I have wanted to paint the new Abaddon model for a while now and with the lockdown and my FLGS (Leodis Games) having one in stock figured to birds and one stone. Support them and give me something different to paint.

I did do some tweaks as wasnt a fan of the base he comes with so made my own from a roller and lots of green stuff.


Been a while since I have done a daemon sword and after some shouts on Twitter, we came up with the idea of a flesh sword and screaming faces dripping with blood.


Yeah for contrast paint 🙂

Repent Sisters Repent

Welcome to the last of out looks at the Sisters Battle Box, we get to cover the Sisters unit themselves as well as the Repentia unit.

First up the sisters, they are glorious! GW continue to make these easy build models just more and more amazing.

On the whole the models come together really easily. Obviously with a standard sister only having a bolter the need to do weird and wonderful things to the model is some what reduced. But with plenty of head options you can get some nice variation and snipping off the peg means a head twist gives you more scope to give the very dynamic models a slightly different look!

One let down of these sort of kits does mean that changing the special weapons for instance is almost impossible. The example here being the stormbolter, half of it actually part of the leg!! You are going to need some serious plastic surgery to change that about..

Although the Sister Superior will be easy enough to do some weapons swaps. On the whole people are going to be very happy with these models even though they have a set build.

Ignore the sister hiding at the back, she was a test model 🙂

Look at the angry Superior bellowing a curse at someone, or at least a praying to her chainsword…. The detailing is just well bleurghhhhhh, words escape me, from the rosary beads to the armour detailing on the thighs.

The tiny details on the doors and even the insciption on the skulls, people are going to have fun painting this bad boy(girl) up. The sisters are going to be a an army that provides so much scope for a good painter, while also having enough raised areas that it is going to be OK for those of us that arent as good.

Now we go on to the sisters needing some penance for their crimes…

Something that I like in a really weird way is that they are on smaller bases than their sisters as they are walking around in armour. Helps make them feel smaller, although the flip side is they are so dynamic balance may be a problem on the battlefield.

If you had thought the other models in the box had so much detailing going on. The Repentia ironically are the most detailed, from padlocks to iron girdles. Of all the models in the box these would scare me the most to paint OK, the details are just so intricate .

Handily though not much converting is needed 🙂

The Superior for the Repentia is also again a lovely model and if I am honest a nicer model than the Canoness. She certainly will be noticed on the battlefield..

Although we do need to pause for a moment for that whip, its so long and breakable and WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!!!


The grounded sisters of the box are probably my favourite sculpts at the moment. If it wasn’t for the nostalgia of the arco-flagellants. On the whole the new Sisters I think have to be some of the nicest things GW have done since last weeks releases 😉

Honestly though I think from what I have seen, the Sisters are the best range of models for 40K we have seen to date. With only the uniqueness of the AdMech coming close (Orks are also close but that is because every Ork player makes them their own).

Hopefully you have enjoyed the dig through the box I know I have 😀

Whips and whips and

Our continued look at the Sisters Battle Box, brings us to a set of models I have a real soft spot for. The arco-flagellants, they take me back to a simpler time when I was knee high to grot and enjoying the amazing 54mm models for the Inquisitor game. Damien 1427 was his name and he was very misunderstood.

So having these guys in 28mm (or whatever scale we are now) and in plastic is a very big, YES.

The models are easy enough to put together on the whole around 4 pieces and like alot of the models in the box also gives you head options for the duplicate spure body. With the leader model being different.

They are going to be difficult to convert over some of the other models as the options are a bit more limiting unless you do specific cutting to change the flails.

The detail is really lovely and very dynamic. They deliver everything they should be, chemical madmen with electro-shock arms..

I do have concerns about how well the cat’o’nine tails will last in the long run as the plastic is pretty thin and long…never a good mix with clumsy gamers. But apparent from that they are pretty robust for naked people with a lot of other details a bit more protected. For instance I have no concerns about the injection systems on the back.

For those interested the Blackstone Negavolt Cultists make pretty good leader models for the unit but from a scale point and also they look just as mad and having just two of them gives me a nice little currently gives me a unit of 5 for the time being.


I am really pleased to see these guys in plastic for the nostalgia, although I really wish he had a larger unit of them in the box, I appreciate it is a min unit but these guys are not surviving much with 3 bodies (we want more madmen!!)

Wings and Pray

As promised we continue the look at the Sisters Battle Box, this time we are looking at the boss lady and the Seraphim.

The Canoness, is a lovely model she is obviously monopose. But I certainly think there is some scope for converting even if its only weapon swaps and head adjustments.

Next up we have the Seraphim unit, this go together pretty well and the detailing is out of this world.

The facial expressions are really crisp and the armour detailing is just WOW!

Now the poses are a little limiting, as they are all I assume in graceful landing position. I do wish we had some more (hard with duplicates I know). Hopefully the multipart kit will sort this, as far as conversions go;

If you have the weapons these will be very very easy to gun swap with although the leader model will be a bit tougher as a whole glove would need replacing if dropping the power sword.

Now for the big issue with the kit and probably any new flying kit for GW. the new tiny lipped flight stand.

So the footprint it takes up is tiny admittedly and GW have done a great job of ensuring the kit is not imposed by it. However, if you are wanting to have clear bases you cant glue it to the model and that is the only way to attach it to the model without some chopping and magnets involved.

Likewise painting these before attaching is again that much tougher as there is none of the model balljoint to work with.

In the end I glued and will paint black as I have found this easier for me. As the only other options I can think of be really careful (HAHAHAHAHA), protect the clear plastic, blue tac or glue the girls to a temporary base.

New models are super sexy, who would have guessed right?

Overall though these build easy enough and I think if we see more of the easy build stuff drop on its own rather than in the army box, it is not going to be hard to get your units up to size quickly and with limited converting needed. I think the Canoness would need some more work though to be different, saying that a helmet swap and a boltgun added it would not be impossible to add variety from these minis.