So having a FLGS with lots of active members means, when someone has an idea (not me, never me).

Things sort of snowball and before you know you are playing new games, in a unrelated note I present some nice Flames of War (well plastic solider company) StuGs painted up faster than you can shake a drybrush at;



This week I’ve been finishing my giant for #bitsboxchallenege for tomorrows #miniaturemonday, when I get the dates right anyway. I even have pictures πŸ˜€

Collection run-down/State of Hobby

So I though I would do something silly or maybe therapeutic this week I am not sure which way it will go yet lol.

I am going look at ALL the armies I have and see where they stand with regards completeness and such like.

However I will say this I am surprised how many times I have a main faction and a smaller ‘test myself’ faction, a pattern perhaps!


Orks –Β This I see as my main faction I have over 2000 points of Orks and I can probably play them as either evil sunz OR foot slogger. I could do with some more heavy Gunz I feel, but this is where my idea for Tau/Grot conversions as allies has come from (handily they should work as count-as Orks as well). So although I am still thinking about what to do with them. I am happy with how I can play them, although one or two flyers would be nice as they look like an amazing kit to play with.

Outcome – Pretty static although future proofing them with some conversion work planned πŸ˜€

Dark Angels – I am planning on slow-growing these as after all everyone needs a SM army πŸ˜‰ Now I was hoping to go all out on DW but alas the latest FAQ means I need to re-think my use of them but I will probably not need anymore Terminators thank you eBay and dark vengeance… It does mean I will need more bikes/ravenwing in general. Character wise I am pretty set again thanks to DV box set.

Outcome – Long way to go due to change in initial play style idea. Plus paint scheme means I only want to do some amount/squad level stuff occasionally.


Orges – These guys like the Orks are my main faction I have well over 3000 points of them and most is complete. I still have conversions to do for Maneaters, Yetis and Gorgers but that just requires me spend some time on them. I do believe this will be my FIRST completed GW army ever, as after those conversions I have no plans to buy anything else!

Outcome – Nearly done. Just some heavy conversion work to complete (which in itself could take a while) and I can actually tick an army off. Never been able to do that!!

Daemons –Β Mainly these will be VERY slow-grow as I am planning for them as a painting project that could turn into an army there are some techniques I want to try for instance I want all the gods to have similar flesh. So the plan is for the shading to be linked to the god but they all have flesh as base/highlight colour. Hopefully I can pull it off..

Outcome – Long way to go, completely going to change how I currently paint for these so a HUGE challenge and one I am still getting right in my head!


Combined Arms – OK technically I only have one model for these guys but there is always the threat of more, I just never get round to it 😦 may be one of those I will play it eventually……..honest.

Outcome – Probably cold storage for now. It is a great game and the models are amazing but I need to make sure I get enough interest to keep it going in my little band of gamers!


Β Skorne – These are my main faction and also something different at the same time with the yellow scheme. I have a few more purchases for them but nothing major (well except the Mammoth πŸ˜‰ ).

Outcome – Coming along nicely probably on the cusp of not needing anything more really, which is always good.

Legion – A small group of minis that will be another painting challenge as I have challenged myself to try to not use any GW washes on them, trying to break the need for the Mud πŸ˜‰

Outcome – Like the Daemons I want to challenge myself painting wise so these will be a long way off yet. No purchases planned really maybe 2/3 units needed to give me more than enough options going forward.


Cygnar – These guys are my main faction and honestly I do not need anything more for them as far as I am concerned I am happy with my Warcaster selection – Both Strykers, prime Nemo, Kraye and Epic Caine.

Perhaps the other versions of Nemo wouldn’t go amiss but for the Warjack, Unit and Solo side of things I can’t imagine getting anything else unless I decide to do tiers. Although let it not be said I ignore the poor mercs, I need me some Boomhowlers πŸ˜‰

Outcome – Long way to go due to change in initial play style idea. Plus paint scheme means I only want to do some amount/squad level stuff occasionally.

Convergence – The new guys on the block, I am only initially planning on the Battlebox for now, just so I can see if the faction is for me. Plus I want to try to paint metals well (beyond a drybrush and wash).

