Meat The Butchers – Gutter

Next up on the Union players for Butchers is Gutter.


She is as fast as the other members of the Butchers (ignoring Boar and Ox) and has a decent melee reach as well. Her TAC is reasonable and her Kick stats are also not bad. Her DEF is pretty average but she does also have ARM as well. While her INF is also average, overall she is pretty standard GB player as far as her stats go.

Character Traits

Selective – This like all Union players lets you know who she will play for.

Lifedrinker – Whenever she is causes damage she gains 2 HP back, which helps keep her going much longer than she would normally (also frees up any momentum you would have spent on healing).

Anatonical Precision – Any attack she makes ignores 1 ARM, which is always good.


She can generate a fair amount of momentum with all her plays below generating momentum. But she has little access to normal damage and is not very manoeuvrable while engaged.


Scything blow – Costs 1 Guild ball this hands out 3 damage to everything in her melee range. With it being a decent size position will be key that you don’t hack up your own stuff.

Chain Grabs – Costs 1 INF or 2 Guild Balls (equivalent of 5 hits). Target model is pushed 4” towards her and takes a point of damage. Interesting play as you can actually reposition enemy models to be very close to her! As the range of it plus her melee range means she can in theory do it 4 times and have 4 models in her melee range. Locking down a lot of models, but also helps set up scything blow a little as well to do more damage.


An odd one, she likes to be in the thick of it but the rest of your team wont. She can be surprisingly survivable with her DEF, ARM and Lifedrinker. Obviously if targeted she will go down. But an opponent not concentrating on her will not take her down.

She is very good at locking down opponents models rather than actually damaging them. With her melee range and Chain grab there can be a few models around her and as she has access to knockdown suddenly it becomes very hard to get away from her.

Parting strike means you can be getting Knock down pretty easily stopping opponents which means they have to smack her but she is then healing herself as well. Could prove very nasty.

Also helps the Butchers catch those more slippery teams (bloody fishymen), easier to beat to a pulp when they cant escape. I would be tempted to swap out Boar or Boiler for her to see how things go, possibly boiler going first for more big reach models on the board.

Meat The Butchers – Rage

After the Meat the Butchers blog post I thought I would look at the Union merc players I can tempt with some coin to play for me. First up is Mr Angry RAGE!!!


He is average as far as things go for his MOV, but his TAC is a decent amount. For someone who is angry, he can actually kick the ball reasonably which is surprising. He is also pretty hard to hit for a hitter which is not bad really. He has no ARM, while his INF stats shocking but like Boar we will see why!

Character Traits

Selective – This lets you know which sides he will kick for, but we will keep eye on just the Butchers.

Maverick – An unusual one as he cannot be effect ted by friendly plays and traits. This means you can’t direct buff him, which is a shame. However it is worth pointing out if you debuff an enemy it still counts.

Berserk – Same rule as Boar, if he causes damage with a hit he gets to have a free second swing.

Furious – Again like Boar he gets to Charge for free.

Crucial Artery – When damaging models he automatically hands out the Bleed condition (Boilers dad?).


He has an eventful playbook, with a decent chance of generating momentum. He does have access to knock down but no pushes/dodges. The damage looks low but that is to be expected with Bleed being automatic.


Tooled Up – Costs 1 INF and allows a friendly model to gain +1 damage on their plays. This one is as unusual one as it would be great to have another source of this in the Butchers BUT it means you have to give up 2 attacks (see Berserk) from Rage to do it.

Concussion – Costs 2 Guild Balls (equivalent of 5 or 6 hits). Nasty ability that removes INF from the model hit. With the number of attacks he can generate this can remove a lot of resources from the enemy especially if they have not activated yet.


Rage offers something very interesting for the Butchers, he is a second INF efficient model like Boar. However due to the slightly lower damage output possible due to Maverick neutering him in that sense. He offers something else in some enemy INF effects namely in Concussion. While Boar hunts without any concern. I do think Rage offers something more of a thinking nutter. Target unactivated models with him, you will be getting free hits from them. Use it for Knock down or Concussion while also getting free Bleed as well. I do think however you may not be doing Tooled Up that often. Aim to get your 4 attacks that should hopefully strip some INF off a model and also do some damage on top of Bleed and Knockdown if you need it.

The tough question I can’t answer at the moment is to pair him with Boar or swap him out for Boar.

Meat The Butchers – Team Talk

Welcome to the Team Talk post about the Butchers, for those that missed it you can find all the individual posts about the team members here;

The aim of this post is to point out some of the synergy within a team and so little tactics I have tried.

Lets look at the Master Butcher first he greatly boosts the rest of the crew as mentioned, on a given turn he can boost the crew to be doing +2 DMG, however if you can gang up on an opponent. Preferably one that has already activated this jumps to +3DMG as long as you get your playbook result. Which is easier on the charge.

