Fermenting the Brewers (S3) – Pint pot

Whenever you need a little help in a bar brawl you reach for the pint pot…..


He is average speed, his TAC is pretty good. While his DEF is meh and he has some ARM. His KICK is mediocre as well but that is not what he is about…

He unusually brings the average amount of INF but that is also his maximum as well.

Character Traits

Rowdy – Both a great thing to have and a bad thing as he doesn’t gain any boosts from Gang Up but he also ignores crowding out. So he is always going to be swinging with most of his TAC (cover still works). Worth noting that he still helps with ganging up though.

Six Pack – A great rule very much in theme with the brewers. Pint Pot starts the game with 6 beer tokens. He can use a maximum of 3 in a turn. They allow him swing without INF, use his Heroic without MP and also do a character play without the INF spending. Using these right will be the tricky thing about him, as you could front load them and really go to town early game or be more frugal with them to get more out of Pint Pot for the entire game.


He brings a decent amount of Momentum generation with the usual shorter than TAC that we see from a lot of Brewers.

His knock down is actually hard to get to for a Brewer but he is more about the damage output without it. He has access to both pushes and dodges (all dodges are non-momentous though). He can hand out a decent about of damage but really he will need the help of Tooled Up and the like to make him really scary.

Heroic Play

Come on Then! – Next time he is hit with an enemy attack or play he gets to ignore it (parting blows still happen), this means he can actually have a sort of gluttonous mass once he has activated. Helps loads once he has drank his beer and can easily take fewer hits back…Well if the enemy is still standing.


Concussion – Costs 2 Guild Ball (4 hits) – We have seen this on other models like Boar and Rage. The targeted model loses a point of INF. Which means you could remove 5 INF from a target. This can really hurt any team particularly those that have ‘super captains’. Suddenly Shark is going to struggle to do his super striker act. Fillet can’t kill as much etc.. Obviously without his beer he is only going to manage 2 INF removal which is still not terrible.

Smashing Face – Costs 2 INF – All models in his melee zone (decent size due to 40mm base) suffer some DMG and also the bleed condition. Has the potential to be pretty nasty especially if done late in the turn as that equates to 5 DMG, which is nothing to be sniffed at.


So we have an unusual damage dealer for the brewers, he can really be incredibly nasty for 2 turns or you can make his beer last a bit longer. He does still gain the bonus from friendly plays so Tooled Up and the like is going to help him loads (and make him terrifying). With that up he can one activation a lot of models in the game which is very much like the butchers.

Pick his fights well as he is usually going to be going alone (as he wont get bonuses anyway), but anyone already knocked down or other DEF reduction (looks at Friday) he is going to enjoy hitting.

He is certainly a good INF battery for Tapper as he can get the INF back with Old Jakes, but saying that with Esters he is going to be more of a damage threat. Basically wind him up and let him punch himself to a stand still.

Fermenting the Brewers (S2) – vSpigot

Veteran players, which are variations on existing characters as they progress through the story arc. This means I have an actual comparison to make at the end between the type versions of a player.

So who comes up first, well it had to be the reformed character of Spigot, the footballing god is back..


He is average speed for a player in guild ball and his TAC is also in that area. His DEF is on the low side but he does have ARM. His INF is an average amount as well, while his KICK is great it is on par with most other strikers in the game and in Brewers is only outdone by a Heroic Play boosted Friday.

Character Traits

Match Fit – If he has the ball then he gets a boost to his MOV, which actually makes him Fishermen fast.

Close Control – Once a turn he can ignore the first Tackle result against him. Pretty powerful as it will cost at least 2 INF to get the ball of him. However knockdown (or Rough Seas on Corsair) will ignore this, so be wary against he is hitting him.

Paint on Your Boots – While near a board edge he gains Poised, which means he gets 1 free counter-attack. A very strong ability to have on a ball handler, combined with Close Control he can be an incredible holder of the ball.

Heroic Play

Back to His Best – This gains him +1 DEF, putting him to the average end of DEF rather than meh, but also he gets to make Kicks without the INF cost. This means if he is in Goal range he actually only needs 2 momentum to have a shot on goal and momentum is not something Brewers struggle with. It also means when the dice fail you, you can have another try without worrying about needing INF to kick.


