The Hidden Ones

Finally got round to finishing my Hidden ones 🙂

Bit harder to paint than the Priory, lot more reallllllly small details to be had



All I can say is WOOOHOOO for contrast, makes painting some of the more creature like models much easier to paint 🙂


Anyone for Lobster?

Mythos Review

Welcome one and all to an exciting time, the rebirth of Mythos. I was gutted when Paranoid Miniature had to close its doors after getting to the know the guys via my sister podcast.

But thanks to Warcradle we are ready to rock and roll again. With brand new shiny and we will soon see new factions and models, its all very exciting so I tip my hat to them for saving a great little system.

Today we are going to look at the first of the releases which is the Hidden Ones, Priory and the gubbins box.

They all come with a lovely box sleeve with some atmospheric artwork on the front

Tentacles everywhere
Pretty pendant
mmmmh rules

While the back of them gives us the 3D renders of the models and also the names of the characters. This is helpful as the character stat cards are all online only at the moment. Which you can find here also the rules are available for free as well (Yorkshireman rejoices).

Once we have carefully removed the sleeve or ripped it to shreds we are greeted with a black box with a nice shiny logo on



The rule book is a lovely little A5 book that has all the rules plus some scenarios to play around with. While also having some fluff around all the factions new and old.

It also has some great artwork in there and also some of the painted models which is a really nice touch. That you dont see too often in these smaller rulebooks.

A note on the rules, they have remained close to the original set. This means old hands will still recognize the game but we have seen some tweaks to which will be welcome (for instance we now have points system in place)

As mentioned the artwork has a flavour all its own with it still feeling like the game Paranoid had built. I have to say this has been a great lifting of a light game!

Additionally the gubbins are great quality really thick cardboard tokens that are finished well, the warcradle template (WWX fans will know it) and some lovely green dice because who doesnt love more dice?


To the models then, they are resin and if you have dealt with the Wild West Exodus resin this is the same sort of stuff. Doesn’t feel too fragile but holds excellent detail. I mean the details are really really good!

Individual barnacles anyone?
Anyone for dressed crab

The larger models are full of detail but so are the human scale models and very much in keeping with the theme of the era the game is set in

Something I will say, is that the some of pieces can be a little small and a pain to deal with. Individual hands and the like. Made slightly worse as super glue is needed and I like to glue myself to myself

Once we are built though we have some amazing looking models that are going to be a joy to paint.

The Priory ready to hunt

The Priory are perhaps my favourite looking of the 2 as a force but how can you not love click-clack???

Something smells fishy

The detail is amazing and the main reason resin was used . I mean who doesnt like to see saggy boobs and life like tentacles?

While the fish nets and floats are going to look awesome painted but you may go blind….

I applaud any designer who indents his work so I dont need to freehand anything 🙂

While a lamp post with actual cracks in the glass is to me next level detail.

Poor lamplighter

Now for the biggy especially for the older members of the game. Scale!

The models are bigger that is for sure and I think this helps the more clumsy painters of us (not me you understand)!! With this in mind I took the good professor and placed him on a normal wyrd 30mm base not the plinth style the game now has (those extra millimeters add up).

As you can see he is taller than so of the various other models I have but you can say he isnt massive!

Now in a one to one with the Wyldborn he is bigger but I think when you are playing a game you are not going to notice too much. I think the biggest thing is to make a decision on basing as those plinth bases do actually make a much bigger difference especially to the eye .


You may have guessed by now I am super happy to have the game back and supported into the future.

The rebirth I think is going to be a good one as the fun system started by PM is still there and the models are very much still the same we have already seen. Some may not like the scale creep that has happened but for the extra detail and it also being clearer I think it is a win.

The prices are inline with other resin models with the sets coming in at £35 which for 6 miniatures with at least one of them being a big model, that is a steal. While £20 for the gubbins box is also decent value as then all you need is a tape measure to play the game as the cards are online and free 🙂

Overall I welcome our new masters warc…Cthulhu!!

A Paranoid Tea Party

It was cold in the woods, the frost had only just started to thaw in the late morning sun as it shone into the clearing, the fallen trunks of Oak trees lay  haphazardly around a fire. They had clearly succumb to the same disease  that now drained the vitality from the surrounding still standing trees, a blood disease spread by the Wildborn and their misguided journey into things that should not be contemplated… but despite that proper manners said it was time for tea.

