Raising the Morticians (S3) – Brainpan and Memory

Next on the list is the frankly weird Brainpan and his friend, I forget his name….


Brainpan – He has average speed and his TAC is super low, this is not a model you want swinging unless it has help. KICK is a bit meh certainly passable but not a goal scorer without bonus time. His DEF is average as well but he does have some ARM and his INF is standard as well.

Memory – He can’t move and has no INF generation, his TAC is average and his DEF is very good. His KICK is unusual (like Hearne) it brings decent dice pool but mascot level range but as we will see that is not an issue.



Thought (Memory) – If Memory has been taken out before you activate you can remove the condition and place him close by and at full HP. OK he doesn’t have an activation but he is a road block.

One, Two! (Memory) – Allows you to pass to Memory with a bonus to his KICK (a pretty big bonus). It also allows Memory to make a teamwork action for 1 less MP than normal, which can make Memory move around the board nicely or even go for that cheeky snap shot as well.


Benched (Brainpan) – Basically means he comes along with Brainpan when you pick him and he doesn’t count as one of your 6.

Inanimate Object – He doesn’t have an activation and doesn’t generate VP when taken out.

Control Strings – At the start of every (other) friendly model he may make a 2” dodge, with no range on this it means he can move 12” a turn happy with no issue. So he is actually one of the fastest models in the game.


BP – Its rubbish, he does have a momentous tackle on one which is great but that is all he has going for him! He can dodge and causes a tiny amount of damage but he is not going to get you momentum so only use his playbook if you really really need to.

Memory – Brings all the MP generation for the duo, he brings plenty of damage output while also having some dodges in there as well and all this is momentous!!


I’m open! – Costs 2 INF, allows a friendly model make a pass which targets Brainpan without spending INF. It only has a small range but most players will be in range of passing regardless with this distance.

Puppet show – Costs 1 INF, allows memory to make an attack for free or make a 2” dodge, very versatile ability which lets you make memory do the heavy lifting for the pair.

Pulling the strings – Costs 1 INF, allows Memory to make a KICK without spending any INF, ties in nicely with his traits to allow for some puppet goals or even letting Brainpan doing the scoring..


They are an unusual pair, one will not work without the other however they are not the easiest pair to separate so your opponent will probably ignore Memory which can only be a good thing as he is a great little roadblock that is nigh on impossible to lock down.

Between the pair of them they can score goals from crazy angels and it is not impossible to have 3 passes in a brainpan activation with the last leading to a snapshot. Which makes them a serious goal threat. It is also worth noting they make great momentum generators as Memory will get something every time unless tough hide is round.

A very interesting choice for the spooks and one worth considering.

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Raising the Morticians (S2) – Scalpel

When the brick of Obulus is not for you maybe it’s time to slice and dice with Scalpel…


She is fast (like Fishermen fast), her TAC is amazing and well up there with the top end. Her DEF is average (she gets some ARM) and INF is also average for captain. Her KICK is reasonable with OK dice pool but only average range.

Character Traits

Anatomical Precision – Removing ARM is always a good thing and makes sense someone called Scalpel would have it.

Slippery – If she walks away from someone she is going to be harder to hit on the parting blow with her ARM and DEF it means she shouldn’t have to worry too much about what the result is (unless there is a low KD about).

Heroic Play

Unnatural Stamina – For the cost of a MP she can use Second Wind without the INF cost. This makes her a little more INF efficient as SW is a very nice ability especially with all her dodges she can be THE hit-and-run player around. Never mind letting the likes of Ghast/Casket move around more easily without the INF cost.

Legendary Play

Voodoo Strings – It is a big pulse and pushes all enemy models towards her. This on the face of it is lacklustre but it is very subtle as this sort of thing pulls models out of position. Suddenly a model is moved out of threat range, or a models movement is hinder by another model and so potentially messing with activation order. Or it can simply be clumping players up for a Silence AoE or a Ghast unmasking. It actually has loads of possibilities but deciding when to drop it will lead to a touch of analysis paralysis if you are not careful.


