Bayou Bear – Bayou Gremlins

Been a long time coming but thought I would look at the Boys at last…..The rowdy Bayou Gremlins.. Time for another Bayou Bear Article


They have average Df and low Wp as expected for a 3pt model!! They have incredibly low wounds but at least they can move with OK Wk and Cg. The cheapest possible minion out there (that is not insignificant) around and easily spammed especially if you use Somer.

They are the reason Gremlins can out-activate the opposition and they do it well.


On to their abilities;

Drunk & Reckless – Bigger penalty with this over normal Reckless as they take more wounds and so needs to be managed well as it I will be half the wounds the boys can take.

Bayou Two Card – Amazing ability as it allows you to cheat from the deck rather than from your hand. It means if you have flipped a rubbish card AND you need your hand for something else. Then using this ability is of no determent for you as the Gremlin Player.

High Pitched Squeel – Df trigger on Masks, allows for the little guy to pushed away after taking damage from a Ml hit. IF they survive it obviously..

Attack Actions

Banjo Bash – A low Ml attack that does very little damage! If you are in combat with Gremlins you are doing right….wrong I meant wrong!

Boomstick – Low Sh attack that has decent range but low damage like the Bash attack. However you do get a blast on the severe which is jolly good.. They must declare a trigger!

  • Dumb Luck – Rams – Basically the standard trigger in the faction. Doubles the damage on the gun BUT the Gremlin takes half damage as well. But has potential to one shot of stuff in the game. For more hilarity Red Joker does massive damage and will kill the gremlin…BOOM!!!
  • Whoops, Ricochet – Crow – After resolving the closest friendly model in LoS takes 1 damage
  • What if..more powder – Tome – Adds more blasts to the damage on moderate and severe.
  • I got ‘im Pal – Mask – After succeeding you push towards the target.

They are cheap, unpredictable and just the essence of the character of the faction. In a game where activations is a valuable currency having a 3pt model that is readily available, means you can pick your battles with our more expensive stuff better.

They actually make OK scheme runners as you can have so many of them plus an extra AP when you need it is also worth while. However they will die and quickly but always more where that comes from.

Bayou Bear – Trixiebelle

These Boots are made for walking and my word is that what they are doing. Its time for another Bayou Bear Article and  TheRedMoonHead on the forums has convinced me to look at his lady o_O

Its time for Miss Belle, Miss Trixiebelle!!


She has good Df and average Wp (good for a Gremlin). She has decent number of wounds and has average Wk and Cg. Releatively standard for her cost hench(wo)men.


On to her abilities;

Reckless – We have seen this before and on a model that can use soulstones and upgrades means it would be rude not to do this most turns.

Ill Omens – This can be huge as it allows you to cheat the Initiative flip (before Soulstone spend or reflips). This means you will be more than likely to get the result you want or even just force a Soulstone spend by your opponent if the flips are low. It also has a link to Mah Tucket with the suit playing into what effects will last for the turn with Chores. So get it suit you want over going first could be pretty powerful as well. Another nod goes to Kin with their Companion meaning you can alpha strike hard with this as well.

Don’t Fight Over Me, Boys! – This makes it incredibly hard to pin her down when she is in a crowd. As she can make a Gremlin the target of an attack (if legal obviously) aimed at her. If you position her right even the most nasty attacks ping off her.

Attack Actions

Slap – A great Ml attack which unfortuanelty does little in the way of damage. She does get some nice triggers but don’t expect her do take something big down. Scheme runners though? She can munch through.

  • I Never – Rams – After damaging, a friendly gremlin (including her) can make an Ml attack against the target, but no triggers allowed. Does mean on a reckless activation she could hit 6 times on a charge. Even at weak that is not bad at all.
  • Help!Masks – After damaging, any gremlin within LoS and nearby may push towards the target.

Although she won’t be hurting many things if she pulls a Lenny or Mancha Roja or Franc into Ml range with Help then release I Never on the next hit she can really help pull your crew around or just free hits are welcome. Not her best use but one worth considering.

