Fallen (Grey) Knights First AAR

So against a relatively balanced mix Tyranid list. The Grey Knights came up short, twas a brutal game but much was learnt.

Dreadknights are as nasty as you would expect.

I did like the double fist with incinerator build. Gives me the combat output you expect but the Incinerator gives me some range damage while also not needing to worry about moving.

The Grandmaster DK, did what you would expect as well.

Voldus is a beast that is all.

Apothecary I cant score as he died very quickly to a Mawloc.

Paladin ancient is a must and I think I needa second. Also love the relic banner for the super smite.

Brother captain alas I cant score due to a trygon. But his smite extended was nice.

Paladins did well and nearly one shotted the trygon which was pretty epic.

Stormhawk was left pretty much aloneso couldgo about being a pain but hitting in 4s makes me sad.

Finally the troops I liked both the terminators and the strike squads but my main problem is their cost. I feel for what they are they shouldnt he sat on objectives all game. They are takers not sitters in my eyes for their price.

So my take homes from my list abd thr army in general;

Playing elite armies is hard, even harder in 8th due to the love of hordes/alpha strikes.

I dont have much horde removal, I was able to deal with everything else once in combat but hordes are a pain.

Smite phase…..pyskic phase i mean is pretty good do wish that a good roll offered more than just 1 mortal 😦

Speaking of mortal wounds after playing Death Guard having no answer to them AND having so little numbers my word do they hurt.

I feel I need some allies, not a huge fan of the idea but I think i need a deployment area fire base that can sit their maybe offer bubble wrap potential and sit in objectives. Plus if they can add some command points even better.

So my inital thought is Guard or Ad Mech. Now Ad mech are cooler looking bit Guard give me more bodies and cheap lascannons.

Both would give me more modelling options as traitors to add to the Fallen Knights.

Any thoughts / suggestions are welcome.

Fallen Knights Emerge

So get to rock the Grey Knights side of my fallen knights.

Will be against Tyranids more than likely, really interested to see how things go.

So my list is the following and lets me have 7CP.

1 Nemesis Dreadknight with fists, teleporter and Heavy Incinerator

2x 5 man Strike Squads, both woth Falchions, D Hammer and Psilencer.

Terminator unit with Falchions, Warding Stave, D Hammer and Incinerator.

Stormhawk with Lastalon and Typhoon ML.


Paladin Ancient


Brother captain

GM in DK fully loaded

3 Paladins with Falchions and D Hammer.

Almost on the nose at 1999pts, I am expecting the internet to cry out as I havent maxed on the DK and I have terminators in there. But i want to take stuff what i like and see how things go.

Toying with what to add in terms of allies as well. Tzeentch daemons are looking nice for 1k sons so thinking how to merge those into Imperium side of things. So thinking Traitor Guard which would help as theu make super cheap choice for bodies on the ground.

Any thoughts welcome as always.

WIP Fallen Knights and Help Needed

So I said to myself that I would use the blog as a more living blog, rather than just showing what I have painted I would show the process a little more.

With that in mind I have been working on my Fallen Knights, a cross-faction army for 40K which I can use as Grey Knights and as 1k Sons as and when I choose, with hopefully the least amount of effort or different models.

I am working towards the GK side of things as I have that codex 🙂 So here is a WIP shot of one the guys and the look I am going for!

Admittedly it is WIP but you get my bonkers idea. Thoughts are welcome 🙂

My big problem at the moment is how to apply this scheme to this!!

I was thinking tentacles and warpflames etc. on one side of the ship, but I am currently unsure so any help/ideas would be welcome! 🙂