The Shaltari starter set review

Welcome to my newest review this time I am following on from the Scourge starter set for DZC with another boxset.

As you have probably guessed I am doing the Shaltari the faction I liked DZC so much (even more than the Scourge). In this review I probably wont be saying much just enjoy the miniatures πŸ˜‰

Like the Scourge the KR foam is a nice touch and is well packaged.

Cards and rods

The command cards are included in all starter sets which is nice and they have a high gloss colourful finish to them. But as before thicker/sturdier cards would have been nice.

Now the rods used for flyers in the games have a nice little design feature that I wish others would consider. Each rod comes with a ‘cap’ that you can glue directly to miniature and that makes transport/storage so much better and easier. How can a nub of plastic be so amazing?!

And now for the miniatures…


These guys are a bit taller than other infantry and that helps them look a bit nicer as you can see .

Loving the match between their heads and the vehicle ‘cockpits’ really liking these. However I must also mention the pewter waste these have if they had used less in the casting then I would say you could get another 2 individuals from it. Now I am not an expert in these things far from it but it does seem very very wasteful :S

Tomahawk Main Grav-Tanks

I was really surprised how thin these models are but also allowed me to see the quality of the actual resin as it holds details very very well. But I also noticed that it is pretty bendy (as most resin is) but it did not feel brittle and if I was so inclined I would image that it would take a pretty serious angle to break the resin in half.

Of all the factions I really think these show of what Hawk Wargames are capable of.

The position of some of the excess resin is a bit annoying but is easily dealt with.

Haven Terragates

Next up the APC equivalent

I really like these (I like the whole range anyway :P) What was slightly annoying is again the excessive resin (common theme). The pictures may not complete show it but the injection site is at the front of the vehicle which as you may know is smooth angular this means you need to be pretty good with a knife to clean it up well.

Amazing detailing though.

The above pictures show you the random flaky resin flash that is present on some pieces it is not something to worry about but like the Scourge review be careful when removing it as you may end up hurting the detailing.

Kukri AA Grav-Tanks

Pretty similar to the Tomahawk since it is the same chassis.

That pesky resin again.

Eden Medium Gate

The gates are stunning that is simply all I can say!!

The levels are just crazy, crazy I tell you!!

Now a word of warning to people out there do NOT make my mistake and chop the excess resin flush to the detailing above if you do you use a gluing tab and so it makes it a bugger to glue onto the body of the gate

And here is a group shot of the miniatures done truly amazing kits I think you will agree..

Scale Shot

As always here is your little scale shot for those interested. πŸ˜‰

Final Thoughts

Truly amazing models (have I mentioned that before), that are a little bit spoiled by some of the excess resin. I love the building part of this hobby as it lends itself to the odd conversion (it’s the Ork in me) but I have found I in some cases not enjoy putting these together the excess resin makes it difficult as you have to be either extremely gentle/careful or a simple mistake (my excuse anyway) leads to more problems down the line.

Once built the models are amazing/stunning/awesome/any other description you care to use but you maybe left a touch jaded getting there.

Perhaps I am being harsh on a new company producing great miniatures but when you are in a premium hobby and selling even more premium products I would have hoped for better.

Anyway I am going to enjoy these miniatures now they are built (rules are great) but I don’t think I could face adding another faction to my Shaltari and Scourge.

The Scourge starter set review

Welcome to my latest review this time I have something very special and something I have been waiting to get my hands on for a long time.

Thats right I have got my mitts on one of the DZC starter sets πŸ˜€ We shall be looking at the Scourge standard set ( in case you havent noticed). So let us not mess about and get down to it.

The Box

To start with the box and first impressions;

It’s a well (graphically) designed box with a main picture that you can see on the website.

The back explains the contents. Something I will mention is the card is pretty thin and for something that is expensive I would have liked a sturdy box. However this thinness maybe due to the inside packaging, speaking of which;

As you can see the link up with KR multicase is pretty damn strong πŸ˜‰ as you have their easily identifiable blue foam (never mind the KR catalgue you get in every box). Everything is well packaged and I am pretty impressed with its presentation with DZC cut out of the spare slot etc. One thing I will note it was almost impossible to get the foam back into the box without some swearing they must have a special shoe-horn in the package area at DSC towers. Time now to delve deeper into the box.

Cards and rods

The command cards that are part of the gaming system are included in all start sets which is nice and they have a high gloss colourful finish to them. But as you may have heard elsewhere on the internet it would have been nice for them to be a touch thicker/sturdier.

Now the rods used for flyers in the games have a nice little design feature that I wish others would consider. Each rod comes with a ‘cap’ that you can glue directly to miniature and that makes transport/storage so much better and easier. How can a nub of plastic be so amazing?!

And now for the miniatures…

Invader APC

Pretty simple kit this one but one that I think really shows off the detail these miniatures achieve. Obviously construction is pretty straight forward.

While clean up is pretty easy on these as you can see only a small amount of flash around the edges

The lump of resin is a tad annoying as it appears fairly wasteful on the manufacturers part but then nowhere near as bad as some of the Forge World stuffΒ  I have seen.

As I have said the level of detail is stunning. These things are going to be fun to paint.


These are the only pieces of metal you will see in the box. Apart from that these are pretty standard infantry set-up for the scale used.

What I will say is there is in my opinion a LOT of waste with these the block that holds the individuals is pretty hefty and for the life of me I do not know why the decision was done to produce them in this way. That and also making sure you have a flat base is difficult due to ‘peg’ attaching miniature to block.

