Cog Building 101 – Dominus

Well here it is, officially finished the start collecting box and my first steps into the Dark Mechanicus. As such he needs to be the most turned of the models so far. Thankfully he came with multiple arms already so tweaking a few of them means they will go unnoticed….right?


Cog Building 101 – Onager

Work continues a sort of pace with my Dark Mechanicus, and yes you may cry out that my Onager is looking very unchaosy…

I want some of my more vehicle type units to keep the ad mech look without going overboard with the tentacles etc.

The Onager is one example of that but also he is magnetised up so soon I will have some extra bits that make him into a count as Defiler 😀

Keep your eyes out for that 😉


Cog Building 101 – Paint Scheme

So after the first article outlining want I wanted to do HERE and shout out to Triple Helix Wargames for helping me out as always with the army.

I have my color scheme, it ties in with my fallen knights I think is also dark for dark mech and is easy to knock out as monthly targets need to be hit with this army. 2000pts within a year is still the target and hopefully is reachable (if it isn’t will just add in some really big stompy robots ;))

Anyway here is Unit Alpha 1, aka Skitarii Rangers! So the tie in with my knights is of course some Tzeentchy blue mutations which I hope catch the eye of the dark red and black cloaks but also don’t drag away too much.

I really wanted some conversions in the unit especially with access to only one Transuarnic arquebus, gluing some guns together I think works OK for a second.

So the base of the red is using Khorne red and highlight with wazdakka red and of course using loads of Nuln Oil 🙂

I also wanted to give my unit leaders some real Tzeentch feel and I was lucky enough to be sent some spare Tzanagors with give the guys a little more of a bonkers look 🙂

So from the start collecting box I have the Dominus and the Onager to go, and I think I am well on the way to having them complete.

Stay tuned.



Cog Building 101 – Starting Ad Mech

Exciting news if slightly belated, I am starting a set of articles around New Year New Army…. Yes I know it is nearly a quarter of the way through shush now!

Anyway huge shout out to Triple Helix Wargames who are going to be helping get this army off the ground and I couldn’t have done it without them (also they offer some super savings, so you should totally go check them)

So what is the army going to be, well some may remember I have started a small Grey Knight army (well all GK armies are small…) with a twist I am doing Fallen Knights and as such they are going to count as Thousand Sons as well. I bring this up because I have I been struggling with the elite army in games as I can’t compete well with some of the hordier armies. So I have been contemplating some allies to give me boots on the ground and some more fire power. Alongside this I am not a fan of the Tzaangor models, so if I could find something to work as them as well then great.

I initially toyed with some Guard but the idea of painting soooo many bodies even though it is bodies I wanted, I couldn’t face it although the idea of a tank force still tickles the idea of a Panzer division in me. I didn’t want any more power armour in my force as I wanted the Grey Knights to stand out.

The idea of Custodes was also mulled but again having a more elite force with the original elite force seemed silly, plus making the Custodes more Chaos-y would have been tricky.

I already have a Knight and although in more Death Guard colours would still work, and I am sure with those new baby Knights, a full force of them would have been very cool!

So be careful selection and nothing to do with cool robots, I am left with the Ad Mech and all their goodies. This I hope will work well as we already know in the fluff that the GK have a specific Forge World that only works with them and there is enough cool models that I should be able to make them work as the cross-over force to increase my Thousand Sons. So all of a bit of a win-win then 🙂

So first job I have is to think about the cross-over models, now I already have some of these tagged thanks to the GK force I have for instance.

Rubric marines/Terminators are easy enough to port across, likewise the Dreadknights make reasonable forge/mauler fiend models. Of course, my Grand master in Dreadknight is Magnus so that’s super easy 😉

Some of the other possibilities I have been toying with are, the Onagers are Defilers with some magnetisation. Enlightened are Sciarian troops converted (not using the legs instead having tendrils, think Necron wraiths almost). Shaman and Daemon prince could both be a Dominus model. Tzaangors are the Skitarii troops admittedly not a perfect match those two but you get the idea.

While suitably converted battle servitors would make nice chaos spawns as well.

But for now I have been trying to get an idea for purchase order and have a sort of idea in my head. It basically involves 1 of everything as spamming is boring 😉

I plan to run Graia as my Forge World type (can’t leave home without additional saves) but I am sure I will want the Cawl model at some point so I suppose Mars will make an appearance as well as far as rules go.

But where to start, well as an adopted Yorkshireman the cheapest option is the best ALWAYS the best. And when you can’t be cheap go for value…

Now the Start Collecting box is an amazing starting point as you can very easily pick up 3 boxes and have all the troops you could want, plus 3 Onagers which is a hell of a lot of firepower and more HQs than you would want as well!! It is something that has made me seriously consider, but my aim has always been get as many toys to showcase to see what I like.

So the plan is a first month(s) purchase in the shape of the Start Collecting Skitarii box and another unit of Skitarii. So this gives me 20 Skitarii, a Dominus and an Onager! Which I think gives me a very strong start to the army and healthy 500pts.

So the initial conversion ideas, is to keep the conversions on troops to a minimum, the odd tentacle etc. maybe the alphas get something more. I am looking forward to making the Dominii (plural right?) more daemony, while the Onager I am hoping I am keep very much as-is for when it is ad mech, but something fun and different when I want a defiler.

So hopefully over the coming months I can build up an army slowly and hopefully with a bit of character, fingers crossed..

But above all lets me do some more real-time blogging as usually I plan things in advance…honest!