Gremlin Lure – Needs any 6 to hit the TN and is resisted against Wp. It is reverse Lure, in which you push the target its Cg away from Trixie. Unless it is gremlin then it moves towards Trixie. Great action as it allows for a reposition of your crew while messing with your opponents! Pushing models out of Turf war is the obvious easiest use of it.

  • Never Needed to See ThatCrow – After succeeding the target gains slow. Great when used on the offense as no-one likes slow.

I will mention the patented TheRedMoonHead Homing Missile use of this on a non-gremlin model (Whiskey Golem, Bishop etc.)

Deploy in front of Trixie, activate her late, go reckless and gremlin Lure 3 times. Firing model far far up the field before they even activate is horrid. Especially when you can almost assure you get initiative the next turn thanks to her cheating the flip…..
This is an evil thing to do and I suggest you never ever not do this at least once.

Buy You a Drink? – Her attack 0 action that needs a 7 of crows to hit the TN and is again resisted by Wp. Basically hands out poison to the amount equal to the difference between totals. This could hand out a ridiculous amount of poison if you are lucky. This is what makes her best buddies with Brewmaster, although if you take a Performer (merc) then you can do some big damage with the 2 ladies…

Tactical actions

Presents? For me? – Her only Tactical Action is also a 0 action. She targets any number of Scheme Markers in base contact with her. Then at the end of her activation you place Markers in base contact with her. Basically if you can out-activate your opponent this is almost guaranteed plant explosives as if you have a Marker next to her at the start of activation. She can place that marker 15” (plus base width) away from where it was. This is huge if you play it right, as it can be defensive as it is not limited to friendly markers (I will let that one settle in as the fun to be had with that MUWWAHAHAHA!!).

Now just imagine Trixie walking around being followed by 8 or 9 scheme markers during the game.


Obviously as a gremlin she will like Dirty Cheater (who doesn’t) but she does have 2 named upgrades as well which both have uses with her.

Bounty – This costs 1 soulstone and can be taken by her and Mah Tucket, it hands out a trigger to other friendly Gremlins Sh actions within LoS;

  • Paid In Full – Crows – After killing the target, draw a card.

This is great if you have lots of Bayou Gremlins on the board as their Crow trigger is not great so this at least helps bypass it. Somer summoning approves..

A Gun For a Lady – This costs 1 soulstone and gives her a Sh attack.

Big Ol’ Gun – Average Sh with great damage track and OK range. It does push her back regardless of success which needs to be considered when lining up shots. She must also declare triggers;

  • Help Her Up – Mask – After resolving, push a friendly model towards the target.
  • Oh Dear. – Crows – After resolving the attack the closest friendly model suffers damage as well.
  • BLAM! – Rams – Grants damage flip with double positive flip which means even drawing lets you cheat as long as hard to wound isn’t about.
  • There Goes a Leg! – Tomes – Hands out slow which is always good.

Everyone loves her simply, she brings a little flavour to every single master. With only the pig heavy Ulix really not bothered if she is about. You can probably see she has utility with all, like Franc being the cheap heavy hitter for gremlins, Trixie is the all rounded. Although the Gun is not really an auto-include its rude not to take something that hurts that much.

Bounty is very wise if you are taking more than 3 Bayou Gremlins to help control that nasty Crow trigger. The Mah box set is going to be Very popular with gremlin players and not just for Mah!!

Bayou Bear – Lightning Bugs

What do gremlins really need? Wizards with zappy wands…. It’s the Lightning Bugs


They are pretty average across the board (read: good for a gremlin) with a decent number of wounds for the cost of them.


On to their abilities;

Blast Resistant – Reduces damage taken from blasts and pluses, very situational BUT not as much with certain builds.

Reckless – More blasty fun? Rude not too…

Knock It Off! – When they take damage from a blast/pulse they can take 1 wound to take a 1 ap action after resolution. This is actually pretty good with the blast resistance as you can take the same number of wounds you expect but get a free ap out of it.

