#WIPWednesday Salty Necrons

So having decided to give salt masking a go with my Necrons, it was suggested that perhaps doing it on infantry would not get me the best results.

Forever the optimist I decided to give it a go anyway, with no real plan other than using the internet suggested hairspray and different grades of salt (my case rock salt and finely ground).

Then deciding I wanted to try Red Necrons picked up some of the Halfords (UK car parts retailer) Red primer which I like the look off.

It was certainly interesting scrubbing models with a toothbrush after painting them! So my WIP Wednesday is at this point (no other work done on them yet).


As you can see the metal showing through is very haphazard which I like, however I think with the next round of this I need to be a bit more heavy with the salt, just to get the metal coming through more!

Next stage is add some depth to the red and make the guns black. Question is what about all the glowy bits! What colour should I go for?