He can also generally keep -1 ARM on one opponent going most turns with his Character Play BUT you wont need it when using his Legendary play. At the moment I believe that just the -1ARM is fine in the majority of times, -2ARM doesn’t add too much unless you are going for a heavy target, that will generally also have lower DEF anyway. So becomes a balancing act between damage versus more hits not being removed by the ARM.

Boar loves the fight that the captain brings and you will probably see these two working together a lot in games (see the story in the rulebook) as Boar is VERY influence efficient but he becomes extremely scary near Ox. Due to his high TAC and ability to get 4 possible attacks a turn under Legendary play terms you can easily be looking at anything from 16 to 28 damage being generated by the big guy. This is before we think about adding in Ox’s character plays as well. This can if the enemy cluster too much take out 2 of the squishier models in one turn just by boar.

It is worth mentioning that due to the way the movement rules work it can be VERY hard to pin Boar down. As he has easy access to Knock down its simple enough to beat something up first then knock down and charge out.

Now Princess hands out bleeding that both Meathook and Boiler love to have around so keeping the mascot close to these players would be helpful. Furthermore both Brisket and Boiler gain some great bonuses when near the pup, so you will need to balance between helping your goal scorer OR your young lad who loves cutting.

The ladies of the team work well together as they both have decent Kick stats but also Meathook loves conditions for one of her plays. Brisket (Boiler and Princess as well) has one of the ways to get a condition onto the opponent.

Shank is your lone horse at the back as not many opponents are getting through the Butchers front line without taking some Damage. Shank becomes very dangerous in this way as it allows him his bonus for charging so he makes a great way of tying models up from across the board due to his large melee range. What makes him worse is that he has a relatively cheap (big) dodge as well which means he can almost reach something half way across the table. Now that is FAST!

Keeping this mind though he can be a force multiplier with his Thousand Cuts play as something taking that amount of negative to its DEF is going to be in a word of pain. This makes it a balancing act between using him as a defender or helping other models get more hits.

If Brisket is not doing anything in particular other than goal hanging than Princess is probably better with Boiler (they make a mini Ox and Boar combo). In which princess makes the little lad scarier than he already is. But like Boar he makes a nasty possibility when also near Ox.

That +3DMG plus +1 from princess means he can hit as hard as Boar but with the added benefit of Bleed condition being built-in. This takes him past Boar in that situation. Boiler is the Butcher’s Scalpel use him as such. He requires more set up than Boar but he adds a threat people wont see coming as they are more worried about the rest of the team.

Meathook is going to want to be on the outskirts of fights as she waits to take advantage. She needs Boiler and Princess to make her faster. But she also needs other models to help her make best use of her Heroic play. However she can help boost a friendly even more with Tooled Up. She makes Boiler the Scalpel and Boar the cleaver even scarier than they already are. But I think she needs to sit in-between the rest of the team and Brisket (who should be goal hanging) ready to feed the ball to Brisket or get the ball away from others.
Finally worth mentioning her ability to slow models down, butchers struggle if teams spread out and Meathook can really mess with that.


As you can see the Butchers are about pain however they are far from being a straight forward team. They have as many layers as the other teams, yes out of the box they are going to be strong for new players as resorting to damage is an easy thing to do BUT don’t underestimate their ability to score goals as well.

Brisket is very good for it, the simple use of INF to tackle, dodge (2”), move (6”), super shot, shot (10”) and SCORE! Is relatively simple to do and actual gives you a goal threat range of 18” which is by no means short!

For the butchers in generally they are going to do well to eat opposition teams, however they do work in bubbles to really be more efficient at doing this. Be wary of teams that spread out as you will not be able to bring the hurt across the whole team. However aim for an opponent and go to town. With the little tag teams you can have you are easily going to take one model out a turn. This does mean you can be more open to goals being scored against you so bear that in mind with positioning. People will naturally pull towards the ball, either to get possession OR protect the player with it. Use this to your advantage as there is more likely going to be a little crowd to bring the hurt too.

Target priorities is going to be important for the butchers, accept that the opponents will probably score at least one goal against you but doing so will leave them open as well. Everyone likes to see the goal scorer go down after showing off 😉

Well there is the first set of team talk posts with Meat the Butchers I hope they have been helpful. I will try to do this for all teams BUT I will need help.

Meat The Butchers – Meathook

The last member of the season 1 Butchers and certainly not last, she could be the most unhinged one which takes some doing especially as she seems to enjoy it; Its Meathook time.


She is fast alongside the other nimble members of the team. Her TAC is pretty good and her Kick stats are on par with Ox so not too shabby, this gives another potential threat on goal if the occasion arsies. Her DEF is average and she also has some ARM. Her INF input is average but like Shank she doesn’t take much back out again.

