Old Stuff Day – Blu Stuff review

Most of you will remember this, but when I first got my hands on Blu Stuff it was a revelation for me and my poor modelling skills and judging by the hits this post got I think many of you out there also got great satisfaction from it.

So for those who missed it first time;

Blu Stuff review.

Old Stuff Day – Miniature Monday

Nearly a year a go now I came up with a little idea for people on Twitter to show off their skills and anything else they have done over a weekend relating to this hobby of ours.

Miniature Monday.

Little did I think it would become so popular as it has now. Something that makes me so proud to have brought into life and watch take on a life of its own.

Old Stuff Day – Themes and low point games

A while a go I did some posts about PP tier lists and low point games and how far into them you could go with very limited resources.

Having come across these again I must remembr to do updates for them for all the new shiny caster/locks we have since they were done. Links below;

Themes and low point games.

Themes and low point games part 2 (hordes).

Themes at low points – Part 3 (Mercs & Minions).

Old Stuff Day is Coming

Thanks to IHOP for the reminder. OLD STUFF DAY!!

Last year Rob at Warhammer 39,999 began Old Stuff Day. In short, it’s a day where every blogger showcases articles they’ve done over past year (or longer), that might have fallen off the radar, maybe it’s just something you’d like to bring attention to again, stuff you may have done before you gained popularity or just anything you’re exceptionally proud of.

Lately Rob hasn’t been doing a lot of blogging and so you probably haven’t seen anything regarding it for this year, which is why I’m mentioning it. I’ve talked with Rob and it’s time to put it out there again. March 2nd is Old Stuff Day. So, take some time and go through your archive to find those articles you want to showcase and draw attention to. Rob said it best last year when he explained what Old Stuff Day is.

The idea is to spread the word so that on March 2nd every blogger participates and the blogosphere is full of cool articles you might have missed.

So get to it everyone the day is almost upon us what will you bring out of the closest?

Old stuff day

As part of the blogging movement OR Old stuff day started by the good people at Warhammer 39,999.

So come on people air your old posts, let them out of archive to stretch their legs!!

So what is my post I would like to air?

Well I thought I would resurrect my blog post on the Kindle found here.

As a further extension of the post, the battery life is truly AMAZING!! In a world of Laptops and Smart phones to have a battery literally last weeks even under almost constant use it’s just jaw-dropping!!!