Outcome – New shiny and yes we am still tempted by such things! I have no plans to go above the battlebox for the time being. As I want to make sure they are for me, so plenty of proxying lol.


Gremlins – My favourite ‘faction’ in the whole game and the reason I am still interested in the game. I have pretty much everything with the exception of some of the newer stuff. This means I am not too worried about getting more as I can play them in multiple ways anyway.

Outcome – Complete except for a few purchases that round out rather than needed for them so I am in no rush at the moment.

Rail Crew – A new crew and one I picked up because of the Rail Golem and Willie πŸ˜€ Plus I wanted to play with the new plastics..

Outcome – Will only be playing small games with these guys so with what I have I probably only need the metal gamins and maybe Kaeris if I want to take them further.

Freebooters Fate

Goblin Pirates – Any easy one this I have only had inclination to do these guys (only a couple of models missing from the faction) so I am in no hurry to add to them. I have a couple of different options so these guys are set in stone.

Outcome – Pretty static although I do have the Indiegogo miniature coming soon for them. It is great for pick-up games so in no rush to add duplicates to what I have.

Dystopian Wars

Empire of the Blazing Sun –Β Another easy one this, as I have tried Covenant but they have gone many moons ago and as I paint my mates KoB ships that keeps me going on a painting side. Also as we concentrate on the flying/naval side of things and the relative static nature of that at the moment means I don’t have anything to get although I do have some escorts and carrier to paint.

Outcome – Done! I have some escorts and fleet carrier to paint but that is it.

Flames of War

Germans – I havent started dipping into this game yet I have the new starter box which is stunning by the way. I just not seemed to have time to delve deeper into the game. I will especially since I know about plastic solider company now.

Outcome – A ‘to-start’ project really I going to paint everything in the starter set as the mate I have talked into giving it a go is a lazy painter lol!

Overall Outcome

Well that as interesting I have more armies than I think I do but I am also surprised how many armies I have that I would consider ‘not in desperate need of things’. I have never felt like this before and in a way this makes me pretty happy as I have finally achieved something in this hobby rather than being an over-active Magpie.

Convergence of Cyriss

As we rumble closer and closer to the release of CoC, PP continue with the big tease and this week it was the Battle Engine – Transfinite Emergence Projectors which is quite frankly and insane name!!

The idea being it is a clockwork machine that uses satellites (PP’s words) called ‘Permutation Servitors’Β  which change how the BE is used depending on the position of these Servitors.. sounds mental!

But what it comes down to is how it ‘edits’ the BE gun which starts out as a sp10, POW10 with Auto Fire [2]. However the gun comes with a Firing Formulae rule which is shared below;

When this model makes a ranged attack with this weapon during its activation, determine the position of the Permutation Servitors this model put into play. For each completely within its left firing arc, this model gains an additional die on its attack rolls. For each completely within its right firing arc, this model gains an additional die on its damage rolls. For each completely within its back arc, this model makes an additional Auto Fire attack.

This is just crazy especially with the fact you have to pick how you will activate the Servitors while thinking how you what to use the BEs gun that turn!

I think dual BEs are going to be insane as you could load up with the Servitors in between them, then you have a silly accurate BE and one that could one-shot a lot of things πŸ™‚

Just another cog in the grand scheme of things. Really liking how the CoC is shaping up. Although the worry about losing just one cog could shatter the whole plan is a worry. Will we have a faction of glass cannons?

One final word, make sure you check out the NQ YouTube preview for some big daddy love πŸ˜‰


Can you say SHINY!!!


Speaking of Malifaux today, I see we are going to get a new version of the game (2nd edition) which will have a public beta. This is great news as I know it help people with the transition from MKI to MKII for warmachine and hordes! Yes people grumped about various things but when do people not grump if given the choice!

But the biggest news ever out of Wyrd forget new editions, new dual factions, new evil babies! No THE biggest news is that Gremlins are striking it off alone and becoming their masters (faction) and not before time I might add πŸ˜‰

Paint/hobby Corner

Mainly this week it has been finishing the Giant as already mentioned but I am also getting more of my Skorne done. So I have more time for some of the conversions I have been planning recently (mainly Ogres and Tau/Grots).

As always any suggests/comments welcome and if you want me to cover anything let me know, as always see you hopefully next week.