Attack Actions

Magic Blasty Stick – Ca action with a great stat and also can be used at range or melee. The damage is not spectacular but it does ignore Armour as standard, as well as must declare a trigger.

  • To the Kneecaps – Crows – Hands out slow after damaging.
  • The Green Wrath – Rams – All models close to the target most pass a low TN Df duel or suffer some damage. Like a baby Wong but not as reliant due to the low TN on it.
  • Yippie – Masks – Opposite to the above it hands out a healing are around target…this is both good and bad as you can heal your own stuff but also your opponents.
Tactical actions

Leave it to Luck – His 0 action, that needs any to get off. All models close by treat Masks as having a higher number while Tomes count as being lower. Which can help all those who like Masks for their triggers as well as hurt those that like tomes for tiggers. Double-edged sword…

Tinkerin’ With the Unknown – 0 action that lets you place a card face down for the bug in question (discarding if he leaves play) and at the end of the turn, you reveal the card and apply 1 of the following depending on the suit:

  • Crows – All models close by including the bug take some damage.
  • Tomes – Make an interact action, if legal.
  • Rams – All models close by heal 1 damage.
  • Masks – All models close by must pass a Wk duel or gain slow.

They are an interesting minion to have around, clearly they work well with Wong and all his blasts and such. They are also a cheap choice to deal with incorporeal and armour which is good to have around especially as they have a decent Ca level on the attack.. They are a blast 😉 to play as they are so unpredicted to your opponent but you get some control over what they actual do..

Bayou Bear – Mancha Roja

The bell rings the crowd goes mad and a big green specimen enters to rock music wearing a rather fetching mask and understated cape….

Time for Bayou Bear to look at Mancha Roja, the Gremlin, The myth, The Leg End.


He has surprising good Df for a Ht3 model so clearly he has been learning for the other Luchadors… His Wp is average but also not bad for Gremlins and he has a healthy amount of Wds while his Wk is average BUT Cg is the same which is unusual on a melee monster more on that later..


On to his abilities;

Melee Expert – Additional AP for whacking stuff? Why not 🙂

Rebound – An unusual ability but that can surprise a lot of people. His Cg itself is pretty rubbish BUT with this it makes him terrifying. Yes it requires some set-up to get him into base contact with some impassable terrain. But when it increases his Cg range to more than double its normal level things get silly..

Hard to Wound – Always handy considering lack of defensive triggers.

Attack Actions

Grapple – Decent Ml which also has OK damage spread although suffers a little on the weak but rest is impressive. Then what makes him pretty scary is the many different triggers;

  • Crushing Strike – Rams – Grants positive flip for damage based on each Ram in the total.
  • Arm Lock – Tomes – Grants the following condition – Fracture, which causes negative flips to Df
  • Pile Driver – Masks – Forces Df duel and if they fail they gain Paralyze, which links with;
  • Finisher – Crows – If target is Paralyzed then kill the target, no discarding like Misaki and the like. This is straight out kill (unless they can stop the damage).

Whacked With a Gremlin – This is a 2 AP action that has same stats as Grapple but has increased reach and also does better damage. However this time the weak is very nice but above that it doesn’t grant more damage than 2 Grapples. He does have built in trigger;

  • SMACK! – Tomes – Push the target in any direction. Great on getting stuff out of the way.
Tactical actions

Challenge – His first 0 action that means enemy models must pass a Wp duel if they are trying to target another model but this one. If they fail the action fails which can be very nasty!!

One Thousand Masks – Second 0 action that grants certain things based on the card discarded;

  • Masks – Increase his walk to amazing, great early game, means on normal deployment he can be opponents side of the table turn 1 and can still hit something.
  • Crows – Immune to Slow and Paralyzed, which helps against lots of terrifying and certain models in general.
  • Tomes – increases his Df to make it to master level
  • Rams – Means he hits as well as Lilith

It’s a tough choice which to take sometimes but get it right and you will have a happy wrestler..