Her playbook is pretty scary she has access to a lot of momentum (6/7 columns) and she has access to a lot of damage most of it momentous generating. On top of this she also has dodges and some pushes working together this gives her a great amount of repositioning power. As well as easily getting out of engagement with those dodges to use her Heroic to get into a more favourable position for next turn.


Tormented Agony – Costs 1 Guild Ball (4/7 hits), this is an interesting ability as it allows you to mess with your opponents INF allocation. As you can move INF on the model you are hitting to another enemy model that hasn’t gone yet. Suddenly the key model for the turn can’t do anything as the mascot has all the INF. It will also mess horrendously with Furious models, as an engaged Boar/Rage with no INF at all makes them very sad. Interesting play but don’t hinge a turn on it, use it only if it will help you and not just give your opponent a different window to use. It does give you momentum when you use it as well though.

Second Wind – Costs 2 INF, this allows the target model to move its Jog at the end of its activation. This allows for some great hit-N-run action as well as allowing some of the slower players to get up the field quicker. It can also allow scorer of goal to really shift (Jog push dodge is always a good distance).

Wake the Dead – Costs 2 INF, this grants reanimate to a model for the turn. This greatly increases the survivability of a model (as it means your opponent will need at least 1 more INF to get the job done). Being able to remove conditions as well is awesome on top of everything else. Knowing when to use this is going to be difficult but worth considering.  


A very quick captain with a lot of options on mobility, with the amount of momentum she can generate you can almost see her as having Second Wind for free. She also allows for some nice protection with Walk the Dead. I could see this being pretty good on the likes of Cossett as she is sooo squishy.

She allows a lot of manoeuvrability with her playbook both of herself and the model she is hitting. Imagine charging in then bringing that model back towards your team ready for more punishment. She is a damage machine (who will probably really like Rage for Tooled Up) which is perhaps her main aim in most turns. However with the added bonus of Tormented Agony you can really mess up with your opponents allocation of INF especially as 10” is a big bubble to do the hand off for. What will prove tricky to get right is her Legendary it could be simply as a way of not triggering unpredictable movement (or even ignoring it after it is used) to just messing up with an opponents positioning.

What is also worth pointing out is her counter-attacking with Tormented Agony available, that could really make some opponents cry.

She hits pretty hard (for a non-brewer/butcher) and enjoys messing with the opponents team in a very different way to Obulus. OK he is harder to pin down and his legendary is more straight forward and we all know the uses of puppet master. Scalpel messes with positioning of one model (usually while pummeling it into the ground). She really lives up to her name..

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Raising the Morticians (S2) – vGraves

Veteran players, which are variations on existing characters as they progress through the story arc. This means I have an actual comparison to make at the end between the type versions of a player.

Next on the Veteran path is the even more insane Graves if that was possible.


He has average speed and his TAC is also average. His KICK is reasonably he isn’t a striker but he can at least be reliable with the ball. His DEF is on the low side but he does get plenty of ARM (very Masons) and his INF is average.

Heroic Play

Packmaster (vileswarm) – This grants Vileswarm extra DMG while it is near Graves, this is nice and makes the angry rats that bit more dangerous to have around. I am surprised that this costs MP to activate but it is worth considering if Graves himself has left someone very close to death.

Creation (Vileswarm) – Like a few other choices out there, Graves lets us bring back a mascot for the cost of a MP. In his case it is Vileswarm, this makes the rats very nasty missile as long as you except you will give up a VP for them after that they can exploded as much as you want..


He has plenty of momentum generation although not on all columns. He does have a momentous knockdown (but more likely to get on the charge), he has a lower knockdown with guild ball which is worth considering. He can push models around and with his 2” reach he can annoy any shorter reach models with this. He can do some reasonable damage but a lot of it isn’t momentous generating. This playbook certainly feels like a set-up playbook, he comes in and sets up for others to do nasty things to the player he is engaging..


Blood – Costs 1 Guild Ball (2/3 hits), hands out the Bleed condition to the model hit. This ups his damage output and means that you might want to activate him later in the turn to make the most of this to stop the opponent removing it. Unfortunately you can’t gain the bonus from the next play if the enemy dies to Bleed due to timings.

