So here is my contiuation of the fall into Dark Mech for 30K.

The Tech-thralls are they meat/metal shield for the much nastier stuff but being fearless they dont care….which is nice.

I had wanted to use various Munda gangers for this, but in the end I managed to rescue some Goliaths destined for the scrap heap. So added lots of scrap to them 🙂

Yes they are a tad mental but those who have seen what else I am doing for this atmy its foing to be unique 🙂


Malifaux Bees

Hello my name is Bear and I have a problem, I cant leave things alone. I have to have some theme to a force I doing I cant help it..

So I wanted something something different for my Hamelin crew… I had hoped to find suitable Wasp models. Instead we got bees 🙂

Thats OK Honey (Hamelin) the Beekeeper of Malifaux can still work, so now I needed bees and they are supplied by the very helpful @fallen013 on Twitter. Who also has a side business in 3D printing so check him out (as it helps encourage him to do a Bee King for me 😉 )

With all that sorted I have myself 12 bees in which to spread the horrendously addictive Malifaux Honey around 😀


Adeptus Titanicus Acastus Knight Porphyrion – Review

Please forgive the tardiness, for I was sunning myself by the pool…Apparaently glue is banned next to the swimming pools.

Anyway here is my review of the biggest of Knights or the smallest of titans, you decide..

This box brings us nicely up to, the 3 main bodies/chasis types for the Knights that is covered by GW themselves. Alongside the same thing for the titans as well, means we going to be hitting the exciting times of AT being in front of the forge world 40k models.

Yes I know we dont have all the weapon options yet for a lot of them but we are getting there.

The box is the usual quality like the rest of the range, I have really enjoyed the artwork being done for AT and it continues here.

So we get duplicate spures in the box to build 2 of the knights. The only options open to us is the baby weapons on the torso and if you wish to have the missile launcher open or closed.

Inside the box we get the again black and white instruction manual. This has been a bit of a bugbear for me in these boxes, as the quality isnt there. In fact this is the worst so far, it is a very plain peice of paper that feels like it was a rush jump.

Even worse the instructions are wrong the corresponding numbering of of the upper legs is the wrong way round between spure and paper. I have neever come across this in GW kit before (I am sure there has been but I have never come across/noticed). This is only a small thing but the instructions do feel like a let down when everything else is so good! Like a used napkin at fancy restuarant.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190817_1938311520906279077956154.jpg

Back onto the positives we get another new transfer sheet for these guys and as always they are great if realy really small..

The build for the numbers themselves is easy enough and can be done pretty quickly. With only a couple of options already mentioned.

Something to be wary of is the cabling around the groin and the safety bars on the back. They are small and thin plastic and snap realy easily.

It is a solid kit and goes together pretty easily, the legs are a little fiddly with the armour plates, but that just seems to be ATs party piece across the kits 🙂

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190819_2126327611465444703755665.jpg

The model as a whole is perhaps a little more static which makes sense for a big siege knight and a lot of work is needed if you want the movement in the legs.

Finally some scale shots of how he fares between his big/little brothers

So scalewise he is the biggest of the knights, but still fits the feel and I have to say the detail is just amazing across them all.

While he is still small than the Warhound, there isnt much in it admittedly. It did get me wondering if this scale matches up in the 40K world, as for some reason I think they are almost identical in that scale. Probably wrong, but surely someone can do that pciture for us 😀


A great addition to the AT forces and well worth the price of £22.50 from our friends over at Triple Helix.

The range is growing really nicely and I sort of hope we continue to see at least one new model every year, besides the weapon options and books and transfers and other stuff.

Also helps I have my hands on one of everything now and still feel like I can have an enjoyable game rather needing 7 of one thing.

First Real Crack At Contrast

So this is my first model painted using Contrast.


Admittedly I didnt use the offiial undercoating, just good ol’ Halfords grey prime. Which didnt work so I started trying other things.

I can report that Army Painter White does OK as a base layer for contrast.


I also found that mixing contrast with a normal colour can give some interesting effects and provides a layering before you go in with the contrast on its own.

Finally I can report that Vallejo airbrush thinner works as a medium for contrast as well (we know its not just water, dont it had no ill effect).

I like contrast as another string to the bow but I am more comfortable with what I do in general. The cloth for instance is standard layer and wash.

More experimenting is needed and as I dont want to change mid-project. I think Slaanesh will be the first army that I go for a really good test of the paint.