The usual short playbook (compared to TAC) for a Brewer and he has momentum generation at all columns. He has a MP Knockdown but that is probably only going to be for charges. However, he does have a momentous tackle on column 1 which is great. He also has access to pushes and some non-momentous dodges (with tackle) which could be worth it, once the team has momentum on the board already.


Goad – Costs 1 INF, this play is a great way of messing with one player on the board. Imagine Shark having to move away from your Goal or making Princess leave the area in which she can help Brisket/Boiler. This works even better if you can move afterwards as generally you will be out of threat range of all of players this way.

Balls Gone – Costs 2 Guild Balls (2 hits), basically a super tackle. You get to take the ball of an opponent without tackling them (so no close control) and then get a free pass to get the ball away from the opponent. Makes him an excellent defender sat behind the rest of the team.


He is a great taker and user of the ball, can certainly go get the ball off anyone apart from some of the really fast Fish players who can stay out of his threat range yet still threat themselves. However once he has the ball, he becomes something pretty scary, extended MOV and already decent KICK means he can threat a long way (in fact only a fully boosted Friday with normal spigot heroic and her own can out-threat vSpigot). Brewers now can play very football heavy and yet still keep some of there I am going to stamp on you feel.

Comparison between Spigots –  We have gone from the support speed/kick buffing drunk Spigot to the selfish I want the ball glory hunting Spigot.

Losing Tooled Up, football Legend and Time’s Called means you are going to have to look elsewhere to get some extra speed  (esters) and the slightly reduced damage output for a player will of course be a loss for the likes of Hooper (and Scum 😉 ), but you gain a player who can show everyone how to play football…..Usually on his own!! But also means you don’t need to bunch up to ensure players are getting all the boosts available.

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Fermenting the Brewers (S2) – Quaff

Who had the idea of putting a friendly dog onto a Guild Ball pitch?? All he wanted to do was sleep. Its time to Quaff away some ale..


He is about average for Mascot with his MOV although faster than a number of the Brewer players. TAC is average for a mascot as is his KICK, his DEF is average and comes with ARM as well. However, his INF is standard for mascots but can  use a little more if you want to.

Character Traits

Loved Creature – We have seen it before and if your opponent makes the mistake of causing damage to the dog then the team are going to be annoyed! The bonus TAC is just another TAC boost to the Brewers.

Bag of Quaffers – He can once a turn boost a non-captain model with +1TAC which for free is pretty nasty. Hooper would like this for some insane TAC when he gets all his little boosts.


Short playbook (shorter than his TAC) and he has momentum pushes on both columns. So in theory can keep himself out of trouble. He also has access to Tackle but you are probably only thinking this to mess with your opponents plans rather than using the ball.


Second Wind – Costs 2 INF, in a team which can be a little on the slow side giving them access to an extra Jog is pretty nice. The likes of the goal-scorers with the 4” push on top of this could be well out of harms way after scoring. Or you can get the likes of Tapper who has just taken someone out, out of an unfavourable threat range. Takes some forward planning but is pretty good in the right situation but is a tad expensive.


A completely buffing only mascot, in a similar way to Princess, but with the whole team in mind. Bag of Quaffers is a great boost to the hitty Brewers and makes Hooper even more scary (and not miss commanding aura as much). While Second Wind has its uses in moving your faster players around but also making sure no-one is left behind. Looking at you Stoker and Stave.

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Fermenting the Brewers (S2) – Esters

Can you hear the singing yet? No?! That’s because she isn’t finished yet. Welcome to the first Captain of season 2 in the shape of Esters the boss lady of the brewers.


She is about on par with the other Brewers (barring Friday) so she is not going to get somewhere fast. But this is boostable when needed, she has standard DEF and ARM for the larger models in the game. Her TAC is average but due to her small playbook she can wrap around without any bonuses if she hits with it all. Her KICK is pretty good but the range is a little low. So she fits in nicely into midfield role she will be generally taking part in.

Her INF for a captain is about average but unlike others she doesn’t have a high top end, so at least she isn’t that greedy unlike others.