As you can see the detail is pretty impressive for 10mm with no loss of detailing due to the change from resin to metal these are very nice

Marauder Medium Dropship

Now this is what we are all here to see πŸ˜€ one of the dropships. Again really detailed and really well done.

Stunning detail!!

You cannot argue with the detail these guys have brought to world. I look at this stuff and it wows me more than even Spartan Games ranges (it’s a close run thing but maybe DZC has it there just by a hair).

As you can see there is very little clean up needed regarding the flash on these miniatures. What I will say is be careful with what is there as the detail is so high that the flash can be a pain to remove.

Hunter Grav Tanks

Now onto the tanks.

I love the organic feel of these tanks they really sell the whole alien feel of the Scourge race.

Again beautiful detailing but the excess resin is annoying especially as it is on the very tips of the bend at the front be VERY careful removing it.

Lovely detail not much I can say πŸ˜‰

Reaper AA tanks

What I said about the Hunter counts for the Reaper as well really so just enjoy the pictures.

Group Shot

So here is a nice little picture of each individual piece you get in the box. Going forward personally I will be make the plastic flying rods a little bit shorter as they end up towering over the over miniatures.

Scale Shot

As always here is your standard scale shot to give you an idea of size πŸ™‚

Finally one picture to prove that everything is to scale and you can fly your tanks around in style..

Final Thoughts

I have a strong love-hate relationship going on at the moment with the DZC miniatures.

I love the detail and concept of miniatures they are some of the best I have ever seen and to be honest the excess resin I could forgive from another company but Hawk Wargames have set themselves as a luxury product in an already luxury hobby and for me it is not good enough for the price. If you are willing to pay the price of the starter sets you will not be disappointed by the finish product once you get there but if you are like me you may feel slightly aggrieved..

Right moan out-of-the-way!!!

What you see on the website is what you get in the box which is a huge positive as who wants to find holes in miniatures ala the initial FineCast release?

I am looking forward to test driving these Scourge right over the pesky human races and those other lazy teleporting aliens.

Overall I am happy with the scourge miniatures.

Eye of the Dropzone Commander storm

So it has been a couple of weeks since the website went live and we are about a month away from release date,Β  we are literally in the eye of storm between site launch and release date πŸ˜€

With this in mind I thought it would be interesting to have a sit down a ramble/muse away.

After spending many hours constantly clicking refresh and only getting the same page I had succumb to a light sleep and in the early hours of a Saturday morning I managed to get a glimpse at the Dropzone Commander site and a very good site it is.

All the shiny things sat there to tempt us to part with our cash and here is the bit about price I promise this shall be the last time I mention their prices on this blog EVER.

Individually the prices are reasonable for what you are paying for which from what it looks like and what has been promised is some premium quality miniatures in a hobby that is as a whole a premium hobby. What surprised myself and others I have spoken to was the starter sets being so expensive (the fact there is little saving on them to me is irrelevant) as I would have preferred less if need be to get the price closer to that magical Β£30 area that so many gaming companies use and what I personally have come accustomed to (be it PP or Spartan Games).

Has it cooled my interest? not in the slightest but I will hold off getting a faction until I have seen the rules to make sure the 2 I am looking at (Scourge or Shaltari in case you are interested) really are for me. In a strange way this has helped me as I am now going to consider which faction is right for me rather than doing what I usually do with a new game and see which one has the shiniest shine.

I totally understand where Hawk Wargames is coming from now (after my OMG! moment) and I applaud them for being different and supplying a full force to use even at the bottom end of starters (something only Spartan Games does). This plus the nice tie-in with KR multicase is a stroke of genius from both companies and one I hope many more try to do going forward.

So that is it for the cash side of things bit longer than I wanted but finishing on a positive is always good..

Now huge props to Dave for doing a live chatty thingy on Facebook on the Monday after the site went live. He answered many questions in cryptic ways to keep us only half in the know of the future for the game and the rules that are coming. I am certainly looking forward to trying everything out and hopefully he doesn’t run out of stuff on the run up to Christmas (I have been a good boy Santa please can I have DZC stuff – yes imagine me on sat Santas lap >:D).

You can read those resulting FAQs HERE.

Now as we enter the month before the release date I hope Dave has had caught up on some sleep and we start to get drip fed even more information going forward. As he did an excellent job prior to the site opening I want to see the same again for the release date. Be it pictures of the rulebook or rule example, videos I don’t care what just give us some more info tease away if you have to. We are already hooked so feed the masses..

So as you can tell I have settled into a nice place with DZC everything seems to be coming into place for what is going to be a very good game and I can’t wait.

On a unrelated note to Hawk Wargames I do a very good reviews *nudge nudge wink wink* πŸ˜€

Dropzone Commander is HERE – First thoughts

It is the Year 2670

A Golden Age of humanity has passed into history. A time when mankind
advanced implacably and unopposed through the stars has gone beyond living memory.

Planet Earth and the original Cradle Worlds are lost to the great foe, the Scourge.
The shattering invasion of this terrible enemy has torn the domains of man asunder.

The remnants of human civilisation now exist in a collection of frontier planets.
Thinly spread and underdeveloped, they are pale shadows of mankind’s former glories.

However, this is not an age without hope.
Humanity has found new strength, unity and purpose in these times of dire fortune.Β 
The colonies are undertaking a period of vigorous, dynamic expansion,
unrivalled in the history of our race, united by a common purpose – Reconquest.

The armies of the United Colonies of Mankind march towards humanities’ former heartland,
battling the dreaded Scourge one world at a time. Many enemies and allies await on this journey;
an odyssey through the stars towards a distant and glittering goal – Earth. Continue reading “Dropzone Commander is HERE – First thoughts”