Aveng-Orks Assemble!

Always one to keep my eye open for some fun stuff, stumbled across Teacher by Day, Wargamer by Night.

Who happened to have these amazing ork conversions 🙂

Uncanny likeness I think you will agree!

To check out more individual pictures head on over to the blog using the link – The Marvel Super Ork Meganobs.

The 21st Blue Miniatures Badge

I am getting back into the groove with finding these amazing jobs so here is number 21. (Blue Miniatures Badge)

So who wins it this time? Well it is by the blog Teacher by Day, Wargamer by Night.

Who have done this amazing conversion for a stompa.

As you can see it is a great conversion, if you want to see how it was done then make sure you head on over to the blog and check out the WIP posts.  Post 1, Post 2, Post3

Post Tournament look back (40k)

So last weekend as you will know I attended my first ever 40K tournament, at The Outpost.

For those that missed here is my LIST..

So quick run down of the event set-up. One day event with 3 games following 3 different scenarios (for interest you can read the scenarios HERE). In the end it was 18 players taking part with a reasonable spread of armies with perhaps Space Marine style armies accounting for the highest number (4).

To cut a long story short I lost every game and got tabled in all but one game, some how I didn’t come bottom!!

My list wasn’t competitive so I wasn’t expecting to do great just go try a new environment of tournament play. But boy was my list badly mangled by the 6th edition lists I was facing, the Orks really need some help surviving better against all the shooting.

So what did I play against, well fortunately I got to play against 3 very different armies AND the opponents were all good fun to play against.

Game 1 – Daemons/Chaos Space Marines – Lots of Nurgle and Lots of Spawn and Lots of Flyers (2 DPs and Heldrake). He got first turn so could dictate what he could deal with first. Dealing with 10 spawn is not fun and I just couldn’t deal with such high toughness targets even with Lootas. I did take down his Warlord with my Warboss in a bike duel. While I had some boys kill typhus which was nice.

Game 2 – Tau – A riptide and 9 broadsides! All in a castle formation this was going to hurt but since I got first turn and some good ramshackle roles meant I was on him turn 2. I failed a lot of charges in this game but I did manage to chew through a good chunk of his army eventually. Great game and really showed the pain Tau and Orks can do to each other.

Game 3 – Ravenwing – So many scouting bikes and that horrible banner again just ate through my boys. Again I just couldn’t do enough damage with the boys with those T5 bikes.

The Venue – Was great a fine shop with separate place for the tournament goers to be out-of-the-way of shoppers. Air con get us all going although it was a touch too cold if your table was next to it (nothing a jumper wouldn’t fix). The supplied food was pretty good (Burrito from nearby shop) and the discount on everything in store for the day was VERY nice.

Overall, I enjoyed myself even if I was a bit flat for my last opponent, having great games is all well and good but the damage I was taking did unfortunately wear me down a little. For that I have to apologise and I shall try to not do it again.

I did find this tournament less stressful to play in compared to Warmahordes. Those timed turns really do focus the mind a little lol. While this felt a little more relaxed due to a time limit on the game rather than each turn. I see pros/cons for both and to be honest I do enjoy them both really, but I didn’t feel so mentally exhausted after this one than my WH/H tournaments – I blame the press-gangers I have to deal with (Hi Mark and Amric 😀 ).

As I have found with other tournaments you learn more about your armies than any amount of practice. I will never again be using Zagstruk for my Stormboys, in 2 games he died from mishaps which took 300 points straight out of my game. I love the idea of him but no more!!

With high toughness targets becoming more popular (marine bikes/Wraith Guard etc.) the Orks are pillow fisted and even on the charge are not able to do a great deal. relying too much on the Nobs power klaw and when he is off fighting silly challenges they don’t have much chance!

For now I think the boys are going to be relaxing until the new dex is out. I have a new challenge with my Eldar both painting and playing so we will see who I get on with them..

So if you can make it to Sheffield I would really recommend giving a tournament at the Outpost a go.

outpost 150x150