Gremlin Township is done.

Done not too difficult to knock up and the kids enjoyed being told they could go to MaccieDs.

They work so well I could be tempted to do a couple more. But I think 5 will do the job for now as they can cover a decent area already.


Zipp-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Review

Welcome to my review of the latest of the shiny new Malifaux masters to drop to retailer. It’s the Sky Pirate himself Zipp.

So the box is as usual the sexy shiny that we know and love from Wyrd, they do good artwork that really captures the models. Although never understood why the Totems never gets to be on the front as well..


This box came with the near monthly bonus model but we will ignore that as it isn’t a gremlin 🙂


First up the sprue for Zipp, this is actually a pretty easy model to put together! No stupid small pieces this time for a gremlin :O


I love the plume of smoke it is so very cool and much bigger than Merris’s one which makes sense as masters are always better :D. With plenty of detail including the little flames as well.


On the whole the model is really good as far as detailing goes, I have to admit the face is a little soft but not too bad really.


Altogether he want together pretty well with no major issues



We are 2 for 2 now with easy to put together models, the chain is a little tricky as it connects to both legs in a pretty dynamic way.


Would you mess with him? Certainly knows how to swing that spanner and to be clear that spanner has killed a Mech Rider for me 🙂



As I said the only issue I was with the chain, which meant I made a mistake with the legs but that gap is my rubbish handywork not the model..

The First Mate

Silurids are cool, well turn it up to 11 and give one a hat and an anchor…because why not.


Now 3 for 3 in the box for easy builds!! Admittedly the feet are separate pieces but still he went together nicely.


Such a lovely model, I think this may be my favourite of the box, a really menacing model with just enough comedy done with the clothes.


The contact points to the base are the only issues with this model, we are talking knuckles and balls of feet here so be careful.

Iron Skeeters

Now we hit the problems, these guys are tricky with lots of small parts and spindly bits as well.

The legs are long and will be a pain to transport while the grappling hooks come in more than 1 part (1 hook section is seperate o_O).




In the end I didn’t add the legs to the models as I built them because, 1. painting purposes and 2. I like them without anyway. Idea of metal missiles that can’t stop makes me smile.



So although tricky Skeeter1 went together OK the eyes as you can see don’t sit very well and I will need to make some adjustments to them. Picture is just so I can show some of the issues you may encounter, likewise thr sprue connection point on the mouth piece is delicate so you will need to be careful.



Skeeter 2 was the easiest one to put together just because the pieces where bigger and the grappling hook isnt in a swining motion so can be tucked away nicely.

Although we still suffered from the 2 part head we seem to get with gremlins..



Skeeter3 was OK to build except that grappling hook, I just can’t say how much I hate those grappling hooks!! GRAPPLING HOOKS

Group Shot

Because everyone needs a bad group shot 🙂




The models are immense and Wyrd continue to make some absolutely stunning models. However they can be tricky to build in some cases but this box is some much better than previous ones I have dealt.

Zipp is here and he is fabulous.

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