Netting the Fishermen (S3) – the Hag

Say hello to the Hag the Grandma of the team and certainly someone you don’t want to cross…


She is very slow particularly in a team like Fish (she does get a boost from shadow like), Her TAC is meh but she probably doesn’t want to be in the thick of it unless she can pick on a smaller melee zone model. Her KICK is OK for a Fishermen but she is probably not going to score you many goals. Her DEF is average but she doesn’t bring ARM to the table so is pretty squishy if your opponent concentrates on her.

INF is average although she doesn’t have a high max level, but again like her speed there is more to her that first seems.

Legendary Play

Call of the Sea – Unusual legendary, she takes DMG for every model in the pulse area (minus herself obviously). All enemies suffer a 2” push and friendly models gain a 2” dodge. This has the potential to really help get your team moving or even just clear a path to the goal. As well as controlling where both teams are positioned. However with the damage taken it has the potential to be really damaging to the Hag so caution is needed.


Talisman – makes her a little more INF efficient as she can once a turn do a character play without spending the INF.

Shadow Like – She gets a 2” dodge at the start of her activation, which makes locking her down very difficult.

Fear – As seen on the likes of Ghast, the first time she is targeted by an attack or play it costs an extra INF to do it. Helps make her a less attractive target for your opponent (no joke about her looks here oh no not me…).


She has a small playbook (charges would give good chance of wraps though). She has pretty standard book really, plenty of access to momentous dodges, however her tackle will be hard to go for outside of a charge really. She can easily get her Guild ball result off which is helpful as it is a decent one.


Decoy – Costs 1 INF, The next attack/play that targets her is at +2 DEF, which means she is incredibly difficult to hit. On top of Fear she really is a target you won’t want to touch unless you really need to.

Fisher’s Reel – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild Ball (2 hits), as this is not a once per turn play this is a really nice play. It allows her to make a friendly model make a dodge, but only once per player. This does mean she can move 4 players a turn like this if she wanted. The possibilities for a movement team like Fish couldn’t be written here if I wanted to do. Possibly the best utility play for the team!!


A team-buffer for the Fishermen, when you must have more movement shenanigans than you  already have may as well turn it up to 11!!

She is not going to be keeping up with a lot of players but she isn’t needed for that she goes early in the turn pushes her friends around to open up all sort of charge/goal lanes. Her Legendary is odd but again get be used to push her movement uses up or just mess with your opponent as it doesn’t need hitting. Need Midas out of snap shot range? Done, need to ensure tenderiser loses his free charging? Done, need to make sure Shark can’t get counter-attacked by a smaller melee zone model? Done!!

All the while Fear, Shadow-like and Decoy make sure she keeps out of trouble most of the time. She can be easily ignored by your opponent for those alone which means she goes about her work almost unhindered.

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Netting the Fishermen (S2) – vSiren

Veteran players, which are variations on existing characters as they progress through the story arc. This means I have an actual comparison to make at the end between the type versions of a player.

Next on the Veteran trail is Siren and her scary look.


She is fast as you would expect of a Fishermen, her TAC is below average and her KICK is as expected for a Fisherman as well (her threat is still decent but she isn’t a striker). Her DEF is average but she doesn’t get any ARM. The INF is average as well.

Character Traits

Defence Support (Kraken) – While she stays near the big man she gets a Boost to her DEF. She isn’t terrible without him but every little helps.

Shadow Like – She gets to make a free dodge when she activates, assuming she has started in base-to-base with a model she can get away from anyone with this.

Escaping Fate – A new trait in S2 that is similar to reanimate, when she is reduced to 0 health she recovers 1 health removes all conditions and makes a 4” dodge. This means she can be pretty hard to kill as you need at least 1 more INF and with that dodge another activation to put her down. Wont always save her but it is still worth it.


Her play book is shorter than her TAC which will help he more when she charges in. She has plenty of push and dodges as you would expect. As well as momentum on all columns, surprisingly she actually has momentous damage (not seen much in Fishermen) and she can get her character play off pretty easily. For a Fish she actually has a relatively hard to reach Tackle as well.


Dread Gaze – Costs 2 INF or 2 Guild Balls (2/3 hits), this generates an aura around her which lowers all enemies TAC by 2. With the likes of ganging out possible this can really hamper models.


She can zip around, due to her speed and shadow like, to where she is needed. While also being pretty difficult to take out, although be worried about anything that can damage her without hitting especially if she is floating near Kraken. She is a reasonable momentum generator due to the smaller playbook vs TAC.

