference in the Volcano cannons.

The building of this is probably on bar with the warlord, it does share some of the complications of the Reaver legs and can be frustrating especially as you really need to really study the instructions to make sure the legs are on the right way (I didnt make that mistake honest). While some of the smaller pieces are really small, like the defensive guns and the shell cranes. But on the whole if you have dealt with the other titans you should be OK. I may suggest avoiding it for your first titan. Go with the warhounds they are great intro titan. But on the whole an amazing kit although you have to feel sorry for the Reaver now, no longer the middle child more like the forgotten third 😀

Missing leg day is not an issue in the year 30,000

Look at the detail the cranes and loading bays for the shells, just mental at this scale!

I love the split void shield generators on this chasis and the AA guns, which currently have no rules yet, still have idents for magnets for future releases though?

Finally some scale shots of how he fares between his big/little brothers


A great addition to the AT forces and well worth the price of £46 from our friends over at Leodis Games.

Overall it fits nicely a very different piece and ticks another box of what is available in 28mm is now in AT. I do hope to see some unique titans soon as I want to feel special. Now excuse me while I go stop around shouting for Horus..

Titanicus Campaign Books Review

First disclaimer, I am not too deep in with AT.

I am definitely a one of every shiny forget the balance/strategy here lets play stompy robots

With that in mind I have been having a dip into the campaign books for Titanicus, in the shape of Titandeath and Doom of Molech.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190520_1854367356565032672121823.jpg

They both follow a similar pattern of background, new legions/households, new maniples, new narrative campaigns and extra bits at the end.

They are both really really nice books and on par with anything else FW kicks out as these are most definatly FW and not GW books.

The artwork is amazing and the quality is top-notch as well. Although for the game itself I think those with a dedication to the Horus Heresy series, these are certainly worth collecting.


So we get 97 pages of goodness in the first book release and I think the book most are going to want to get of the two.

The fluff is not bad gives a brief overview of the the battles of beta-garmon. All very much done on the timeline sort of way. So boxes of text across some nice artwork of planets etc.

We get EIGHT! new legions to play with in the book;

  • Warp Runners, Nova Guard, Firebrands, Imperial Hunters
  • Deaths Heads, God Breakers, Tiger eyes, Death stalkers

I love them all, they all add some really fluffy rules, but on the flip-side nothing that is too stand-out. Well at least from my eyes anyway

The new (four) maniples are also a welcome addition as they offer some much needed variation from the rulebook. We do get some more spammy ones in the book in the shape of all reaver / warhound builds but thats OK as they also give us the King and Queen build 😉

The seven new scenarios we are given are all narrative, based around the story of Beta_Garmon of the story. So not what you can class as matched play but they are worth looking into as some look a real blast to play.

My favourite has to be On The Edge Of The Void. Battling in a space ship as close to death starring as possible…

Campaigns have never been my cup of tea no attention span…SQUIRREL!!! But the rules are there for a group to rock to or even an mini event at WHW (now thats an idea ;))

A final mention to the appendix additions in the book, which covers hostile environment rules as well. Again perhaps not match play worthy BUT who dosent love a titan minefield.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190520_1854516040795820347083830.jpg

Doom of Molech

Now Doom is the smaller brother of Titandeath only coming in at 81 pages and has to be said not as Titan heavy as we are really looking at Knights with this one.

We see a switch from the time line boxes of TD to more normal text for the fluff and perhaps more of nod towards what the marines and primarchs where doing, but then I suppose Doom had more of a mixed forces fight going on than TitanDeath. Still good but different from what we have already.

We got 4 new lefgions, in this book and again nice touches that make them cool rather than must have!

  • Warmongers, Dauntless
  • Dark Fire, Murder Lords

Mirroring this, we only see 2 new maniples and 5 scenarios. But again we see the same pattern as with TitanDeath and worth looking into.

We do also get 1 matched play scenario, which is just for knights. It is based around hunting monsters as any good knight would want to do, with stats for said monsters. Its a really cool idea and should offer quick games that help teach the very basics of the game.

What the book does bring to the titan in abundance is Stratagems! Loads of new ones to consider and also the option now to pick a Legion specific stratagem to use but at additional cost.

