Another batch of the Qi and Gong models completed. This gives me plenty of options hopefully and the models still lokk OK for being some of the earlier 10T models. I think maybe the Oiran were the first, maybe?


Malifaux Bees

Hello my name is Bear and I have a problem, I cant leave things alone. I have to have some theme to a force I doing I cant help it..

So I wanted something something different for my Hamelin crew… I had hoped to find suitable Wasp models. Instead we got bees 🙂

Thats OK Honey (Hamelin) the Beekeeper of Malifaux can still work, so now I needed bees and they are supplied by the very helpful @fallen013 on Twitter. Who also has a side business in 3D printing http://www.final-earth.co.uk/ so check him out (as it helps encourage him to do a Bee King for me 😉 )

With all that sorted I have myself 12 bees in which to spread the horrendously addictive Malifaux Honey around 😀


First Real Crack At Contrast

So this is my first model painted using Contrast.


Admittedly I didnt use the offiial undercoating, just good ol’ Halfords grey prime. Which didnt work so I started trying other things.

I can report that Army Painter White does OK as a base layer for contrast.


I also found that mixing contrast with a normal colour can give some interesting effects and provides a layering before you go in with the contrast on its own.

Finally I can report that Vallejo airbrush thinner works as a medium for contrast as well (we know its not just water, dont it had no ill effect).

I like contrast as another string to the bow but I am more comfortable with what I do in general. The cloth for instance is standard layer and wash.

More experimenting is needed and as I dont want to change mid-project. I think Slaanesh will be the first army that I go for a really good test of the paint.