Skarrd Starter Box Review

I have my hands on the new Skarrd starter and boy is it a lovely piece of kit! Like all the newer boxes it comes ready to go 500pt army/crew/gang/gaggle. It is certainly feels like great value with it coming in with 8 models with plenty of options because of it.

The box is as we are seeing very nice with full colour picture of the models (and generally great artwork)


Everything is well package but something that really stands out is it looks like we have 3 different materials for the models! With 2 types of resin (look at the colour difference between Warhead and the others) while the tribal father is all metal.


So what do we get in this set then, first up the Tribal Father


I love him! He is so different from his original model (which I still like as it matches the Brom artwork) and more importantly easy to put together.
Yes he is relatively static but he it suits him as the leader who can do so much evilness with his weapons he uses his mind more.

Plus he has a creepy vibe of come here let me help you with that pain *cue evil laughter*.

Next we have the big guy in the warhead, now this is the only older sculpt in the box but then he is already pretty impressive who towers over the rest of the box.


So glad his body is resin, if in metal he will be a lethal weapon..


Nice and easy to stick together and even with the different materials the hands line up well.


Yes he has one of the older sculpts so can appear a little flat, however he is dynamic enough that it is not as noticeable compared to say the old tribal father!

Time for some buzzblades, and boy are these lovely models they are certainly striking and for the cheap choice in the faction they are actually very imposing!


Easy enough to build with no issues as it is just arms to attach.


And because I actually own some of the older types of models, here is a scale shot to show you the difference.


As a side note due to the big difference in the models and how much I like the quirkiness of the older models. I think I am going to do some tweaking to the models to make them into Warblades to use alongside my baby buzzblades πŸ˜‰

Finally we have the Harpies, the black sheep of the box!

These are as you can see troublesome to put together, not horrendous (I am looking at you spiderlings) but compared to the rest of the box, a step up on the hobby side of things.


The joints are small and like anything like this I cannot recommend super glue accelerant enough.


The finished product however is amazing and worth the effort but I must say be cautious with these


These new box sets are great value for what you get in them, a fully functioning army that can go toe to toe with many lists in the game (not the super competitive ones but meh). It also gives you access some nice variation within it and this has to be one of my favourites of the starter sets so far! Because who doesn’t love a good cannibal?

Finally, the family photo with everyone together..


Now for those in the UK I cannot recommend my tame supplier enough Leodis Games, he does great work with the malifaux community and is working hard to do the same for Dark Age as well. Go give them a try you wont be disappointed πŸ™‚

Dark Age Faction Specific Secondary Deck Review

So Mr Steele was at it again and sending me shiny things to make me only want to play Dark Age…Should start calling him Siren Steele!!

Anyway, what I have in my hands is the new Secondary Objective Deck which adds some flavour to the objectives in your game.

The deck is the same quality of the 2017 secondary objective deck for those that have it. For those that are cheap like me and use print outs they are nice and you are missing a trick..

What does the deck bring to us then? Each faction, not sub faction just parent ones get 4 new secondary objectives to add into their deck.

On first inspection there is nothing that all the different sub factions should be able to do, so no-one gets a penalty for taking them in. They all have some nice names so of the CORE ones are my favourites.

I think overall this is a great idea and adds some faction flavour to your secondary decks. Are they easily/harder to do than other standard cards no not really as the spectrum of difficulty is so vast anyway between the cards (and factions) means they are just nice to have. Pick them up and give them a try, the only thing I would have liked is the ability to select the cards you want to buy as there are some factions I don’t play (although I have lots of friends all of a sudden even a Brood friend πŸ˜‰ ).

Kharadron Overlord Ironclad Review

Try saying that title fast 3 times after some vodka..

Yes, welcome to a kit review something I haven’t done for a while, but then this kit is something spectacular. Now this is going to be a review over a couple of parts but we will come to that as we go.

But first big shout out to our lovely friends at triple helix wargames for sourcing me this kit (psst they are really cheap and very transparent about stock).

So where to start? Well let’s make a meal of it; the first bite is with the eye and you will need to hungry to get through this box my word is it impressive. GW have always been good at presentation of their wares and this is the same. Big bright colourful it screams buy me! Build me! Love me!!

Now despite this I have to honest I am not a fan of the outer box being a sleeve for the goodies inside it feels thin and usually the tab gets torn by excited gamers.

