Corrupted Warhound

This is the first of my corrupted Warhound, made from spare parts and lots of green stuff.


He is magnetised ready for more weapons, because you never know.


I have found the warhound the easiest kit to make from spares of the kit, I am not sure yet how to tackle the reavers yet but we shall see 🙂

Adeptus Titanicus Warbringer Nemesis – Review

It has felt like an age since we last got some shiny new titans but we got one and boy is he a big boy. Although has to be said he needs to think about having some leg days in the gym. Time to look at the Warbringer 😀

We get the standard fair for the box, really nice artwork. I am particularly a fan of the perspective of looking up to the engine adds some great scale to it. The back is of course a pretty picture of painted up titan, what is also huge for this box is the introduction of the game terminals (and weapon cards) for the titan. Which means if this spreads to the other titans, you get what you need to play all in one box without the need to buy x or y as well.

Good news everyone 🙂

The long time bugbear of this erm. bear is that the quality of these titans was almost let down by the instruction manual and the quick B&W print off feel to them. Not anymore we get the full GW experience with the Warbringer .

Just feels better that you are building this and that GW also care about it as well. I get its a something to be bothered about, but I now feel less nervous that AT is just something that GW is a bit meh about.

Standard transfer sheets to git with the size of the WBN.

As always we get the transfers but as mentioned we get the game terminal. Now this is really helpful but alas it is only (only he says) a high quality paper copy. Not the cardboard versions you would have got for the previous titans. Now its not a big deal but for those with OCD and not having the same type available it will be a bit jarring. I know that you can get a set of the terminals from GW but I am not sure if they are different again.

But we are getting these in the price so I am not going to complain too much as at least we arent at the whim of limited quantities of terminals and the joys of ebay.

We now move on to the spures now we get 3 in the box and it is already clear that we are set up for potential upgrade spures at some point. Like the other titans, almost like its planned…

The big sprue is obviously the legs and the majority of the body sections as you would expect. Like all the titans the level of detail is just a little bit silly.

I mean look a walkway and step round the main weapon area!! It is just mind-blowing what is being achieved at the moment.

Next we have the panels which as always gives us both loyal and traitor panels that are really really nice. Both the eagle and the eye are really striking and naturally stand out a lot on model.

The mark of the true hero
booooo hiss

Finally the exciting sprue the weapons 🙂 I do love that the Quake cannon is an revolver weapon. But on top of that we also have loading cranes on this titan to move the massive shells to the gun. Again, the detail is :O I dont care if I sound like a fanboy when GW get something right they cant be touched when it comes to model production.

Just some additional information that the arm weapons are the same size/scale as the Reaver weapons, its impossible to tell the difference in the Volcano cannons.

The building of this is probably on bar with the warlord, it does share some of the complications of the Reaver legs and can be frustrating especially as you really need to really study the instructions to make sure the legs are on the right way (I didnt make that mistake honest). While some of the smaller pieces are really small, like the defensive guns and the shell cranes. But on the whole if you have dealt with the other titans you should be OK. I may suggest avoiding it for your first titan. Go with the warhounds they are great intro titan. But on the whole an amazing kit although you have to feel sorry for the Reaver now, no longer the middle child more like the forgotten third 😀

Missing leg day is not an issue in the year 30,000

Look at the detail the cranes and loading bays for the shells, just mental at this scale!

I love the split void shield generators on this chasis and the AA guns, which currently have no rules yet, still have idents for magnets for future releases though?

Finally some scale shots of how he fares between his big/little brothers


A great addition to the AT forces and well worth the price of £46 from our friends over at Leodis Games.

Overall it fits nicely a very different piece and ticks another box of what is available in 28mm is now in AT. I do hope to see some unique titans soon as I want to feel special. Now excuse me while I go stop around shouting for Horus..