#MiniatureMonday is THREE Today

Well it keeps going from strength to strength! Thank you all on Twitter who take part

#miniaturemonday is three years old today :0

Starting with a random idea many moons ago that was born of the #FriskyFriday idea but more paint and geek involved.

I am truly humbled that this is still going strong and covering many many different types of systems and models 😀

We truly have a fantastic thing for the community now and long may it continue!

So have a slice of cake on me

and show us your painting skills

#MiniatureMonday is TWO Today

Well it keeps going from strength to strength! Thank you all on Twitter who take part

#miniaturemonday is two years old today :0

Starting with a random idea many moons ago that was born of the #FriskyFriday idea but more paint and geek involved.

We truly have a fantastic thing for the community now and long may it continue!

Dont forget there is a website which collates all your tweets relating to #miniaturemonday click the image to go if you havent seen it..

As always big thank as always goes out to @ozrax who does sterling job as #mm cheerleader, although hope you never see his outfit….

So have a slice of cake on me

and show us your painting skills

#Warmonger of the Year

Phil on the Shellcase has asked me to do a quick post a rallying call if you will about #Warmonger of the Year.

For those that don’t know it is the online community mainly collected on Twitter in other words a bunch of randoms that have a lot of banter with each other and there is no signing on fee 😉

But not only is there the banter there is also the practical help on all things related to this hobby of ours as well as most of us being enablers when it comes to new shiny things 😀 I of course would never dream to be a plastic crack pusher to others………………………………………..

So come on guys and gals out there in the universe, vote for your favourite of this year. There is no reward just the warm glow to extended to one Warmonger at Christmas time (and a gloating period of one year 😉 ).

So if you havent voted yet then make sure you do so at the below link;


OR contact Phil on Twitter in some secret manner @TheShellCase

Bungle’s Blogging Bonanza – The Bovine Overlord

Welcome to the latest Blogging Bonanza post and this time we have Me Badger from The Bovine Overlord. So let’s get straight into it;

1. Name (alias) – Argentbadger, though that’s not what my mum calls me.

2. Name of Blog and Link – The Bovine Overlord (http://thebovineoverlord.wordpress.com/) 

3. Is this your first blog or have you experienced blogging elsewhere? 

This is my first proper blog, though I did experiment with the blog format as a kind of extended ‘postcard’ to my family when I was travelling years ago. 

4. What systems did you start off concentrating on for the blog? 

I initially created the blog to document my experiences in the (then new) 8th edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle 

5. Has this changed since the birth of the blog? 

Yes, I tend to document at least the painting I do for any system now.  If anything interesting game-related comes up then I try to post about it, but I do not slavishly post all my battle reports etc for anything other than Beastmen.

6. Why?

I am a big sucker for the ‘new shiny’ syndrome, and so I like try out new systems.  Apart from simple variety, I also fall in and out of love with certain systems from time to time.

7. Who/What inspired you to create this blog? 

The reason to start the blog was to make myself take the time to write battle reports regularly.  I like to read about other wargaming experiences, but I generally find ‘tactics’ articles to be focussed on highly specific situations, or devoid of context.  In battle reports, it’s possible to see the whole flow of the game, how all pieces interact and (ideally) some of the thought process for the players.  And, rather than sit at home wishing for someone else to provide this resource, I decided to make my own contribution to the community. Somewhat before starting to write my own blog two of my close real-life friends, Justinmatters and Furycat, posted their own thoughts in blog format (at http://thegrimdark.wordpress.com/ and http://furycat.wordpress.com/, respectively) and it struck me as an interesting idea.  The final moment came when I stumbled across another Beastmen blog (http://beastlord.wordpress.com/, it’s not written anyone I know) and decided to follow suit.

8. What have you learnt by doing this blog? 

Apart from making me take the time to evaluate my own performance in my games, I’ve had lots of helpful comments on gameplay by total strangers.  Particular credit must go to ZebraZach (http://thenerdalsorises.wordpress.com/) for his insightful posts on my battle reports which quite literally changed the way I looked at some units. 

9. Is the aim of your blog still the same as when you started out? Largely yes.  I post pictures of my painted miniatures to show other gamers that not everyone out there has fantastic semi-professional skills (I’m look at you Forkbanger, http://forkbanger.wordpress.com/) and that even a mediocre painter can achieve satisfactory table top results without too much effort.  My battle reports show the ebb and flow of each game as well as I can manage, and I particularly try to document the thought process that goes into my actions so that others can learn from my mistakes.

10. Have your views/ideas/actions changed as you have grown as blogger? 

Of course.  Every time someone comments on my posts I learn a little bit more as people point out alternative actions I could have taken.  The blog is (at least in part) a document of my own learning curve in gaming. 

11. WordPress or Blogspot or Self hosting? WordPress. 

12. Which article types do you enjoy writing the most? Battle reports.

13. Why? 

They make me think about why I played situations in a particular way, and stop me blaming bad dice for my numerous defeats.  Basically, the self analysis in writing these articles directly contributes to me becoming a better player.

14. What sort of articles would you like to do more of in the future? More of the same really. 

15. Why? 

I’m happy with my overall contribution to the community, and I plan to stick with what I know. 

16. What is your most favourite-ist post ever? 

I don’t think I could pick just one out of the pile.  My favourite series of posts are those documenting the full length of our group’s Border Princes campaign. 

17. Why? 

Apart from the aspect that readers seem to really appreciate them, I think it is because it shows what a great group I play in.  We were able to play a campaign over the course of nearly two years without drop-outs or acrimony, and I think we all had a great time. 

18. Do you have any plans for your blog or is it more of the same? 

Just more of the same.  If I expand into more games I might write a different kind of article if it’s appropriate.  I’d like to write Malifaux battle reports but the movement shenanigans are so complex I can’t think of a good way to show what happened. 

19. Which blogs would you recommend?
So many blogs, I hardly know where to begin.  This’ll just have to be a ‘best of’ list or I’ll end up writing all day.

Firstly, http://forkbanger.wordpress.com/, http://thegrimdark.wordpress.com/, http://furycat.wordpress.com/, http://cycle4africa.wordpress.com/ and http://aramoro.wordpress.com/all get a special mention for being the blogs of the other members of my gaming group.

Next, we have http://beastlord.wordpress.com/, http://thenerdalsorises.wordpress.com/, http://plainsofwar.wordpress.com/, http://companyofthedamned.blogspot.co.uk/ and http://simonfisherrofl.blogspot.co.uk/for just being straight up awesome blogs about Beastmen in Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  There aren’t many blogs about such a niche subject, but these should be required reading for anyone considering playing Beastmen.

Finally, I have to recommend the eclectic group of pure random goodness: http://nico-realmsofchaos.blogspot.co.uk/, http://sho3box.wordpress.com/, http://mrsaturdaysmumblings.blogspot.co.uk/, http://teasgettingcold.blogspot.co.uk/

20. What advice would you give to people looking to becoming a blogger? 

Write about something that interests you. Don’t post just for the sake of posting – make sure that you have something to say.

Thanks for the Badger for taking the time to fill this in and I hope you all have some nice new blogs to read 😉