Mud toss – Costs 1ss and grants an extra Attack action:

Tossed in the Mud – Needs any 6 to achieve and is resisted by Wp – It ends 1 condition on the target. As this is both defensive and offensive it makes for some interesting choices..

  • Mud Bucket – Tomes – Allows you to target a friendly Gremlin to take 1 point of damage to take the action again.

Extra Gremlin – Costs 2ss and grants an trigger on the Whacked With a Gremlin action.

  • Whacked With Two Gremlins – Rams – Allows you take the action again against the same target.

For pure hilarity he has to be in some lists, he is giant gremlin wrestler come one!! His Cg range is scary with the right set up but when it happens very little is going to be out of range!

Timing it right he can hit better than anything in gremlins and with the right cards he can actually take anything off the board no arguments. This will make him a priority target (like most of the high costed gremlin models) so protection is key.

But if you can live the dream of Arm Lock into Pile Driver to Finisher you will be laughing, your opponent wont but you will..

He can fit in most crews without question just take him DO IT!!

Lucky Shadows

Mixing my factions up a little bit today as we have the Bayou Bears and Thunderbear articles combining. It’s time to consider the Effigies of the 10T and Gremlins.


The front of the cards of these 2 scamps are identical. They have decent Df and average Wp, both will also keep up with the rest of their crews as far as Wk and Cg go. However they have very low wounds but as they are only 4 points that can be expected.

This is slightly tempered by the fact they are Hard to Kill and have Armour as well, which helps a little with the survivability. While Accomplice lets them allow the instant use of some of the conditions they grant.

It’s worth pointing out that they are minions so can fully take part in schemes etc.. This makes them great for the price on top of everything else. This is where the similarities stop so on we go..

Lucky Effigy

The gremlin effigy adds some helpful abilities to a Gremlin master which makes them even nastier

Attack Actions

The Crusty Blade has some mightily impressive damage output but its Ml 3 is just plain bad… If you are using it plan A is probably not going well or you got your hands on something v squishy..

Tactical Actions

This is is where all the effigies shiny really..

“Hit Me!” pretty easy Ca action that needs any 6 to succeed, enemy models nearby that declare an attack or charge that could also target the effigy they must pass a Wp duel or they have to target the effigy. This will generally mean the effigy will be squished however it could save a key piece for you.

Luck o’ the Draw – 0 action allows you to target your friendly Leader which grants the Luck Draw Condition, which means that every time they flip a Ram they can heal 1 damage.

The Lucky one is a nice addition to a gremlin crew, yes he is more expensive than a Boy but then most things are… He brings a little bit of protection to key pieces and in theory could hurt something a LOT if he could hit..

But the free healing he grants makes him worth the points (considering dirty cheater fills an upgrade slot) and as most masters (or even henchmen) like flipping Rams for triggers then more bonus is welcome. But masters that are taking damage during the game in a piecemeal way will probably like the Luck more than others.. So Ulix and Ophelia spring to mind straight away but any of the others wont say no.

Shadow Effigy

While the Lucky one is more aggressive lead, Shadow is more schemes and defensively lead..

Attack Actions

The Precision Blade mans the Shadow is hitting as well as Lady J and other big hitters but only doing a point of damage. There is even no damage track…

Tactical Actions

Remember the Mission impressive ability that allows a friendly Minion to gain Remember the Mission condition, which allows the model to place a scheme marker at the end of their activation. Impressive as it is not a interact action so can be done while engaged.

Blend Into Shadow – 0 action allows you to target your friendly Leader which grants the Into Shadow condition. Which forces enemy to take negative attack flips for one attack then the condition expires

Shadow certainly helps with the placement of scheme markers which can be huge in the right schemes in play, but also when you consider the types of masters 10T have then being able to make an attack have to deal with being negative flip makes it that much harder for that big action to happen.

With all this in mind the Shadow is OK with any master it is more to do with number of scheme markers needed that he becomes more interesting as a choice.

