Bayou Bear – Old Major

Been a while since we have been down at the Bayou, so time for a visit and we have decided to see what is in the pig pen. In the shape of Old Major..


His Df is poor but as a big pig you sort of expect that, his Wp is decent especially in gremlins. He has decent number of wounds while he is one of the unusual models that have the same Wk and Cg. This means he moves at an average rate but slower if he is charging.


Rile ’em Up – While close to Old Major pigs that start their activation, gain positive flips to attack and damage flips to charge attacks. This based on pigs threat ranges (those that 1ap charge) plus a lot of stampede triggers around that grants a lot of bonuses. For a Warpig (or piglet) that could be up to the equivalent of 6 focus actions which is pretty dam huge!!

Hard to Wound – We know about this well, helpful to keep him alive longer.

Ceaseless Advance – After a friendly model ends its activation, if your opponent doesn’t have any cards in their hand he gets reactivate. This is a nasty ability dealing with him twice, any bonus AP is welcome.

An Eye on the Young’uns – This is very handy when you lose your pig whispers and the like, basically pigs can never charge pigs. With careful deployment pigs should never be able to see a non-pig for it to matter. Shouldn’t happen a lot but good when it does.

Attack actions

Savage Bite – Decent Ml attack that does some nice damage with a good minimum we all want. It does come with some nice triggers as well.

  • Eat Anything – Crows – After damaging, he gets to make a healing flip. Keeps him going nicely.
  • Mauled to Slop – Rams – After he kills the model, all pigs nearby can push towards him. All pigs pushed get to heal a small amount which is great way of keeping all that bacon going.

Tactical actions

Nudge ’em On – After discarding a card you can push a pig on any direction. They pig gains Major’s Teaching condition – The pig gains the discarded cards suit to all its duel totals.

The Old Pig Knows the Way – Zero action that pushes gremlin models their Wk towards him.


Saddle – This costs 1 soulstone and grants the following:

Climb On – Whenever he declares a Wk then a friendly gremlin nearby may be placed in base contact at the end of the Wk.
Great way of pulling around models that would otherwise be a little static otherwise.

Corn husksThis costs 2 soulstone and grants the following:

Corn Husks – While in LoS, any pigs that end their activation close to an enemy scheme marker they can discard it and heal a point of damage.

Trained Pigs – Piglets in LoS can take interact actions as a zero action. This is huge as it means piglets become scheme marker factories.


Basically if you are taking a few pigs in your list, then Old Major is worth considering. He has the potential to kick out a lot of damage but due to his slowness (regardless of reactivate) means he is a support pig. Pushing pigs around and making piglets scheme marker super pigs..

But he can catch people out should Ulix wish to use him for some attacks or out-of-activation charges..

Bayou Bear – Brewmaster

It has been a while since I have done a master for one of these Bayou Bear articles and I thought what better way to do it than with the myth. That’s right time to look at possibly the oddest master around the Brewmaster.


He has average Df and Wk so nothing wow here. His Wp is pretty good though and he has decent number of wounds (although average for a master). What he does have is Ht 2 which means he wont get eaten like a lot of his gremlin brethren.


Intoxication – This is what makes Brewmaster scary once poison starts being added to enemy models. While within the bubble enemy models have their Wp reduced by the amount of poison on them. As we shall see with all the Wp actions he has this means they will be easier to get off as their Wp in theory will be rock bottom.

Another round – This allows any model within a short distance to take the, On the House action for 1 AP. This allows them to take a healing flip but also gain poison as well. This is great for friendly models as it is a cheap way of healing in a Brewie crew. For your opponent with the Intoxication bubble around means their Wp is going to start going down fast.

You’re drunk, go home – Df trigger on Mask and Tome – When an attack action fails against Brewie. The attackers controller has to place the model in their deployment zone. It is a pretty powerful if situational trigger. It does mean you have to spend a soulstone to get it regardless of anything and there is still a chance it could fail (using up a stone). But if you think you can get away with it, it does allow for some messing up of enemy plans..

Attack actions

Swig o’Shine – Very good Ml attack that doesn’t do any damage just hands out more poison. It even does it during disengaging strikes as well. With its good reach as well, it can be almost impossible Brewie to escape unless you can use pushes.

