Kansas City Cadavers

Let the bodies hit the floor, Let the bodies hit the floor, Let the bodies hit the floor, Let the bodies hit the floor! Please as I need some players…

Welcome to the Kansas City Cadavers my first ever BB team as we run a league down at Leodis Games for all the fun times.

Now some of you may know is I like to convert things to make them more my own, I cant help myself. So when the chance to give BB a go and after deciding on Undead as a team I had to go all in.

So Elves and Orcs may I present to you the Kansas City Cadavers.

Imagine this…

First up the Ghoultastic running corps, they will glide through team like they werent there.Crinkleberry, W.W.Winkle, L. Durrix

Crinkleberry, W.W.Winkle, L. Durrix, Ghostmen Jr
Crinkleberry, W.W.Winkle, L. Durrix, Ghostmen Jr

Next we have the Bashiest of Bash Brothers, the Brothers B’Ash (points if you know what model they are based from)J.

J. B’Ash and D. B’Ash
J. B’Ash and D. B’Ash

Next the backbone of the team the linemen, they can shackle any opposing player with their bone-jangling blocks..

C. Shumway, Flugget, R. Mythtake, Straw Mat

Here be zombies, we dont get attached to them

Whats It and Wibble

Finally we have the players with the Wight stuff and always deliver when its needed.

Junior Jr, Z . Fossy
Junior Jr, Z . Fossy

So there is the starting 11 plus some zombies (and extra Ghoul) ready for the Leodis league, in which the undead hope to find some new team members ready to make an assault on the bottom of the table..

Von at it again

Some of you may remember we convinced Von to talk about Bloodbowl.

Well apparently if you give him an inch he takes a mile 😉 This time he is talking about well let me show you;

On the Shell Case thread where I was asked to give a basic run-down of the beautiful game, sixeleven suggested talking about the Orc and Human teams in the box as a way of unlocking the tactics and strategy of the game, and the different styles in which teams can be played.  I also want to talk a bit about leagues, and the long-term development of teams over campaign play (in which the real depth of the game emerges).

Let’s get on with it then.

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Von’s Bloodbowl

While on the Shellcase Forums  I had pestered Von to give me some more beginners tips on bloodbowl as alas I never played it when it was available as the box.

Not sure why who knows ANYWAY I have suddenly developed a possible taste for it 😀 so without further ado I shall pass you onto Von for those who like me have sinned and never played BB before..

Blood Bowl is a board game which very approximately simulates American football gone Warhammer.  Heaven alone knows why.  It’s presented as a ‘beer and pretzels’ game and it’s certainly fun to play that way, but it also rewards the cruel, relentless tactical-mechanics approach (rather better than most of Games Workshop’s systems do).