So waiting forever to get a new Samurai box plus an extra Geisha I probably will not use (think 2 is enough). With an arm swap and raiding the TTB kit.

Gives me a Samurai that Youko will be happy to tag along.



Start of the family has begun, with the youngest member of the crew. I wanted to go with a Day of the Dead feel like them. But it felt wrong for the youngest to be effected by the ghost look so much. Hence why his coat is ghostly flame.

The plan is for Granny to be a ghost and her wheelchair being normal and then we balance how the others look in the crew.


UV resin Ice Gamins VOTE!!!

As mentioned last week I have been playing around with some UV resin and blue stuff molds.

Started as a bit of an experiment and suddenly I have 4 different ice gamins…..

All using different paint techniques or even how I created them with the casting (if I can use that word) process.

So I have had fun knocking these up and there is some nice tiny details you can see if you squint…

Number 1

Pure resin no messing about…

Number 2

A dry brush of white on the details and then sealed in more resin so the colour is just under the skin…

Number 3

Created by swirling blue and white paint in the halves of the body before they were joined up.

Number 4

Last one is the off cuts of thin resin from the other 3 added to the mold as I poured the fresh resin in.

Would love to hear peoples thoughts about which one looks the best.

I am thinking this could help me create all the gamins for a certain academic from arcanists as well 🙂