Daemons Magic – Lore of Nurgle

Carrying on with the Daemon lores, next up is the Lore of Nurgle.

Lore Attribute – Children of Nurgle – We will see this across all 3 lores just with different names. Basically for each wound caused by a spell a unit within 12″ of the caster gets to roll a D6 to see if they get some wounds back. For Nurgle it isΒ  Plaguebearers and Nurglings..

Signature spell: Stream of Corruption – Flamer/breath template direct damage spell that causes a wound with no armour saves if Tough test is failed. There is a lot of T3 stuff in WFB πŸ˜€

Miasma of Pestilence – Great augment spell that helps protect your units as it lowers WS & I by one or D3 if boosted extremely handy against those elite units like Elves and Warriors of Chaos.

Blades of Putrefaction – Augment spell that grants poison to attacks or boosts it if unit already have it!

Curse of the Leper – A hex spell that reduces target toughness by D3, This will hurt nearly everything in the game a spell your opponent will not want you to get!

Rancid Visitations – A magic missile that does random number of high strength hits, if they then fail a toughness test then they take another set of hits and you keep going till it is passed. Very nice spell that can hurt low toughness armies a lot!

Fleshy Abundance – Another augment spell that grants regeneration (can boost units that have it already). Handy to have around unless you are dealing with fire..

Plague wind – Vortex (remains in play) spell. So the small template moves artillery dice x casters magic level. (misfire centre on caster and moves random direction number of inches of magic level)

Anything that it passes over needs to pass a toughness test or take a wound with no armour save. It continues to move artillery dice a turn untill recast or misfire rolled. You can boost it to use the large template if you want. Continues the theme of Nurgle spells and is not to bad if you misfire as your Nurgle guys have decent Toughness.

So the Lore of Nurgle, like the other Daemon lores I like itΒ  the amount of T3 armies that are around in WFB means that you have some decent chance to hurt many things with this lore πŸ™‚ I honestly cannot see a bad spell in there, maybe Plague Wind but I am not a fan of Vortices..

Daemons Magic – Lore of Slaanesh

So I haven’t done one of these in a long time and since I have a fledging Daemon army it’s always helpful for me if I put down in writing the fun to be had in the magic phase. With this in mind here is the Lore of Slaanesh.

Lore Attribute – Born of Damnation – We will see this across all 3 lores just with different names. Basically for each wound caused by a spell a unit within 12″ of the caster gets to roll a D6 to see if they get some wounds back. For Slaanesh that means either Daemonettes and Fiends being able to get more wounds!

Signature spell: Lash of Slaanesh – Simple easy to cast direct damage spell draw a line from the caster ANY model underneath takes a low strength armour-piercing hit. This is great if you can get down the enemy’s flank and hit that big horde of models. Against the right army this could hurt (gobbos/skaven etc.) but is nothing but token for highΒ  armour, toughness troops.

Acquiescence – A hex spell that is going to be great to get offΒ  against a melee oriented unit as it hands out ‘Always Strikes Last’ and also makes movement random (D6) anything that is fast or hits fast is going to be hurt a lot by this looking at you Elves!

Pavane of Slaanesh – Another direct damage spell that is about sniping out characters as passing any Ld test on 3D6 can be tricky. Certainly better to target Heros rather than Lords (more chance they don’t have a ward) and you would then only need to get it off twice to remove them! Bye bye BSB?!

Hysterical Frenzy – Interesting spell that can be augment or hex, basically grants Frenzy that cannot be lost if you lose combat! As a hex it is great if you have some charge redirectors remove the chosen unit out of the game for a while! It also has some token damage that the unit takes at the end of each magic phase.

Slicing Shards – A fun magic missile spell that causes random reasonable strength hits with armour-piercing. Unit then must pass a Ld test or suffer another random number of hits, you carry this on until they pass. So you cannot rely on it to do lots of damage but in the right circumstances it can really hurt anyone but maybe aiming for small pesky flankers, can wipe them out!

Phantasmagoria – Hex spell that basically grants reserve cold-blooded (3D6 discard the lowest). Great if you can use it in concert with Slicing Shards πŸ˜€ but generally in an army that causes fear/terror this is going to be handy.

Cacophonic Choir – A great spell that causes 2D6 wounds on a 4+ with no armour saves, great against high toughness targets or armour! But if they also take at least one wound they also suffer from the same effects as Acquiescence!! Very very nasty..

So the Lore of Slaanesh – I really like this Lore it has a reasonable mix of spells although I feel Hysterical Frenzy is situational as a Hex as you need to have the army position right to use it against the enemy.. Apart from that there is no spell I would be disappointed in getting and want the signature spell instead, so certainly so tough choices on the rolls..