She is of course a decent user of the ball like all Fishermen, but she has a great debuff in her Dread Gaze. It can hamper a lot of models,(although charging models would be an issue as they still get a reasonable bonus). Anyone caught round her are going to struggle to get what they want in most parts, this is made worse by ganging out. Since the average TAC is 5 that suddenly become 3, that suddenly means its harder to get the results you need. She would be an interesting black-hole in the middle of the table with Corsair.

Comparison between Siren –  We have gone from seductive to scary apparently.

On the face of it both versions have near identical stats (playbooks even are very similar), the veteran gains a TAC but loses the 2” melee reach. But overall has a great goal threat range and charge range due to shadow-like. She has lost her access to ARM from Kraken, instead she gets DEF boost, having lost Charmed (but again less of an issue with great number of female players in the game). It does feel with have a Siren for each captain now. With Shark getting the normal version, which can move players around or quickly get the ball back (Lure and Seduction). While vSiren is a debuffer that can hide behind Corsair making it even more difficult for teams to get away from him, do not underestimate the minus to TAC. Both have their uses with the captains but I do think we can see a more split between which one you would take.

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Netting the Fishermen (S2) – Tentacles

The Octopi is HERE to the fanfare of all Fish but can it replace Salt? Its time to try to handle all those arms… Tentacle Time.


Pretty slow for a Fishermen but on par with Kraken and Corsair, its TAC is average for a mascot but it has a great KICK for a mascot (still low for a Fishermen but still), its DEF is average and comes with ARM as well and INF is standard for mascots.

Character Traits

Close Control – You try and get a ball of something with 8 legs…

Tag Along – An amazing ability as he is slow for a fishermen option, he moves when a friendly model moves this actually makes him pretty fast if he takes a ride with the likes of Sakana.


Short playbook as you would expect but it gets momentum on all columns which is great. This includes a momentous Tackle and the also pushes as well.


Blind – Costs 1 INF, we all know this is a nasty ability and ensures some of those big hitters are not so scary. Or neuter the opposition striker all viable options and worth having the INF on it to make use of the play most turns (if you hit).


He is a pretty good mascot who actually brings a different way of getting the ball if you wish to. On top of easy Tackle and Blind, he is probably going to be popular.

Now where does this leave Salt, I am afraid unless you want the bonus DEF on Angel he may not see the table as much anymore. On the face of it Tentacles is more useful to either captain at the moment. A decent ball keeper and annoyance especially against other ball playing teams. Getting that ball of it is going to cost as you need to get round close control and then deal with a potential counter attack. Means unless you have a knock-down its a lot of INF to get it off it.

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Netting the Fishermen (S2) – Corsair

Avast me hearties the fish have themselves a real sea captain…I mean come on he has a peg leg 🙂 it’s time for Corsair.


He is pretty slow for a Fishermen but he is probably not scoring your goals as much as Shark is. His DEF and ARM are standard for a large model in the game. His TAC is average for a captain but his playbook is smaller than that so wrap arounds are possible. His KICK stat is average for Fishermen but and he does suffer with a low range compared to the rest of the guild. His INF for a captain is about average as well.

Character Traits

Tough Hide – He is going to be hard to take out unless you put some effort into him but don’t rely on it to keep him going.

Sturdy – He gets to ignore the first Knockdown result against him, which means he can be INF expensive to deal with if you need to get away from him without parting blows involved. This means the likes of Brewers and Engineers need to throw more INF than normal into him.

Close Control – If he gets the ball then it is that little bit harder to get it off him, again like Sturdy it makes him that harder to deal with if you need the ball off him.

Legendary Play

One Leg Stance – Grants all friendly models Close control and boosted KICK stats. This will just make the Fishermen scary as even Kraken becomes a bit more goal threatening!!!


Loads of momentous results on this playbook and with a column 1 Tackle and column 2 Knock down he needs to be respected. He is more a pusher than a dodger like other fishermen but he can do a fair amount of damage as well, if you need it. With his higher TAC than number of columns it means he can actually do some big damage on the charge.


Rough Seas – Costs 2 INF, this is an incredibly powerful ability as it takes the ball off a player from 6” away. While also not using the words Tackle so Close Control does not trigger!

