WIP day 10 – details

Nearly there.

have added in some details of spare KoS parts coming through the portal. With a splash of contrast paint into the resin (used as a glue in the case) to sort of give the idea of the model manifesting.

I think it works well, although I am at the point now where I dont know if I should do some more embellishments…


WIP day 9 – UV resin time

Well it finally arrived I have a much larger bottle of UV resin which means it’s time to see pink elephants…..

So I have added to the base for the water effect, which is just quicker using this stuff. And obviously first pass on the portal.

I do want to play around with some layering of the water and I have a few plans for the portal but that’s for another day.


So here is my contiuation of the fall into Dark Mech for 30K.

The Tech-thralls are they meat/metal shield for the much nastier stuff but being fearless they dont care….which is nice.

I had wanted to use various Munda gangers for this, but in the end I managed to rescue some Goliaths destined for the scrap heap. So added lots of scrap to them 🙂

Yes they are a tad mental but those who have seen what else I am doing for this atmy its foing to be unique 🙂