Well with the advent of Mk3 Batman, I have again fallen into the game and I have to say I am looking forward to it. The clean up of the rules I am looking forward to tackling.

With all this, it means new models and well I decided to go with something I would not have considered one of the key gangs, not being a huge comic reader I see Penguin, Joker, Catwoman and two face as the bad guys. So the League of Assassins although very big didnt have the same connection to me so I didnt have the nagging feeling I could not do the models justice (ha) of say a batman and Joker model.

So I have picked up the Demon box and being a good bear I have started with the base guys so here are the Hassassins from the box. Decked out in their green and hanging round the Lazurus Pit.



Well took me a while since Christmas but I have managed to get the first batch of the Moonstone starter completed.

Been a lot of fun painting these and cant wait to get some more done

Baron Fancy Pants (I know thats not his name but it is now)
Grub we all love Grub
Midget of Doooooooooooooom

Art of War (Star Wars Legion) Review

Welcome to a review of some of the exciting and shiny things that AoWS are force pushing… (not sorry) out at the moment.Ā Today I am going to be looking at their SW:Legion Core token set.Ā Linky To Them

Price – Ā£15.99
ItsĀ a huge bag of everything you could want for some pew pew Legion fun, first a list of what we are looking at gettingā€¦

  • 8 Order tokens
  • 6 Objective Bases (and enough Rebel/Empire coloured holograms for them)
  • 10 Suppression tokens
  • 6 Aim tokens
  • 6 Dodge tokens
  • 6 Standby tokens
  • 6 Condition tokens
  • 4 Panic tokens
  • 12 Victory tokens
  • 2 Ion tokens
  • 10 Single wound andĀ 4 Triple wound tokens
  • 3 Vehicle Damage tokens

Which handily is what you get in the Core box for Legion more or less. Now I am going to be greed and will be using these all for myself šŸ˜€

Which means I am going to have plenty for games.


So nice baggy of goodies, as always from the chaps from AOWS. Something that is a nice touch and I have never seen before is a little sheet of paper telling you how to add colour to recesses which is really helpful for those that haven’t dealt with such tokens before or if like me never realise if you leave the backing paper on it makes it much easier…

So once we have all the tokens out we get a lot and it is also so very pretty. I particularly like the objective markers as the light hologram for whichever faction controls is a great. Plus, everything is pretty snug you wont get wonky markers during the game.


But how do the compare to the FFG punch-out cardboardĀ tokens. Well on the whole they match them pretty damn well. with most of them actually being the same size. Yes the likes of the wound markers are smaller but you also get the number on them (well 1 or 3, with the 3 being bigger as well) which makes it easier during games anyway.

I would have liked my suppression markers to be a little bit bigger but that is the only little complaint I have. Mainly as I am really bad at missing markers after games..


So once all edge painting is done, the tokens look amazing.



I really like the set and it is going to cover most peoples uses (yes the command tokens may not match perfectly with some more advance lists but for now they are spot on).

Obviously not future proof with some of the wild and wacky things FFG could drop in the future but for now and for the price you can not go wrong with this set.

Plus its shiny acrylic….SHINY!!