Character Traits

Gluttonous Mass – Not one to mention a ladies size, but this makes her very INF expensive to hit but also if she can counter-attack she has easy access to Knock down;

Empowered Voice – Once a turn she can give a little boost to a friendly model nearby, this can be either speed (+2”), strength (+1 DMG to playbook) or Agility (+1 DEF). All of these are really useful and can in the right situation make a huge difference. Suddenly Hooper and Stoker don’t miss Tapper or Friday can roam independently without her Granddad Spigot.

Heroic Play

Soothing Voice – Now we have seen this play in the Guild thanks to Hemlock but now we have it as a Heroic play and a pulse around esters. This means if there is any MPs on the board it is pointless playing the condition game anywhere near her. It also makes the team that little bit more durable (not that they need the help).

Legendary Play

It’s not over until.. – This allows her to activate Empowered Voice three times instead of the standard once. The possibilities of handing out extra DEF/MOVE/DMG to half the team are pretty special. Or you can also stack all 3 types onto one model to get the job done! The utility of this can’t be ignored. However timing of it is going to be so important more so than any other Legendary play we have seen so far. The likes of Ox and Shark are always going to get mileage out of theirs no matter how many are caught in the bubble. This however will need to be careful about as it will telegraph what you are hoping for a bit more.


She has easy access to MPs as she has momentous results on every column. She does average damage across the book (but can be boosted if you wish, potential for 10 damage if you are VERY lucky). She also has reasonable access to Knock down (column 3) like all Brewers. Plus with plenty of pushes around as well should you need it.


Blast Earth – Costs 2 INF and the models hit under the AoE take a small amount of damage and the AoE stays around as rough ground. Great way of slowing down the opponent, or just closing off an area of the pitch to be really useful to anyone.

Fire Blast – Costs 2 INF and again models under the AoE hit take a small amount of damage and Burning. The AoE also sticks around to cause some more Burning (I heard Mash is not happy with how much Stoker has been hanging around).

The 2 AoEs together actual make for a decent way to funnel people around the pitch and it is INF neutral in that she can use both of Plays plus her Voice to allow her to still move a decent pace without taking INF from the rest of the team..


A classic midfield presence for the Brewers in a support way rather than smash way of Tapper. She is great at dictating the field with 2 speed debuff AoEs (the damage is just the bonus of them).

However she does give you so hard choices, as Tapper usually goes first to start the pain train. Whereas Esters can go first to buff the team with her Voice or she can go later to offer condition removal. Whichever way she goes, she needs to be in the centre of the team helping out with those buffs, her decent KICK and as always knock downs.

She plays very differently to Tapper, however you can still play the hitty team as the +1DMG for free is almost on par with commanding aura but her ability to boost the squishier members for goal scoring plays is also going to be very popular.

Basically the result of either Tapper or Esters will be the same, you will be scoring goals and Knocking people down all over the place how you get there is ever so different. Brewers are in for some tough choices 🙂

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Fermenting the Brewers (S2) – Mash

Season 2 has now started for the Brewers with Mash turning up and well what a surprise many (including me) was expecting a goal keeper. Instead we got a goal hanging striker! The equivalent of a drunk Gary Lineker.


He is as fast as most big guys (and brewers in general), his TAC is average and his DEF and ARM are pretty standard stats for big guys as well.

His KICK stat is unusual in that his dice pool is great but his distance not so much. However he has ways of boosting that anyway.

His INF is not bad he brings the average 2 to the pool but he can only take 3 out, which is not too bad. Extra one would have been nice.

Character Traits

Volley Threat – While within 8” of the enemy goal, snap shots taken by him cost 1 less MP. Which is huge, as with his kick stat already plus bonus time he is like any striker as an out-of-activation threat. But now he is one of the more efficient ones, as a snap shot is as accessible as a normal shot.

Plus we all want to imagine a big guy doing a bicycle kick 🙂

Unpredictable Movement – The big man is slippery with his 2” melee reach anyone coming too near will find themselves swinging at nothing. He could be as annoying as Greyscales to pin down if played right.

Protected (Esters) – His wife ensures he stays out of trouble with him gaining +1 ARM while near her, which makes him one of the more robust bug guys to get good playbook results against.


An usual playbook for brewers! It is shorter than his TAC which means on the charge before any other bonuses he could achieve 2 wrap arounds. All the columns generate MPs which means he is able to generate a decent amount of MPs for the team in one activation.