  • Pisswater – Crows – This also hands out the Swill condition (stackable) which makes the opponent have negative flips to all duels and flips it needs to take. Which is frankly brutal, hit a master/henchmen with this twice and that means they need to spend a soulstone and focus to just get a normal straight flip. This is really how he ups the denial game he brings to the table.

Hangover – This is Brewie’s headline action, it targets Wp (surprise) and only needs a 5 to hit the target number. This hands out more of the condition Swill (which is still stackable).

Obey – We all know the power of a good Obey, alas Brewie isn’t as good as say Zorida as he needs the mask to get it off as well which is a shame. But if you have the cards it is worth doing the odd obey as you can really get your crew moving with this or even get that extra attack you need to take a model down.

One for the Road – This is one of his zero actions, again it targets Wp and has a very high Ca. This simply hands out poison and pushes Brewie the equivalent of his charge towards the target. This is worth doing in the early turns as you set up your bubble of alcohol/poison. It does mean he can be almost across the board in one activation with this plus 3 walk actions.

Tactical actions

Drinking Contest – His other zero action, that means at until the end of the turn, all enemy models within a small bubble which declare an action must first pass a Wp duel (target number is not too bad but worse in his bubble) or they must take the On the House action instead.

This makes it very hard to do anything when close to Brewie especially if you already have poison on the enemy this can really churn through the enemies AP for nothing to show for it. But so health restored and more poison on them. This with intoxication means he can really shut down an area of the board very effectively.


Hold Their Hair Back – This costs 1 soulstone and grants the following:

Blaaaargh – Targets Df which is unusual for Brewie but it does have good range and needs at least an 8 to hit the target number. Basically it removes poison condition from the model and they gain paralyzed if they already have poison 3.

This is very nasty as you should be able to hand out a fair amount of poison anyway. Stopping models could with this is nasty.

The Good Stuff – This costs 1 soulstone and grants the following:

Liver Damage – Average Ml attack that again is hitting Df rather than Wp. It is the only way for Brewie to do direct damage to a model. The damage track is not very impressive but he does gain positive flips against models with poison on them. Only really worth hitting weak minions with this as anything else will laugh at him.

Drinking “Problem” – This costs 2 soulstone, which can be taken by any Tri Chi (so Brewie or Fingers, maybe Whiskey Golem) and grants the following:

Pour Me a Double – Other Tri-Chi models within a decent bubble can double the results of healing flips. When combined with the On The House action. Means if you stay in theme you can keep you guys topped up nicely.

Open Bar – Targets Wp and only needs a 6 to achieve target number. This pushes a target enemy model towards Brewie.

Running Tab – This costs 2 soulstone and grants the following:

Kegger – This allows you to take Tri-Chi models regardless of faction. This benefits 10T Brewie more than Gremlin Brewie but still not terrible.

Pay Up! – Discard all scheme markers nearby to heal Brewie by the number of markers discarded. Good way of healing without the use On the House and is a good in a scheme marker heavy game.

Binge – This costs 1 soulstone and grants the following:

Pick You Poison – Excellent Ca that targets Wp, it forces the target to discard a card and the outcome is based on suit.

  • Mask – Hooch – Makes the target immediately take a 1 AP action controlled by you (this is sort of like a 4th obey in a turn if you run that way).
  • Tome – Booz – This hands out a condition for the remainder of the game. Inebriated: a model loses all printed suits on their Ml, Df, Wp, Ca and Sh. Can be incredibly powerful if you can get this against the right model.
  • Crow – Shine – Makes the model Paralyzed.
  • Ram – Grog – Target takes decent amount of damage (as good as a severe from the Good Stuff).

This is a great upgrade and nice way to get more AP out of your own crew if you have a low mask in hand. However can be situational if hitting your opponent as they have some say about the card they discard.


He is a very strong debuffer, not in stats like you would see elsewhere but in AP. As we know AP are king in Malifaux so having a strong denile game in this area makes for a pretty strong master.

However you have to be careful as anything making use of their AP outside of Brewies bubble will more or less ignore him. So Guild/Outcasts can cause he some major problems with the level of shooting they can get on the table.

He needs a strong crew to achieve schemes and strategies while he goes and stops the enemy doing theirs by basically draining AP. He really needs his Totem Wesley on the board for the chance to have 2 Brewmasters in the game and Trixiebelle for the cheating initiative as getting his bubbles up early can make a big difference.