The small tactical choices this brings is pretty spectacular and will certainly freshen up your choices.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190520_1855094833411792877445185.jpg

Now the core of the book is set aside for the Knight forces rules.

Now I am not going to go too deep into this but simply when as a full force they have less variation within the banners (all need to be armed the same) compared to the standard support banners we have had so far.
This plus they have to activate as a Lance (3 Banners, 2 must be same type) so a larger number of knights moving together almost like a titan volume of robots 🙂

It’s a simple choice but also ensures activation control is less of an issue in the game. But generally the knights work as they did in the rulebook just with more thought towards co-ordination of your force as a minimum of 9 knights is actually a big footprint to move about (worrying about blasts).

They also get their own missions and stratagems as well, with the leader (high scion/ seneschal) get knightly qualities in a similar way as warlord traits.


These books are certainly worth it and from our friends at THW both clocking in at £17.60 its a good deal to be had to bring something extra extra to your games of AT.

I would say for general players that TitanDeath has to be your first purchase as it opens a lot of choices for Titans which the game is all about. Doom brings something different and perhaps something only a few will actually want to try in a full knight force. However the extra bits for the titans still make it a worthwhile bet.

In other words, get them both and be a happy Princep…

THW Tracker Review

The innovative chaps over at Triple Helix Wargames, have gone and dropped a new app for everyone to play with (both fruit and robot lovers are covered).

So the main function is as a tracker app but it also has some additional links out to their website.

The various routes from the home page of the app is big bright and clear.

I will say now the Articles/How to’s is a bit barren at the moment as things go, but I am sure will quickly be populated (with links to this review for instance 😉 ).

While, the Product Info page takes you to the latest releases available in store. With each tab being opened to more into and links to the website.

The Events is similarly up to date, although it does provide more info. Something that isnt present which would be great is booking/paying for events through the app.

This has the potential to be really powerful and I hope to see it grow.

Now onto the main event which is the tracker, first up the options..

Multiple backgrounds are a nice touch but perhaps linking out to a persons mobile gallery would also be cool, as for the number of scorepads on screen;

For some reason I want more, I dont think I need more than 2 but perhaps 4 would be help. As you could track you and your opponents counts or if you just have more things you want to track

At the moment these are the options, which cover plenty of systems, but I would like to see some user inputted options as well.

As you can see there is still a lot of real estate on the screen to be used.

The buttons are responsive and easy changed around and from the time I have spent with it not battery heavy at all so should last a decent amount of time.

Overall, I can say this app has a lot of potential and for a v1 of it I think the future is bright with some added functionality.

Ambot Review

Got my hands on the Ambots box this week, as always thanks to our friends at Triple Helix..


The plan is to use one as my Patriarch for the GSC Chaos Machine Cult. Which means I need to find a project for the second.

Anyway onto the review, the box is as per all other GW kits, so nice art splashed with pretty pictures of the models.20190415_192732847232477913376829.jpgNow the back is a little sparse, I expect this is the nature of the kit and how the options are more limited.20190415_1927421278990881194561929.jpgWhat is perhaps most surprising thing about this kit is that, although the 2 models look different. It is actually the same kit, with additional legs and head being the only differences.This does mean the kit is almost a snap-fit kit but more advanced, any conversion work you wish to do is going to need some heavy chopping and changing on the part of the modeler.

20190415_192956(0)1959630930747173139.jpgThe instructions are great as always (but like other non-core kits only in black and white).

20190415_1928544477196161858844295.jpgAs you can see (well you would have if I had remembered to put the kits in the same orientation….) that the box gives you 2 identical spures.

20190415_1929046716936877132384804.jpgThe details are very nice and the kit goes together very very quickly.

20190415_1928598573461814048139570.jpgThere some nice little details for the kit like the cogs on the back section, which in typical GW fashion you wont see much of once built, if you use the shoulder guard-shield thingy.

20190415_1929115539484865380081143.jpgawwwwww look little thumb gun..

So the build was easy enough, the kit doesn’t require much thinking about as there is not much to the options. This on top of square pegs on connections means he builds quickly which is great if you want are wanting the standard poses. I did try and mix things a little by having the legs of bot A and the arms from bot B.

Which does add a little more to the options but not you much. As mentioned if you are wanting something more dynamic or very different will need plenty of work.


