So this is the first batch of my GSC alternative models.

With the idea being its a rogue machine cult which relies heavily on the munda range. So these goliaths are pitfighters that have additional arm for well fighting.


Ambot Review

Got my hands on the Ambots box this week, as always thanks to our friends at Triple Helix..


The plan is to use one as my Patriarch for the GSC Chaos Machine Cult. Which means I need to find a project for the second.

Anyway onto the review, the box is as per all other GW kits, so nice art splashed with pretty pictures of the models.20190415_192732847232477913376829.jpgNow the back is a little sparse, I expect this is the nature of the kit and how the options are more limited.20190415_1927421278990881194561929.jpgWhat is perhaps most surprising thing about this kit is that, although the 2 models look different. It is actually the same kit, with additional legs and head being the only differences.This does mean the kit is almost a snap-fit kit but more advanced, any conversion work you wish to do is going to need some heavy chopping and changing on the part of the modeler.

20190415_192956(0)1959630930747173139.jpgThe instructions are great as always (but like other non-core kits only in black and white).

20190415_1928544477196161858844295.jpgAs you can see (well you would have if I had remembered to put the kits in the same orientation….) that the box gives you 2 identical spures.

20190415_1929046716936877132384804.jpgThe details are very nice and the kit goes together very very quickly.

20190415_1928598573461814048139570.jpgThere some nice little details for the kit like the cogs on the back section, which in typical GW fashion you wont see much of once built, if you use the shoulder guard-shield thingy.

20190415_1929115539484865380081143.jpgawwwwww look little thumb gun..

So the build was easy enough, the kit doesn’t require much thinking about as there is not much to the options. This on top of square pegs on connections means he builds quickly which is great if you want are wanting the standard poses. I did try and mix things a little by having the legs of bot A and the arms from bot B.

Which does add a little more to the options but not you much. As mentioned if you are wanting something more dynamic or very different will need plenty of work.


So he is a bulky model that fills the 40mm base really well. I will say this again the munda bases are soooo sexy I wish I could use them everywhere..


Always need a backside shot as well, showing off some of the little details. It really shows the tech level GW are working at as the hand/arm section is almost one piece but they still manage to give us some nice tubing details.

Finally a scale shot of the bot with a little Ghoul and one of my converted Acolytes from the Goliath kit.

I think he is going to work nicely as Patriarch model once he is painted up.

All hail the Emperor of the Machine



So as a kit the price point of £18.75 (from our friends at THG) is really good. Although they are Munda models, I think they have the potential to be really popular with a lot of modelers. Yes I am being a tad lazy and not doing much to make it into Patriarch, but Ork players are going to love it. I almost think they have the potential to fit into some marine forces or ad mech ones.

Beyond that its a fun little kit regardless.

A Toe into Gunpla

I have for those that dont follow me on social media been dipping my toe into Gunpla (Gundam Mobile Suit plastic models).

This is down to finding a cool little ruleset called Mobile Suit Skirmish, it’s a free set and has a nice FB and forum community.

But I will be covering them in a different post, eventually.

I have been watching a fair amount of Gundam recently started with Iron Blooded Orphans and then backwards to the original series.

I am also, almost finished Unicorn which is on Netflix at the moment, who doesn’t love big stompy robots that beat the living hell out of each other? So with free rules and wanting to try my hand at these kits I dived in.

The first kit I went for was Astaroth who is from a side story of IBO but has a cool sword 🙂 I am going to be going over the kit as a wargamer, as that’s what I know and as cool as some of the super high grade kits are I am going to be looking at a 1/144 scale kit. As that’s what I will be using for the game and keeps the storage footprint lower 😀

The artwork is amazing, which you would expect and the photos are of the model you are building (no photoshop).

The instructions are indepth and despite the language barrier there are no problems following them.

The plastics themself are interesting, it isn’t GW plastic but it’s been so long since I did Airfix I cant say if its similar.

What I can say is that it is certainly decent and the detail is nice. It isn’t GW class but this is a sub-£15 price kit and the details suit the type of model we are working towards.

Nice little details, is nice..

As for the build it is a very easy and I can see why snap-fit is becoming popular with the likes of GW. This was great fun and the articulation that even this level of kit can do is just stunning!!

So here he is, strutting his funky stuff;

Have had a great evening building him and I already have a second kit on the way. That I plan to paint up, which will be something new again as I plan to paint before building :O

I dont have many Kaiju models so a Bloodthirster will need to do.


So those keeping an eye on the social medias, I have been making myself a spare parts BT, using the parts from the kit plus a Hive Tyrant and I have to say I have surprised myself how well one of these ideas has actually worked 🙂

Really surprised how well the BT arms fitted the double arm socket of the HT

Magged for sanity