This was exactly what NAME was going to do and as she did every day, but today it was especially so as she had a guest. She and her family had been so lucky to find Jack lost in the heavy fog that hung like a dank blanket most nights in this area of her territory. She was certain that her incantations had nothing to do with the fog, but it was an excellent side effect to protect her family and that was all she was trying to do after all!

He wasn’t the most chatty of people but that was OK as SISTER was more than capable of filling a silence with her beautiful  sing-song voice, how often NAME had thought that she would be a rare talent for any theatre even those at the distant Broadway. Admittedly the occasional bloody phelm projectile that would gargle up and out of her mouth may upset some but they are always those that don’t appreciate real art. 

‘please SISTER we have guests wipe your mouth’

‘Now Jack you must tell us how you came to be in this area?’


‘really well it was lucky we came across, there are some scary and bizarre  things in this wood’


‘I totally agree, although may I ask you not to be so forward with my sister please. It isn’t me I long to see her happy but GOAT and SNAKE are very protective  you see’

At the mention of their names both GOAT and SNAKE entered the clearing and settled between Jack and SISTER as to reinforce the point.

‘Now you two behave, Jack is our guest and no harm was meant. Am I right Jack?’


‘ you see now no more nonsense it is time for tea!’

‘Loren dear please pass out the finger food we have, I most apologise Jack we can’t find decent plates out here,

As Loren steps forward and offered up rather gruesome selection of small bloodied appetisers  to the assembled party.


‘Are you sure jack? I admit I should watch my figure as well but I can’t help myself these are so delicious.’

As NAME devoured the morsal and the slight warmth as it trickled down her throat, nearby on a small fire a cast iron kettle began to whistle.

‘what perfect timing please GOAT if you would’

with surprising dexterity for a massive creature GOAT added the stewing liquor to the vessel held by NAME.

‘mmmh I do love Earl Grey it just reminds me so much of home, wouldn’t you agree SISTER’

Garbled noises of agreement rose from the ruined throat of SISTER

‘Shall I be mother?, excellent ‘

‘Loren how many sugars was it again?”

Clip Clop Clip

‘ah yes 3 sugars, you teeth won’t last long if you keep that up’

Loren shifted uncomfortably without making eye contact with NAME.

‘I am afraid we only have the one cup you don’t mind sharing do you jack?’


‘thank you so generous, well this has been most enjoyable we must do this again Jack’


‘you tease, till next time’

6 days later

The search party can across the clearing in the afternoon, all hope was lost days ago but it was the priority to ensure Daniel wasn’t used for something else. What the party found was something no-one could believe.

Next to a burnt out fire was the headless corpse of Daniel it was also missing all his fingers, however some where found close by on a piece of bark…..some had animal teeth marks and looked half eaten…

However what was most bizarre was the head found at the far end of the clearing, it had been hollowed out and left.

What was bizarre was the tea leaves at the bottom…

#MythosDay First Look

Happy Mythos Day everyone.

Kickstarter pledges are raining down upon the masses.

Now I will be doing full reviews of the models when I actually get home and budding. But for now some Fan boy style gushing over a box of goodies 😉

The Rulebook

So it is soft back (but with card cover) while the pages are pretty thick and good quality. The printing is also good and the artwork looks so much better in real life than the digital versions in the pdf.


We have already covered the different cards in the rules review but in reality life they are really nice.

The station cards are huge and certainly have plenty of space for nice big bold text for those blind among us.. while the tracker cards are small enough to fit in a plastic sleeve with no issue. For easy marking, although I may laminate mine.

The extra quick guide cards are also a nice touch saves flicking through the book for the sanity table.


Now for what we are here for the models, on first inspection mold and flash are pretty low on these models in generally. The resin as you can see captures sooooo much detail it’s scary, so crisp and well spot on. Painters are going to have a whale of a time with these bad boys.

So I will leave you with shiny model pictures till I do my full review of the Cult and Wild born…enjoy;

Mythos Review

Welcome to my review of the Mythos rulebook from Paranoid Miniatures. If you missed out on the guys Kickstarter don’t worry they are so close to retail its just a little….ok a lot exciting.

If you are interested click the logo and that will take you to their website where you can see fluff, art, renders and of course the rules.

That’s right the PM guys are continuing a trend in the hobby in offering free rules, they also have free stat cards (and tracking cards) as well as printable paper dolls. So you really can try before you buy.