As far as upgrades go I struggle to take lots of his upgrades, I love stilts on him but then stilts on anyway is amazing. But with the added Ht increase means his bubble can see more of everything.

A really fun master that can infuriate your opponent BUT there are easy ways round him (still out of his bubble) plus Swill has to be the best condition in the game beyond paralyse.

Bayou Bear – Performer

The girls that get themselves around a LOT, the tarts 😉 Its time to look at the Performers possibly almost as popular as a Merc as the Freikorp Trappers. This sort of falls into the Bayou bear articles BUT as she offers a lot in general and that gets multiplied by anything with a nod towards poison using lists.


Across the board they are the picture of average! Perhaps the only models in the game to have so many of the same stat values. Although she can’t charge but that is not really their thing, cost even with the Merc tax is not bad for what she can do.


On to their abilities;

Manipulative – Before they activate, if they are targeted by an enemy model then they need to pass a reasonable Wp duel. Better than Horror as it never ends till they activated but worse as it doesn’t stop more targeting.

Precious – When they are killed/sacrificed, then a friendly Minion/Showgirl nearby gains reactivate, which is very nice as you gain something from losing them.

Don’t Mind Me – Extremely powerful ability that lets you Interact while engaged, for her cost this is massive and worth using a lot. Only issue is that she does not want to be in engaged as she is pretty squishy with those stats.

Attack Actions

Poisoned Hairpin – Decent Ml attack that does relatively low damage although but also hands out some poison as well. Pretty straight forward attack not messing.

Siren Call – A decent Ca attack that only needs a 4 to hit the TN and is resisted against Wp. The range is also nice which will help keep them out of harms way. What this does is push the target its Wk towards the Performer, not as powerful as Lure but it’s the triggers which make it nasty.

  • To Their Doom -Crows – If target ends in base contact then it becomes paralyzed.
  • Deadly Dance – Rams – If target ends in range then you get a free Ml attack.
  • A Sip of Wine – TomesThe target suffers damage equal to its poison level, then remove the condition.
Tactical actions

Seduction – Needs a 7 to achieve the TN, they target a Scheme Marker (friendly OR enemy). Then all enemy models close to it must pass a Wp duel or gain the Seduced condition.

This hands out double negative on Df and Wp duels till the end of the turn.


They fit so well into any crew that has potential to deal out lots of poison and/or with some Wp fun and games. From my standpoint Brewmaster is obviously a popular use for them. Don’t mind me is a rare ability and is worth the points outside of Arcanists. With all the Wp duels they hand out I can see possibilities in Neverborn and Pandora as well.

Bayou Bear – Slop Hauler

Its feeding time down at the Bayou today with another Bayou Bear article. This time looking at possibily one of the most popular models to have in any list the Slop Hauler.


For his cost he gets the sort of stats you expect. Average across the board, although he can shift on the charge which is rare but still nice to have.


On to their abilities;

Reckless – Well know and often used ability in the faction.

Bayou Two Card – Amazing ability as it allows you to cheat from the deck rather than from your hand. The Hauler will probably not use it as much as others but still worth remembering he has it.

Squeel – Df trigger on Masks, allows for the little guy to pushed away after taking damage from a Ml hit. IF they survive it obviously..

Attack Actions

Slop Bucket – An average low Ml attack that does low damage (with blast on severe) that also hands at the Appetizing trigger as standard. It lowers the targets Df to 4 and also any bonuses to the its Df. IF you can get this off then it means even Bayou Gremlins are more likely to hit. Very powerful if you want to risk the Hauler

Tossed Slop – Average Sh attack that does very low damage but with lots of blasts. It also hands out the Appetizing condition as above. This is a better use as the range on it keeps them a little further back.

  • Spread it Around – Tome – All models damamged get Appetizing so the blasts come into play more.
Tactical actions

Feed Piggies – A 2AP action that always 4 gremlins or pigs to make a healing flip. This is whats makes them so useful. As gremlins generally take wounds to do some cool stuff this allows them to keep doing that stuff beyond once or twice.


The best way of keeping all your models ticking over and a must for the summoners in the faction. Although all masters wont say no to some relatively efficient healing. They also make some a nice debuffer when needed as they can hurt if they get some blasts going with their ranged attack. No-one likes being a low Df.