An interesting week, what with super special secret guests on Flock & Awe and generally just trying to get any sort of hobby work done has meant I have actually achieved nothing…

(Specialist) Fantasy Flight Games –

Som interesting news/rumour appeared this week that I thought I would share HERE.Β  About FFG taking over the rights to GW specialist games! If this is true then that is amazing as we know GW are no longer interested in them, but if FFG could in the short-term at least just support them then surely it is a good thing?

CoC is nearly here πŸ˜€

Well less than a week away till Convergence land and I have to say I am very excited, I would say Christmas excited but nothing compares to that.

It is going to be a new challenge painting them, as I have never painted separate from the base before as I will need to with these and trying to highlight probably with metals is something I havent done before..

Paint/hobby Corner

Been pretty slow again this week, although I now have a scheme for the Brotherhood of Null ravenwing, black & brass rather than bone & brass of the Tac Marines.

I have also sorted out my Legion scheme so keep your eyes out for that in the future! I have also started collecting bit for my soul grinder conversion…

All I will say is add Tervigon body, a carnifex, extra talons, soul grinder torso and an exalted flamer together and see what you get πŸ˜‰

Daemon Conversion Thoughts

As I am starting to go on a bit of a mad conversion run with my Grotau allies, I have been thinking about how to mono-god my daemons without the need for the list to be mono-god.

So my chosen Deity is Tzeentch which means lots of odd-looking things πŸ™‚

I have to take some inspiration from this Daemon Forums their modelling work and conversions are just stunning!!

I am thinking of making the conversions light on the troops, otherwise I am likely to go mad, so see below for my thoughts. Not no Tzeentch stuff is here as well its Tzeentch I don’t need to do anything for them πŸ˜‰

Obviously all these ideas will revolve around me removing the other dirty gods symbols when needed πŸ˜‰


Bloodletters – This is going to be an easy one as my plan is to use actual bloodletters but with different heads, be it pink horror heads or something similar. Perhaps even blank featureless faces again another easy switch.

Hounds – A tricky one, I was considering using anything on a cavalry base with some sort of Tzeentch flaming mane of hair

Crushers – I plan to keep almost as is, as I love the juggers although they will need to lost the Khorne symbols ;). Also having the BL riders like the others.

Cannon – A tough one, let me get back to you….I dont mind the majority of the cannon model just that thing at the front!! perhaps a spawn pulling it?


Daemonettes – I do like the look of the daemonettes with their claws! I was thinking perhaps like the BL just a change in the heads with some extra appendages and the like, maybe try sculpting feathers.

Seekers – Again like crushers same edits on daemonettes perhaps have them riding disks or convert them up to be a mix with Flamers.

Fiends – I am thinking just mental horses.. maybe centaur type things with horrors..

Chariots – Perhaps an easier one as I could just use flames instead of the spinning dics


Plaguebearers – This is going to be a tough one, do I go for plague bearer models and try and Tzeentch them up OR mix pink horror unit with zombie parts. Either way I think these are going to have a lot of GS going.

Nurglings – So to keep up the idea of flames and the like… I am thinking either flames with eyes or Nurglings with flaming wigs

Drones – Pretty straight forward one just using discs as the drones (maybe make them look like bin lids)..

Beasts – These are just going to be spawn, probably the easier thing to do..


Daemon Prince – I like the idea of just making a crazy conversion of the plastic kit in some weird and wonderful way.

Soul Grinder – I like the SG kit I just wish it looked in more fitting in a WFB environment, so one idea which is crazy expensive is to stick the body on a steam tank! Or even use a Skaven abomination as a starting point..

Furies – Flying horrors/horrors with wings pretty easy one this.

So what do you wall think? any suggestions are most welcome πŸ™‚

New Daemons WTF

So pictures of Daemons are out in the wild. I am going to give my 2 cents worth as I am sure many others will (apologises to Blue Heretic for filling up his RSS feeds πŸ˜‰ )

Disappointed they are not more like the FW ones which are amazing! The bugs do look pretty nice although the paint scheme is poor! I would be half tempted not to use the plagueriders? at all as they don’t look very comfortable up there..

Erm….. I don’t know what to say, absolutely nuts? I may need to see the 360 of this to make a decision! The guys at the front they appear to serve no purpose!

C’mon GW that is just silly!!! Its like they have tried to link the WoC chariot with this but make it a bit more crazy! I imagine we will see a lot of juggernaut conversions instead of that thing at the front!!!

I do think they missed a trick not calling it a Skull Kannon πŸ˜‰

Says what it does on the tin I feel, I sense the same sculptor/painter was used as for the VC ‘chariot’ thingy. Its Tzeentch so I would expect it to be a bit nuts.

Pretty cool and one of the few things you could have expected compared to the others!!

If you want to see a few more pics head to the source; Plastic Krak. Especially as they have some pics I have not used here.