Drag – Costs 2 INF or 1 Guild Ball (4 hits), we have seen this on Kraken but it makes his slow pace much less of an issue as he can reposition models to suit your needs.

Stand Firm – Costs1 INF, model gains Sturdy for the rest of the turn. This makes him popular to use against certain guilds and also means the like of Kraken with his low DEF will not suffer as much. Also means parting blows are not as deadly as before. You may not use it every turn (especially with its short range) but always remember it.


An incredibly different player than Shark as you have probably gathered, he is going to want to be in the middle of the pitch getting the ball of anyone he wishes and supporting the rest of the team. He is not going to score many goals but the number of snap shots he is going to help create could be pretty scary as he is generally going to be incredibly hard to shift. Less massive wave of shark more immovable cliff.

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Netting the Fishermen (S2) – Sakana

The off-season is over and it’s time to enjoy the Season 2 models. The first one out of the blocks predictably is the super-fast Fishermen and the man known as Sakana (although I am sure he should be working with Brewers as well…).


He is as fast as most of the team (faster than most in right conditions), his TAC is average as is his INF. He comes with average DEF but has some ARM as well to balance out. His stand out stat is his KICK which is very good as expected for a striker in the Fishermen but his threat range is very scary in a team of goal threats.

Character Traits

Anatomical Precision – He gets to ignore 1 ARM when hitting opponents, this is always good to have around (it’s one more success than you would otherwise get).

Poised – He can make a Counter attack for free (no MP spend) once a turn, saves on any MP you have saved up.

Cover of Darkness – If he is gaining from cover than he gets a nice boost to his speed making him faster than a lot of the team which is saying something for Fishermen.


A healthy MP generating play book (4/5 of the columns), while also granting a guild ball on 3/5 of the columns as well for Weak Point. He can do some damage and access to an easy tackle as well. The most interesting result is the 2” push and 2” dodge. That will get someone out-of-the-way and Sakana moving again with little trouble.


Smoke Bomb – Costs 1 INF, he gets to place an area of cover on the board. Considering the boost this naturally gives him, it’s rude not to do it every turn. It will also make the Fishermen that much harder to hit!!

Weak Point – Costs 1 guild ball (equivalent to 2/3/5 hits), this reduces the enemies ARM by 1, meaning even Masons are going to be scared of him. What does make him unusually compared to season 1 models is he can hit this on 3 different columns with higher totals doing more damage as you go as well.


He can easily be one of the fastest players in the game when you need him to be, or just use him as some moving cover for your more fragile models (Kraken will love him as cover would really help his main weakness). What he does bring is some decent hitting for a Fishermen and access to some ARM debuffing means the likes of Shark and Greyscales are going to be getting the playbook results they want more often. Masons will hate him for that reason. He brings some great things for the Fishermen and is worth throwing in as you don’t lose anything having in compared to other players.

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Netting the Fishermen – Team Talk

Welcome to the last post in the Netting the Fishermen series. If you missed anyone you can find links to them here;

This could probably be the smallest of the final team talk posts, as the Fishermen don’t bring a lot of interdependencies unlike other teams.

What they do bring is a lot of movement effects, be it the many pushes or dodges they have via the playbooks or plays. But with Shark as captain they also bring some movement debuff to the enemy, this compounds the insane speed they have as a team.

Which means they are the kings of keep away they can literally get hold of the ball and you will never see them again. The majority of the team can stay out of trouble for the whole game while your opponent chases shadows.

They also bring a lot of 2” melee reach which is in itself powerful as you can engage without being engaged yourself a lot of the time. Which helps with the momentum building outside of passing/scoring as you may find that against any team with lots conditions you are going to struggle to keep enough momentum up to remove it. Admittedly you can take it on the chin usually but like Butchers, knockdown hurts Fishermen a lot (although in a different way) as you can’t use your significant speed when on the floor.

As with all teams Shark is the centre of the things the Fishermen need to do. He hands out extra speed to buff either the slow members of the team (Kraken/Jac) or just make the fast ones stupid fast. While all the time handing out some movement debuff as well.

Meanwhile Kraken and Jac are pushing and pulling enemies all over the pitch and Greyscales is just being annoying to whoever he can.

Siren and Angel are the only models that may need to be around others as the buffs they receive for being near Shark/Salt/Kraken are all pretty powerful so worthwhile sticky to their friends at least before they go running off.

But overall the Fishermen are self-reliant on themselves and their passing game to get those goals for the win as they are not going to be running an attrition game.