He has easy access to a Tackle (column 2) as well as Knock down, he is a Brewer after all. Due to the possible Wrap arounds he can actually hit pretty hard as well. Potential for 7 DMG on the charge, ok none of it momentum generating but worth remembering for such occasions.


Super Shot – Costs 1 INF, boosts his KICK stat by [+1, +2”] which means he enters the very good range for scoring goals. OK his range isn’t as scary as some others but it is still pretty handy as it is the same range as Volley Threat as well!

Howzat – Costs 1 Guild Ball (3 hits), This lets him push a model away and knock them down. Strong ability and helps clear models out of the way for when he is ready for snap shots. It also encourages more of the repositioning that brewers bring to the board with even more pushes


He is like no other striker in the game as he doesn’t necessarily want the ball. He will just sit in the that 8” bubble near the goal waiting occasionally smacking people or generally getting out-of-the-way! Admittedly it will mean he spends a fair chunk of the game getting there due to his speed but once there he is a very viable threat.

He can still bring the pain when you need him to, so you can very much get him stuck in as well. With the added bonus that he is actually going to be hard to hurt (more so when Esters appears) but also the unpredictable movement with 2” melee is very powerful and will catch people out as surely Brewers would not have that trait!

Spigot and him are best buddies, not only does spigot boost his movement and his KICK stats as well as offering some handy ways of getting the ball. While Mash is big enough and scary enough to offer a nice bodyguard role. These 2 could be as effective with the ball as Tapper and Hopper are with their fists.

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Fermenting the Brewers – Team Talk

Welcome to the last post in the Fermenting the Brewers series. If you missed anyone you can find links to them here;

Like all the teams there are some nice little codependecies between players. But first up 2 things the Brewers bring to the game are Knock down and Pushes. Although the players have access to these in their playbook or plays (Only Friday can’t knock down). This is how they play, they knock you down so you can’t stop them scoring. They also bring Tough Hide and lots of ARM which means when you hit them you wont be getting as good as results as you want AND you will be doing less damage.

They are also a building crew what this means is to get some of the great bonuses you can receive requires momentum. This means they build during a turn to become quicker, more efficient etc..

So Tapper first he really needs Scum nearby most of the time to get that extra INF each turn. The Brewers are not bring large amounts of INF to the table anyway so any bonus is a good one (also see Stoker and Stave for another boost). From here Tapper then ups it again by handing out INF like candy for the price of a MP. This is easier as the game goes on and you rack up more MP which is another thing easily done by the Brewers.

He also grants extra TAC and damage to anything in an aura he can generate which again is amazing for getting more wrap around results (made easier by the fact Brewer play books are smaller than the base TACs).

Stave and Scum don’t add much to other members (apart from mentioned above) of the team other than slowing down an enemy in Scums case and adding lots of Knock down and repositioning by Stave. Both generally don’t want to be at the forefront of a team but supporting with barrels or extra bodies when needed.

Stave does make it easier to clear paths though, he is your bulldozer. A well placed barrel and some ramming means a lot of a team could be knocked down and a long way from each other. Very nasty if a team is reliant on bubbles of boosts (would imagine this would hurt Ox a lot).

Hooper is who likes knock down models the most the extra damage plus what Tapper and Spigot can grant as well means Hopper can hit very hard and generally especially with his Heroic play for more TAC. (Min damage 4 is Butchers level of pain).

While a lot of captains are the lynchpin for a team, not so true for the Brewers that really is Spigot. Increase the speed and KICK of your team members (within the auras) plus boosting damage, means you wont have enough Spigot around to do everything you want.

He even helps out the young lass as well, Friday becomes incredibly hard to pin down as her DEF goes to crazy levels, while also getting one mighty impressive KICK stat as well.

All this and there is Stoker on his own setting things on fire…..

My initial feel for the team is you have Scum lurking near Tapper as much as possible both for INF and any ganging up fun. Spigot goes where he is needed (usually after the ball) with Friday not far behind ready to receive the ball. While Stave is knocking anything he can see down through barrels or just running into them. Then you have Hopper (and lesser extent Stoker) as the damage dealers of the team.

Position play is important for the Brewers but less so for the opponent team as you can knock them down or just move them out of the way easily. If there isn’t at least 2 models knocked down or in the wrong position the dice are being horrible to you.