BB Goblin Special Team

After the first batch of linegobbos were complete I got to play around and make myself some special team players 🙂


Only managed to make 4 out of the first batch of gobbos but I have started work on the last 2.


The Ooligan was pretty easy to do in the end as I had a spare dwarf player, felt with a big belly and bigger than his mates he suited the name.


Slight arm tweak and lots of green stuff gave me my bomber


Raided the ork bits for a quick chainsaw conversion.


Then my favourite the loon again nearly all green stuff work except I used a orruk skull from the ironjawz kits to use as his helmet.


So having a FLGS with lots of active members means, when someone has an idea (not me, never me).

Things sort of snowball and before you know you are playing new games, in a unrelated note I present some nice Flames of War (well plastic solider company) StuGs painted up faster than you can shake a drybrush at;