Gravedigger  – Costs 2 INF or 1 Guild Ball (2/3 hits), this can be a pretty nasty if timed right. If a model is taken out  by the end of the turn then the spooks gain a bonus VP. This is an amazing ability that other teams are going to be worried about. The dream is of course to get casket time on the same model for 5 VP for one take out…


He is an interesting player, he is sort of a support player (Vileswarm loves him) but then brings some extra VP for almost free if your opponent has a model near death.

This means with the whole spook control them is given an extra twist as he will control the momentum your opponent uses. Due to his 2” reach he can knock someone down and give them Bleed, this means they have to spend MP to remove it. Then with Grave digger up that is more MP spent keeping that model alive or giving you bonus VP. He is going to want to really hit models that have already activated as well, to really make that MP balance even worse for your opponent. Especially if he plies everything into one model that has just activated. He is also not too bad with the ball so later game while he is worth up the board he can  always have some cheeky shots on goal and should score.

Comparison between Graves –  We have gone from insane to insane with rats.

So the vGraves loses some TAC and DEF but he gains ARM so that sort of balances out.

In the later game the normal Graves speeds up as more enemies have been damaged and so he gets a boost on his charge range, while also handing out lots of bleed if he gets the scything blow. The vGraves cant hand out Bleed like Graves can due to no auto-bleed anymore. However vGraves has more variation in his playbook (addition of Knockdown is great). However the bonus VP is very nice if you can get the right set up for it.

So vGraves is a scalpel to help target one model and make its life a misery. While normal Graves is more a thresher just trying to hit as many models as possible..

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Raising the Morticians (S2) – Vileswarm

I am going to resist any bad gangster movie quotes about dirty rats…..it aint my style honest. Its time for Vileswarm.


Its MOV is standard for a Mascot as is its TAC, KICK and INF. However its DEF is average BUT without any ARM, which is a little unusual, so be more careful with it than you have been with other mascots.

Character Traits

Noxious Death – We have seen this on Compound, basically when it dies. It does a healthy amount of damage and also poison.

Vindictive (Human) – A new trait to season 2 sees Vileswarm charge for 1 less INF than normal (worded with Fear in mind). This actually makes it pretty efficient if you chose to but INF on it.


Short playbook that has some momentum plays on it, must notably some momentous damage (usually only get that on the charge though) but the double push is probably going to be the most used. It also has a Tackle but like most mascots that is more for disruption purposes then anything else.


Rabid Animal – Costs 2 Guild Balls (3 hits), a fitting play to give a lot of rats… hands out the poison condition  and a large MOV debuff as well. Pretty nasty any player particularly if they haven’t gone yet. However you are going to need to charge to get this off most of the time.


Pretty unusual mascot that as we have seen elsewhere goes together with a player not a captain.  (In this case vGraves), this means the rats can do a fair amount of damage on the charge especially with that cheap charge. You should treat Vileswarm like a missile, yes you will give up a VP when it dies BUT it will go out with literally a big pop. With 1 INF you could get charge resulting in at least 3 DMG (on average dice), then if it dies that is another 3 DMG possibly more with poison. That is a decent return on a model that you can bring back. This is obviously based on having vGraves on the board but that is no hardship really.

It is worth mentioning if you give up the VP placing him just right near Ghast can generate a LOT of damage from unmasking plus exploding rats.

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Raising the Morticians (S2) – Bonesaw

Season 2 has started for the dirty Morticians and they have themselves a striker at last and he is on a 50mm base. But is Mist out of a job? Let us see…Its BS time!


He has reasonable speed although he still wont keep up with the really fast. His TAC is rubbish hits like a mascot!! His DEF is average with no ARM and his INF is also average for guild ball. His KICK is pretty good, not super striker level put he will do a job for you.

Character Traits

Slippery – Makes him harder to hit as he moves away

Offensive Defence – The first time he scores a goal you gain +1 DEF for the remainder of the game. This pushes his DEF up to very good. So if you can get that goal with him it does boost him significantly.