Bayou Bear – Merris

To mark the first wave 2 Gremlin model to appear, I thought it would be good to look at the flying superstar herself Merris.


To say she is flying she isn’t that fast (only average) but at least she is not bad. Her Df is decent and Wp average (though still good for a Gremlin), nothing surprising though..


On to her abilities;

Flight – Gets over her average Wk ability and means she can keep out of the way generally as she doesn’t have a Ml attack so doesn’t want to be too close..

Reckless – She is Gremlin so no surprise she can get some more APs 🙂

Immolating Demise – Similar to the Fire Gamins in when she pops she hands out some burning.

Exhaust Trail – As a few of the Gremlin masters like bubbles of effect to power their crew means they can be prone to blasts causing mayhem. This allows some defence against it, as it has a similar area to most of these bubbles and makes models immune to pulses and blasts which is huge. Having dealt with a Somer summoning list against Raspy need I say anymore?

Attack Actions

Flaming Bottle – Her only attack which is also only a range attack, unusually has a target number to achieve as well. It does also ignore cover which is very nice, simply it adds Burning to the model it targets which can be pretty nasty..

Tactical actions

Gremlin Cunning – A nice action that can combine well with chain activations out there. Draw 2 cards and place 3 cards back on your deck. This can in theory help you set up for your next activation or deal with what is coming from your opponent’s activation.

Bombs Away! – Her 0 action, which allows her to discard a card to place a scheme marker. Incredibly powerful ability as it is place not interact so can be done in engagement range of enemies. At the price of a card she can place a marker almost half way across the board when reckless!!


In a faction with much crazy damage output, Merris sits in that unusual place of being a support model that protects rather than damage buff (Lenny) while he Bombs away helps her drop2 scheme markers a turn if she is reckless not bad at all for the price..


Bayou Bear – The Sow

Its been a while since the last Bayou Bear Article but I haven’t forgot the little guys for the 10T lot. So to get back into the swing I have looked at a Pig a BIG one!! With many heads which means more Bacon right?


A nice 8 point minion which has decent amount of Wds which it will need with average Wp and on the low side Df, she can keep up with all the other gremlins well so no issue with the big hitter being slow. What is surprising is the Cg range is frankly huge for such a model.


On to her abilities;

Three Headed – As long as she has half of its wounds left then she will get positive flips on both attack and damage flips.

Farrowing – Free models!! When she is sacrificed or killed you get to summon 2 Piglets (which is actually another 8 pts worth of models) yes they take a lot of damage when they come on. This isn’t a problem as they will get to be throw away missiles that will hopefully be in your opponents face.

Smell Fear – Once per Turn, when an enemy loses a Wp duel, she can take a free Ml action. Which is always nice for some extra stomping.. This also works well with;

Terrifying (All) – Anything with the ALL for terrifying is always nice to have. OK the TN is relatively low but these things can still be failed.

Attack Actions

Furious Mauling – Average Ml but with decent range and super damage track with the magic 3 for weak damage that everyone seems to like.

  • Eat Anything – Crows – After dealing damage she can take a healing flip which is her only defensive ability really so you really want the sow in combat ASAP.
Tactical actions

Birth – Needs a 5 of Crows to get off but lets you eat an enemy Scheme Marker to summon a piglet. Both the piglet and Sow take damage but not too much for either.


A nice model to have around, she hits very hard and keeps on hitting and unlike a lot of the faction she is not as dependent on triggers as others which means she can just go about hitting stuff.

She can die quickly due to no defensive abilities but at least you can heal her. She can easily fit in most crews with obviously Ulix being the prime candidate for her. But Brewie will be handy for failing those Horror duels to get off Smell Fear. Plus she also adds a touch of summoning outside of the usual methods like Somer.

A malifaux average cost for a minion (but expensive next to Gremlins and piglets).

What you get is an average Df, low Wp beast (and pig and swampfiend) that is also average speed. What does stand out is the Cg which unusually is double the Wk and also the number of wounds they have which is pretty nice although no really defensive abilities to keep them going.