It also means I don’t have 2 containers to hold in anymore just the one :,(

But that is a minor gripe about everything. Once inside (1 torn tab) we a greeted by a lovely booklet of instructions which continues the use of CAD images and the like to build your model and also the rules.

Which is a nice touch as yes you have the app to get the warscroll but a neat little paper copy has its uses.

Now onto the sprues and boy what sprues there are 3 in the kit and all of them are chock full of shiny plastic goodness. The level of detail is as you would expect from GW – amazing and then some.

I would almost go so to say mind-boggling amount of detail. This ironclad is a self-contained diorama more than game piece.

It can be a bit overwhelming for a beginner and even the most seasoned hobbyer is going to want the instructions close to hand just in case.

So as you can probably guess i am a big fan of the kit and ticks all the boxes for flying airship manned by dwarves!!

So I have shown lots of pictures as they do a far better job than my penmanship can.

Now that may sound like the end of this little review but it isn’t as well I havent built it yet and the simple reason is this;

It’s a big imposing kit that if in one piece is going to be a pain to transport and also that flight stand looks really really small.

For those that know me know I love a good scenic base I can’t do sand and goblin green….plus i may have a cork addiction.

Anyway I want to do future posts on how i magnetized the ship to a) make it easier to transport and b) make it look cooler than just a flight stand base.

So till then here is a cheeky look at my Frigate to give you an idea for the base.

With that the Ironclad is an amazing kit with more detail than you can shake a stick at and is well worth its place as a centre piece to the Overlord army. If you want to get some of the best prices around then make sure you press the button and head on over to THW.

Skarrd Book Review

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the new Skarrd book and boy is it shiny

It weighs in a pretty hefty 240+ pages and all in a hardback, this continues the current quality we have seen in the previous few books of the new era of dark age well as far as Forsaken onwards I have not been lucky enough to read some of the earlier stuff.


It is worth mentioning the art in the book, as Dark Age is based on Brom art it makes sense. I have to say I love the mix of old and new in the book, You can almost feel the evolution of artwork through the book from the earlier well know stuff to the new/updated artwork.


Story Arc

This continues from the other books, but you get enough teases in the text that reading it means you are not scratching your head about the whats and whys of the characters which is a huge thumbs up to the authors. Without spoiling anything the twists and turns of how Joan and Mary get themselves into and the incoming mess the Brood will make means you will be hungry for more and waiting till next GenCon is just mean for the next installment.

Book Layout

So the book is nicely split into the different cults (and generic horde) of the Skarrd these are split up by the story arc already mentioned. Each model/character/unit gets a 2 page spread of fluff and artwork (you will see artwork is huge for the feel of this game). There has been a lot of love and attention given to all and lets you buy into every model as a real entity in the world even if they don’t get any love in story arc.

Then at the end is all the rules and cards for the models, this is handy when you need them but when the cards are all free to download it means you don’t need to cut up the book πŸ™‚


If you are interested in Skarrd then you will need this book! If you want to keep up with the story arc you will need this book! Basically you NEED this book πŸ™‚

Now for those in the UK I cannot recommend my tame supplier enough Leodis Games, he does great work with the malifaux community and is working hard to do the same for Dark Age as well. Go give them a try you wont be disappointed πŸ™‚

Warzone Studio Alternator Review

Hello, back again with another review this time with a really cool piece of terrain from the guys at Warzone Studio

This is the Alternator set which comes in at $24.50 which is a decent price for what you are getting.


So nicely wrapped up (ignore the kit to the left that will come later :)) the kit is well cut and you wont have much waste with this one, which is always good to see, shows a bit of thought has gone into things.


3 sections of mdf and if you look carefully you can see the bend bits at the bottom which give the kit its cool look.


Near enough built at this stage, I did find some of the connections a little tough to get right mainly because some parts where super tight to fit. This did mean I need to do some trimming, this isn’t a bad thing as I would prefer snug too loose. I would certainly suggest lot of dry fitting with this kit rather than make my mistake and build it to quickly and need to tweak.


Finally a quick scale shot to give you an idea how big this kit is!!


A great little (big) kit for a decent price, be wary about how tight the fittings are though don’t dive straight into building it. It is perfect for anyone in need of some LoS blocking terrain as that is exactly what that will do. Overall a fun little terrain piece that is certainly striking.