Character Traits

Smell Blood – Grants her bonus charge movement if the target has the Bleed condition. She also gains +1 DMG when damaging a model with the condition on it. Almost self-buffs herself in that way.

Crucial Artery – Regardless of what damage she does, the target will also suffer the Bleed condition.

Hooked – When she damages a model with playbook damage then they also receive a -1 to their DEF. Which is a great Buff for the rest of the Butchers to have around, especially on a target you can gang up on.

Heroic Play

Sanguine Pool – This is a small pulse around her that hands out -4 MOV and the bleed condition. The bubble isn’t huge but you could catch a couple of players in it and those debuffs will hurt even the fast players.


She has decent access to momentum in her playbook and unlike other Butchers she has 2 separate Tackles. Like Boiler her easy access to Bleed does make her damage output look low but is easily supplemented. She also has some healthy pushing ability as well.


Tooled Up – Costs 1 INF. Target friendly gains +1 DMG to their plays, but can only target a model a turn.

Scything Blow – Costs 1 Guild Ball (equivalent of 4 hits). All models in her melee range (only 1”) takes 3 DMG. Can be very nasty BUT as she only has a small are of effect not as powerful as it could be!


She is a decent buffer (read – debuffer) for the butchers, her Hooker trait is very nasty and suits the pack mentality of the butchers.

She also sort of buffs herself (and Fillet) by easily handing out Bleed condition. While also being very good at the momentum game like all butchers.

She is a credible goal threat although not your first choice really. But don’t fall into the trap of charging her into a pack and expecting a Scything Blow (with added Bleed) to be spread across multiple models, due to her 1” melee she is going to suffer a lot of gang outs. Much better to target one model and then use her Heroic for a better outcome with the MOV debuff.

She can easily fit into any team and with Tooled Up around as well she can make anyone very very scary.

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Meat The Butchers – Boiler

Next up we have the pup of the team, Boiler and his blood lust that he doesn’t know about. Will be scary if he survives and grows bigger!!


He is pretty fast alongside some of the other members of the team, so need to hold back sometimes. His TAC is pretty decent, but the young lad is as good as Shank as far as kicking goes. His DEF is average but he does have ARM to help with that, while his INF stats are also average.

Character Traits

Anatomical Precision – When attacking an enemy model they suffer -1 ARM, the little lad knows where to hit!

Crucial Artery – Regardless of what damage he does, the target will also suffer the Bleed condition.

Assist – When he is engaged with the same target as Princess then he gains extra TAC and DMG to his Playbook damage.


Is not that exciting but he does have access to KD and although his damage output is low with the addition of Bleed means he can actually generate some big indirect damage


Swift Stance – Costs 2 INF. Target friendly gains bonus to DEF, this will help any model in Butchers even Boar.

Marked Target – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild Ball (equivalent of 1 hit). Can only been done once per turn. But grants a boost to Charge MOV against the target choosen.


He is an unusual model in that he isn’t as straight forward as some butchers, so you need to work with the abilities he does have. Hand out lots of Bleed and make sure he keeps Princess close by. Generally he is a support piece to start with as he boosts other team members DEF. But when boosted he can become Boar but harder to hit!

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Meat The Butchers – Shank

In a team full of nutters surely Shank is just a little bit creepy? We shall see..


He is average as far as things go for his MOV, but his TAC is reasonable. This does mean that his Kick is poor, not as bad as Boar but not much better. His DEF is average and he suffers from no ARM, his INF stats is also pretty average, although he is relativey non selfish as he doesn’t take too much out of the pool.

Character Traits

Damaged Target – When charging a damaged model he gets a boost to his MOV during it. With his 2” melee range he can reach a lot of the board.


Everything but the guild ball markers, generates momentum. He has lots of access to lots of dodges and decent damage output at the same time. He hits and he dodges try and pin him down if you can.


Where’d They Go? – Costs 1 Guild Ball (equivalent of 3 hits). Allows Shank to dodge a huge distance than is normally seen. But he can only do it once a turn.

Thousand Cuts – Costs 3 Guild Balls (equivalent of 5 hits). This hands out a nasty -2 DEF plus token 1 DMG.


He makes an excellent defender the later into the game it goes. As the opposition start to take damage from the rest of the crew. He can really be anywhere on the pitch you choose for him (if he can charge, which is easy with where’d they go). He also makes a very effective momentum generator as well. Even 1 hit will get you some Momentum.
So you have the balance of get him in early and generate lots of MP for the rest of the team or use him as a fixer charging around blocking the opposition.

His speed also makes him a reasonable back-up striker but you will need to boost his dice pool for the shot just to make sure.

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