Bayou Bear – Lenny

He is big and a light dense but the is loved by all….sometimes! It’s a Bayou Bear Article looking at the big guy himself Lenny.


He isn’t cheap but he does bring a lot to Gremlin builds. He has a decent number of wounds but his Df is bad and we will pretend he doesn’t actually have a Wp. He is not the fastest Gremlin around but he should be able to keep up at the back.


On to his abilities;

Hard to Wound – Standard I am harder to damage..

Numbskull – Makes him immune to all conditions. This is huge as he cant be poisoned, burnt, slowed or paralysed. But on the flip side he can never be reactivated or given fast as well. But this is huge epseically with his low Wp and meh Df.

Large Target – Friendly models close by reduce damage by one . So a pseudo-armour BUT works against everything. So Bayou Gremlins taking damage from Drunk & Reckless but also Dumb Luck trigger as well. Speaking of which.

Dumber Luck – Friendly pigs and gremlins add a Ram to their duels. Which makes all the gremlins terrifying! From Bayou Gremlins with dumb luck to Burt with his critical strike. Lenny helps bring the pain.

Attack Actions

Whack’n Stick – A good Ml attack which does decent damage. Nice and simple like Lenny himself.

  • Huge and Squeezes – Rams – After succeeding he hands out the condition Embraced – Which means model s cant declare walk actions while engaged. If you can charge something that has a lower melee range then Lenny himself. This is basically the same as Paralysed. Unless your opponent can push the model out.
Tactical actions

Toss – Target a Ht1 then push it a fair distance in any direction. If the target hits impassable terrain or a model then they need to pass a Df duel or take some damage. Nice way to move your own stuff around. If only they didn’t become insignificant as well. This would be amazing J

Pet the Piggy – Needs any 9 to hit the TN but allows him to make a healing flip. Shame it the total is a little high but he hands out a lot already to the crew. Plus slop haulers makes it easy to ignore if you wish.


Obviously as a gremlin he can take Dirty Cheater but he does have a named upgrade as well, he will probably take it if you want to load up the pigapult.

I’ll Love It and Pet It – This costs 1 soulstone and gives him a Sh attack.

Whacked Piglets – Average Sh with low damage and good range. It does have blasts at severe as well but really its all about the trigger;

  • Huh, It Survived – Tomes – If you do weak damage you summon a Piglet into base contact with the target. The piglet then takes some uncheatable damage. Wooo free piggy.

The ultimate force-multiplier around. He makes all your gremlins hit harder with the auto Rams around while also reducing the damage they take. A lot of masters love Lenny, mainly Ophelia and Somer but he can easily fit in anywhere.

Yes he is very easily moved around due to the shocking Wp BUT he is still worth having as at least he is immune to conditions (both good and bad). I have found that having Old Cranky around helps him a little with that Wp but it is just something you will have to accept with him (keep away from Pandora).

Bayou Bear – Rami LaCroix

Another Bayou Bear article and this time, I thought I should go Kin and have a look at Mr Deadeye himself Rami.


Low Df and Wp (although pretty average compared to other Gremlins) he is relatively quick with his Wk but has no Cg. His wounds could have been higher but not too bad.


On to his abilities;

Reckless – We have seen this before and on a model that can take an upgrade *cough* Dirty Cheater *cough* it means for some easy access to more AP.

Squeel – Df trigger on Masks, allows for the little guy to pushed away after taking damage from a Ml hit. Which means hopefully he can’t be kept in combat.

Aim High – Allows him to ignore Ht 1 models in an engagement, which helps loads in Gremlins. Fair warning about the Stilts upgrade as it will hurt this ability.

Attack Actions

Really Long Rifle – An average Sh with excellent range and OK damage but weak is a bit poor. If he focuses like all snipers he gets to boost range of the gun to silly long

  • Dumb Luck – Rams – Standard trigger which means doubling the damage for cost of taking half the damage. This makes Rami someone to respect with severe damage around.
Tactical actions

Trusty Flask – His only Tactical Action that needs any 6 to hit the TN. It allows him to make a healing flip. Which with dirty cheater as well means he can keep ticking.


Your average activation is going to be. Reckless, focus, shoot, heal. He is that simple, shoot anything that moves. But he is also worth a scheme runner as he doesn’t have From The Shadows like over snipers and he can at least move ok.