Football Dervish – When he passes a ball you can spend a momentum to instead pass the ball back to Bonesaw instead of a teamwork action. This actually is pretty powerful as you can still gain a MP from the pass back BUT more importantly it allows him to take a push from the pass (teamwork action). This actually means he is that little bit faster than you realise and it can push his threat range into the supper striker range.

Heroic Play

Swift Wind – For the cost of a MP, he gets to ignore round terrain like glide but he also gets to ignore intervening models. He can’t finish with an overlapping base BUT it does mean he can go near enough where he wants. He still takes parting blows, but it does mean he can jump over your own players as well. Interestingly it also means it will be hard for the opposition to have intervening models between him and the goal. As he can just jump over them and deal with just the engaged penalty.


A small playbook to match his TAC, he does however have access to MPs on every column which is awesome. He has easy access to Tackles and does a little damage and manoeuvring as well. His plays are what you want as it is the only way to use them and they are amazing.


Unexpected Arrival – Costs 2 Guild balls (which is 3 hits), this is an impressive ability that makes him that much harder to deal with a 3” pulse that pushes all enemy models 4” away from. This will open up some huge gaps in an enemy’s line and really disrupt those that need to be close for buffs. It also obviously leaves him completely unengaged as well. The possibilities of jumping over an opponent then pushing them towards the rest of your team can’t be ignored either.

Meditation – Costs 1 INF, allows him to reroll one or more dice when he next kicks the ball. This leads nicely into his traits as you can almost (this is a dice game after all) getting that goal for the Offensive defence boost or even just get the ball rolling on Footbal Dervish.


He is the Striker Morticians have been waiting for, he fits so well into their play style it’s almost like the guys know what they are doing 😉 It is going to be hard to take him out and even harder to stay in melee with him.

He isn’t straight forward as say Mist is but he will do the job for morticians as he wont just be about the goals he could prove very disruptive, plus the pushes of opponents into your other players will add more to the control feel of Morticians.

Although let it be said he does get stronger if he is scoring goals so always keep that in mind and he can certainly shift in the right situation.

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Raising the Morticians – Team Talk

Welcome to the last post in the Raising the Morticians series. If you missed anyone you can find links to them here;

What do we see when we look at the Morticians then? Well beyond being a touch creepy and let’s be honest pure filth!

They don’t generate MPs like others do (Butchers with hitting, Brewers knocking down etc.) what they do, do is mess with your opponents MP generation. With the legendary play from Obulus and Dirge dying it is possible to just ensure your opponent don’t have much to show for all their hard work.

A nice way of generating MP is remembering Ghasts fear ability, nothing hurts more than your opponent giving you free MP and then using the legendary play to remove what they also have…

Confidence from Obulus is a great play to have as every single member of the team is going to want it on them for their killer play. Choose wisely as it can make a big difference.

Silence loves Dirge and Dirge loves Silence! It makes perfect sense in season 1 to keep these guys on the pitch as it allows for you to maintain activation control

Misdirection from Obulus and Silence’s activation control means you can also control your opponents not only order but also how much resource they can bring to the fore.

With the damage that Ghast and Cossett can hand out it is worth having Graves lurking around as he loves getting a boost when enemies start taking damage.

Speaking of Cossett she likes having Dirge around her as well for the boosts so it could be worth using Silence later in the turn should he need to make a birdy ready for Cossett to make use of.

Next lets say Morticians can pick their fights with access to Lure (Cossett) and Puppet Master (Obulus), it is a very efficient way to get some early VP by a Lure and Puppet master one-two to get an already activated model deep into your own lines for a pummeling. It is very hard to stop this for any team unless they have access to lure type abilities to pull their mate back.

Finally a little nod towards Casket now with all that luring and puppet mastering means it is pretty easy to get someone into the casket. It is almost too easy to do somehow, use this to your advantage the threat of the casket is stronger than the casket 🙂

Also remember Casket is an amazing defensive player as it is so hard to get to him and via that the rest of the team use him as your front-runner as it is going to be difficult to get round him.

So simple play stuff someone in the casket, steal all their MP and generally play the river in Egypt game.