But let’s be honest with some really stunning resin models and also a low count for each faction you may as well just buy them all.. Not that I would be doing something like that oh no I have willpower, I am strong, I am…..

Whats it about?

So the game is steeped in the feel of certain H.P.Lovecraft so has that vibe running throughout the models and also the general look of the game. It is based in the 1920s in a City in the US called Providence where the *announcer voice* THE FATE OF HUMANITY WILL BE DECIDED!!


They are shiny, they are resin and they have a feel unlike other stuff around at the moment. Where else can you get a giant crab trying to fight an Egyptian sand man?

The Book

Nice compact book rocking in at 40 page PDF. Which is nicely laid out (check out how the borders change through the book 😉 ), would have loved more fluff in the book but the website does cover this so not too bad at all.

Game Housekeeping

So some quick points just so we are all on the same page, the game is based around D6 (and in most cases its 2D6). Premeasuring is allowed at any point after all if the guiding hand of Cthulhu isn’t helping you hit, then something is wrong.. Everything is in inches as well so nothing surprising here.

The game is played a 3x3ft board and it is suggested you have about a third of the board covered in terrain. So a decent amount of terrain around so plenty of cover to hide/defend is a most.

Each side brings 5 models to the game currently, which includes a Leader, a Myth (the Cult faction this is one and the same), a Familiar and then rounded out with ‘normal’ charcaters. It is a character driven game so with the odd exception everyone is a unique model. So altogether the games are pretty quick so it is easy to get a couple of games in an evening.


It’s a wargame which means we have stats for all models on the board so what are they?

  • MOV – Movement – This is a 2 numbered stat, with the first number being your walk and second being your charge distance.
  • COM – Combat – As with movement there is 2 numbers the first is the Attack number and the second is Defence
  • RAN – Ranged – Same as combat.
  • ARC – Arcane – Same as combat.
  • MYT – Mythos – This is how much Mythos that a model generates to add to the crew pool (for spending by anyone during the game).
  • WND – Wounds
  • SAN – Sanity – This represents how quickly they go insane and is that stat for Sanity tests

All models have 2 AP to do as they wish in their activation, with the usual sort of thing you would expect. Move for 1 AP, Charge for 2 AP, attack for 1 AP etc.

Abilities on a models card do not cost AP to activate however they may have a Mythos cost associated with them. Which they can use from the crew pool generated at the start of the turn. However there is an additional cost to these abilities will we cover later.

Models also have traits that are always on effects in the game.

Model Cards

Now the model/stat cards for each model are double-sided but this is due to a game mechanic based around the models changing during a game (due to their sanity).

There is a normal size (a grey colouring is used) and the flipped side (red colouring is used). This means a player can end up moving across the different versions of their rules during a game (either on purpose or forced to). This regular flipping brings us to the a models, Tracker card.

These Tracker cards, are a clever way of dealing with the flipping as the tracker card does just that. It tracks wounds, how much sanity is lost as well as any conditions a model has picked up along the way. This means in the heat of battle you don’t rub off the 12 wounds you have already taken (it also means the game board isn’t swimming in tokens if you don’t want it to be)


So Sanity and Mythos deserves their own little areas on the review as they dictate so much around the game.

So first we have the Sanity stat for each model, these are for when the are expected to take a Sanity test. This can come from different sources but the most common is when a model is confronted with a Fear causing model.

As well as this each model has a section of Sanity to mark of on the Tracker card (every model has 20 pips to mark off). There are various ways you will need to mark off your Sanity during the game but there is a point things change. There is a coloured pip that is the Sanity Threshold. At the this point you need to start taking Sanity Checks, this is simply a table in the rulebook which you need to roll 2D6 and add the lost Sanity together and compare the result to said table.

These have different effects in the game from doing nothing to increasing your AP, to just outright killing you. So your sanity is precious as you can suddenly die if you burn through it too quickly. To give you an idea losing 7 Sanity means you have reached a point that a spiked roll of those dice could kill you!!!

As well as this threshold we also have in some cases an F (which is usually on the Sanity Threshold pip anyway). This is the indicator for your models forced Flip to their Flipped version, there is also come conditional flips available to models who can change between their versions. However some models don’t have this so once they Flip that’s it for the game they are in crazy mode 😉


As mentioned each model in the game adds their Mythos stat to a shared pool which can be spent by any model during their activation. This is a finite resource that although refills each turn, when models die your pool will also reduce.