So he is a bulky model that fills the 40mm base really well. I will say this again the munda bases are soooo sexy I wish I could use them everywhere..


Always need a backside shot as well, showing off some of the little details. It really shows the tech level GW are working at as the hand/arm section is almost one piece but they still manage to give us some nice tubing details.

Finally a scale shot of the bot with a little Ghoul and one of my converted Acolytes from the Goliath kit.

I think he is going to work nicely as Patriarch model once he is painted up.

All hail the Emperor of the Machine



So as a kit the price point of £18.75 (from our friends at THG) is really good. Although they are Munda models, I think they have the potential to be really popular with a lot of modelers. Yes I am being a tad lazy and not doing much to make it into Patriarch, but Ork players are going to love it. I almost think they have the potential to fit into some marine forces or ad mech ones.

Beyond that its a fun little kit regardless.

Adeptus Titanicus Reaver – Review

Its been a long time coming, it may have got lost in the draft pile. But we are going to catch up at least 😀


Welcome to the last of the reviews for AT, in which I am going to look at the last of the chassis from the initial releases. Its time to have a play around with the Reaver!


This marks the end of the current range of boxes released so far for the game. Woohoo and also boooo.

The box is the usual quality like the rest of the range, I have really enjoyed the artwork being done for AT and I hope they keep going with this as well its all amazing!!

We get a few options in the box to play around with, although no doubling up like the warhound kit unfortunately.


Inside the box we get the again black and white instruction manual. This does separate from the shinier normal GW kits, which is a shame as well they are not as shiny as they could be and smacks a little of cutting the fat in some areas for a specialist game. On the flip-side the transfer sheet is good quality and I am impressed that each titan class got their own sheet.


When we have a look at the spures we get 3 sections, just like his big brother the warlord. The first is the body and legs sections which are going to be the same across all the Reavers. The detail is of course bonkers and GW doing what GW can do with these sorts of plastic kits.


Individual rivets on a foot section you can hardly see once built!!


the next 2 spures are the ones that easily swappable in the future. The armour plates give you some options from blanks to traitors


The weapon spure gives you the various weapons…..obviously. The variations for the fist are a nice touch as is their ability to be left/right handed. I would have liked an additional option for carapace weapon but the kit layout wouldnt have allowed that anyway.

It is a solid kit and goes together pretty easily, the model as a whole is perhaps a little more static than the other titans as a lot more work is needed if you want the movement in the legs. Perhaps a symptom of being the middle child 😉

Finally some scale shots of how he fares between his big/little brothers




A great addition to the AT forces and well worth the price of £30 from our friends over at Leodis Games.

At this stage I have 1 kit of everything and I am pretty happy with that. Is it optimal? certainly not but I think there are still plenty of options open to me with what I have.

Because I have done it for the rest of the Titans, here is my almost completed paint job.


Skulls For The Hobby God

A quick fire review today, got my hands on the Skull box from GW.

I will be honest I was unsure about the kit, as we all know that GW have a deep love of Skulls so surely a box of them is overkill?

Pretty small box arrived and well its skulls 😀

340!!! 340 skulls?!! that is actually insane amount.

We get 4 spures worth of skulls spread across nicely between the human skulls through to the more crazy ones.

The quality of the kit is standard GW, which means excellent. The dragon(?) head is pretty immense and is going to look great on equally large kits (we are talking monster levels here)..

so.many.skulls, the human spure is really nice and is obviously where the numbers come from as you get buckets of them. I am really impressed with how much they have wedged into that spure.

Some nice daemon skulls, shame it doesn’t cover all the gods but decent choices to be had. The separate jaw bones, is well mad….I mean jaw bone options for those models that got the note wrong and jaws for the jaw god not skull?!

The final part is more 40k based with the Kroot/nid skulls, but still some nice options across the different systems with the ork skulls to use.

I admit this isn’t the most exciting of kits to look through, but the level of detail is good (should be with all the skull practice GW sculptors get 😉 ).

The amount of possibilities for this set is spot on and I hope to show some more of them off in the next few weeks. Including the proxy Bloodthirster and the Flesheater court throne terrain piece I am making.

For the amazing price of less than a character model for GW, you are getting plenty of options to play around with.

Go check them out from out friends at Triple Helix, Skulls for the Hobby God