This weeks Beared-itorial should hopefully be back to normal after last weeks tournament. Speaking of which;

Skorne Post Morten

So first tournament with my Skorne only managed to play 3 games due to timings meant I had to get home and miss the last round. I did however managed to play both lists which is always handy. For those that missed it go to last weeks Beared-itorial to see the lists for my pMakeda and a tiered pHexy.

So the stand out performers for me have to Haakar and the Ancestral Guardian both held up a flank on their own all the while sucking up souls and kicking out a fair amount of damage. Yes both went down in the end but I was impressed with them both.

On another note the stand out action was the Tyrant Commander nearly one-shotting a Warpwolf Stalker all on his own ๐Ÿ˜€

I had to face 2 legion armies (Saeryn, pThagrosh) and a Circle army (Cassius). I managed to get 10 cps over the 3 games but alas I could only manage the one win against Saeryn. Although there was no assassinations happening which makes me happy (suggesting I managed to protect my Warlocks better than I do my Cygnar Warcasters).

Saeryn VS Makeda (incursion)- Was a blood bath on both sides. The game went to dice-down and there was not much on the table at the end. My feat did well generating me almost another unit of Swordsmen! All that was on the table beast-wise at the end was a battered Gladiator, a Shaman and Nephilim Warrior. A fantastic game that would have been a draw had his Warmongers stayed on the flag. Buts lets just say between us we did over 70 pts of damage ๐Ÿ˜€

Thaggy VS Hexyย  (outflank) – I stretched my forces too much in this and was cut down in droves. That and I gave too much respect to 3 heavies and worrying about Thaggy’s feat! Also I mis-timed my feat I should have done it the turn I hit his legionnaires and let them do the leg work for me! They did do the work in the end but there was not much left to do!

Cassius VS Makeda (into the breach) – I picked the wrong list for this! Although again I managed to hang on in till the end. I have more respect for those tree arc nodes and hellmouth is horrible with what I had on the board!!!! That plus the Woldwrath moving around menacingly it proved to be a big distraction to me! I feel I could have done much better with pHexy in this list as my units even under feat just couldnt cut it!

Overall I felt I did ok for first real outing with Skorne although I have much more to learn!

On the subject of lessons learnt so far is I need to be more aggressive with my beats but not too aggressive o_O basically I need to figure out that sweet spot, my infantry is getting slaughtered as it should but my beats are not there to capitalise on this enough. I am too worried about being alpha-striked!

So changes to the pHexy list would be to drop down to tier 1 the Advance Deploy Swordsmen get them killed to quickly! Also a second Razorworm could be fun for more arc node fun when the first one dies! I am also thinking of changing target of Death March to the Arcuarii.

  • Hexeris +6
  • BB – 10
  • Shaman – 5
  • Gladiator – 8
  • Razor Worm – 4
  • Razor Worm – 4
  • Marketh – 3
  • AG – 3
  • Min Arcuarii – 9
  • Max Paingivers – 2
  • Max Swordsmen – 6
  • Extoller – 2
  • Agonsier – 2

So now the Swordsmen are just a battery for my solos who need souls (as is the extra paingivers). While I have also added an Agoniser, which shockingly is something I have not used yet.

While with Makeda I am thinking of dropping the Swordsmen and not concentrating on numbers during her feat turn. This means I can boost Cetrati to max size and add an agoniser and Bellows crew into the mix.

  • Makeda +6
  • Molik – 11
  • Shaman – 5
  • Gladiator – 8
  • Max Cetrati – 11
  • Paingivers – 2
  • Max Nihilators – 8
  • Tyrant Commander – 3
  • Hakaar – 4
  • Agoniser
  • Bellows crew

I don’t think I will change that much how I play but at least I don’t have to spread out so much. I will be experimenting again soon with Skorne although, not sure when the next tournament is. This means I can concentrate on other systems for a while.

Convergence of Cyriss

I am still tempted by them so that means the yeahs have moved in front of the neighs, regarding daily count of will I won’t I. Can you blame me with the picture of the supposed colossal oh my!!


Those that remember my brief rant about KS in an earlier Beared-itorial may remember my worries about Rick Priestleyโ€™s Sci-Fi game Beyond the Gates of Antares well sadly it has ended early and without funding which is sad as I certainly didn’t want it to fail but the whole layout was perhaps not fully thought out.

I do hope to see them succeed in the future perhaps down more tradition route? But for now they are a warning for all those that come after them

Forge World

So the latest FW Horus Heresy models appeared this week and I have to say I am very disappointed!

Although some of the weapons are very cool and I would imagine would look great as Khorne conversions (as is only right ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Although I imagine very difficult to transport I’m looking at you chain weapons!!!

What is bothering me is the ‘Butcher’s Nail’ it just looks odd and makes them like something out of Mad Max. Cableย Mohicans anyone?

Future Plans

Work has begun on the tale of 3 gamers – warhammer fantasy version so keep your eyes peeled for that .

Paint/hobby Corner

As always more skorne on the desk at the moment, although I am hoping to take a break from them after this batch, as I am starting to suffer some burn out. In other news my SoH contemptor is now complete you may have noticed earlier this week ๐Ÿ˜‰

Question what to do next more ogres, or more DA or start work on my rail crew…..

As always any suggests/comments welcome and if you want me to cover anything let me know, as always see you hopefully next week.

Sons of Horus Terminators

So here they are my first steps on the path of #ForgeWorldOnly is complete the first of my Cataphractii terminators.

If you want to see more pictures (of individual minis) then head on over to the #FWO blog to check them out.

You can use this handy link HERE.

I am really happy how they turned out and looking forward to painting up some more of these soon. But in the mean time I await Santa who is brining a Contemptor ๐Ÿ˜€

#FWO Sons of Horus Catch-Up

It has been a while since I have mentioned anything on here about my decent into Forge World madness ๐Ÿ˜‰

To start with some more progress with my Cataphractii terminators they are nearly done, you can see the latest picture HERE

I have also finally managed to get a list constructed with some back story already well a name for my commander at least, internet points for the first one to tell me what his name means and the language used ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway you can read the list HERE.

All thoughts welcome either here or on the #ForgeWorldOnly blog