The main use of Mythos is 2 different things to activate a critical hit or to use an ability that is on their card (cost is noted on the models card).

Whenever you spend Mythos you also lose the same amount of Sanity which takes you closer to the threshold we have already discussed.

So between Mythos and Sanity we have 2 different resource management areas to the game. One affects the whole crew while the other is on the individual and balancing the 2 is going to get more important as the game goes on as you either lose models or start to lose your sanity. A fun little mechanic that makes you plan your activations out and not just burn all the Mythos possible on one model.

Attack Actions

Now onto the meat of the game the smacking/shooting/zapping people dead.

First up we will cover both the Range and Arcane attacks as they both generally happen at distance. The usual pick your target in range and LoS as you would expect is there.

Then the attack and defender both roll 2D6 and add their appropriate stat to the total plus any modifiers like if attacker is engaged or cover etc.

Then we look at the difference if it is a draw nothing happens, if the defender wins they get a free 2” dodge.

Now if the attacker wins (or the defender wins and is also engaging the attacker) then you deal damage equal to the difference in the totals and then they may activate a critical effect.

A critical hit is if you roll a double 6 or you may spend a point of Mythos to activate the critical on a successful hit. Criticals are an additional condition applied to the hit model on top of the damage they suffer.

Combat actions work in a very similar way, you must be in base contact with the model you are hitting and both players roll 2D6 adding the combat stat and any modifiers (additional models involved in the same combat).

However this time there is no dodge if the defender wins, now it is whoever wins the roll does that amount of damage (and triggers criticals) equal to the difference in the totals.

So here we have a system that means both players are involved in the combat outcome but also that the attacker could actually die in their own activation if the dice decide it.

Now the way the wounds are set for normal models, even on a spike dice scenario no-one can one-shot some else. It is very much a game of chipping away at each other to start with but later game when people have taken wounds suddenly the risk/reward increases as you have to gauge if charging into a target may result in you getting squashed.

Generally the attacker stats are higher than the defenders but this is a dice game and nothing is certain..

Disengaging Strikes

Now continuing the nastiness of this mechanic if a model wants to run away/tactical retreat, then the enemy models get a free attack. Where if the activate model wins (as a defender) they get to walk away, if the attacker wins the defender has to stay still. But here is the nasty bit the loser still takes damage as if it was a normal combat action.


Conditions are pretty important in the game as they have various effects and the majority come from critical hits and easily tracked on the tracker card 😉

  • Vigour – Grants additional AP to the model to use during current or next activation.
  • Haemorrhage – When the model next activates it suffers 2 wounds and this remains in play till it is removed (spend AP to Recover). It does not stack instead when a model suffers the same conditional gain it takes 2 wounds at that point.
  • Paralysed – A model has it AP reduced to 0 for current/next activation. However it still gets to make defensive rolls (and dodges if it wins).
  • Bleed – The next time the model activates it takes 2 wounds then is removed. Like Haemorrhage further bleed conditions added result in additional 2 wounds at that point.
  • Blind – A model suffering Blind may not make Disengaging Strikes, RAN attacks, ARC attacks or gain Charge bonuses until the end of its next activation.
  • Fatigue – Opposite of Vigour it loses an AP (minimum of 1) during its current/next activation.
  • Burn – A model with Burn suffers -1/-1 to its COM, RAN & ARC. This will remain in play like haemorrhage and any additional burn conditions will instead cause an additional 2 wounds.
  • Drain – A model may not spend Mythos until the end of their next activation.
  • Fear – If a model wants to charge a Fear causing model they must take a Sanity test. If they fail they fail the charge, lose an AP and a point of Sanity. If being charged by a Fear causing model the defender needs to take a Sanity check and on a fail loses a point of Sanity.


There are 5 different scenarios in the rulebook, so this should keep you going for a while. But I would expect more to come soon and it is easy enough to come up with your own.


This is a great little game, that wont need a major outlays to get you going. With a low model count and standard board for a skirmish game means you can get going easy.

The mechanic is simple and effective will also brings a lot of potential brutality to the game while also keeping both players involved in the game regardless of who actually has activation at any point.


  • Small model count
  • Simple mechanism
  • Unique and lovely models
  • Dynamic resource management


  • It isn’t at retail yet
  • Could be too easy to have all the factions..

P.S. I will be doing model reviews as and when I get them in the future (only one faction…)