Plague Surgeon

My Plague Surgeon, continuing my cross mixing of the 30K models I was lucky enough to be gifted 2 of the MK3 Apothecaries who fit nicely into my army! Plus I am not a fan of the actual Plague Surgeon model.


He might not be as big as his 40K version anymore but I still love this model and will continue to use (mainly as the 40k pose is daft also I am cheap).

Death Guard – Spartan

What is better than a tank with many lasers? one that has clearly been used….a lot!!

Still enjoying painting the Death Guard, although I have been avoiding painting that 20-man unit!


Death Guard – Contemptor Mortis

Everyone needs one (apparently) and well do love  with some cutting (and a second kit) you can get one of these from the contemptor plastics.