Hordes online charity raffle 2015 #WAAC

The raffle is live for a chance to win a fully painted Legion of Everblight army!

Info is below, please use the link to go see shiny pictures of the army and please spread the word

Tickets are 1 for £2 or 3 for £5 payable by PayPal to releasetheminions(at)gmail.com. Note – please include an email address on this..

You will have your raffle numbers emailed to you.

Draw finishes 1900 on the 31st May 2015.

via Warmachine and Hordes online charity raffle 2015.

Scatter Terrain Review

The lovely guys at SGS have recently released some scatter terrain that has a nod towards the amount of terrain expected for a Guild Ball game BUT also will work nicely with any of the skirmish level games (Malifaux/Warmachine etc.). But first a little background to the Nick and SGS.

Starting as a seller of resin bases, Nick decided to try his hand a terrain (Walls being his first success in this area) which grew in popularity quickly as he introduced more products and this has meant that he has supplied many  different places from the Blog Sponsors at the Outpost to several clubs AND more impressively supplying terrain for Smogcon. So you know Nick certainly has a following for good products. Lets see if his Pitch Terrain kits measure up 🙂

Starter Pitch

First up the Starter Pitch kit coming in at the cheap £10 level. It gives you 5 pieces of area terrain that offer some rough terrain, something that can easily be made into a water piece and a (rock) obstruction.


Now as GB will not need that much terrain in general this at least allows you to shake things up beyond a flat pitch pretty easily, without distracting from the game. As you can see by my lovely assistant Lazrus the pieces are a decent size.


They are also pretty flat despite some nice details. This means that wobbly model syndrome is almost completely avoided.


Rock is big can almost hide a shy auto-repairing robot.

Expansion Pitch

Is a slightly larger amount of resin with 6 peices and most of them being much bigger than the starter set and only slightly more expensive at £15.

What you get is a couple of walls, more rocking outcrop and also some larger prices of area terrain.


As you can see the pieces are much larger and give a bit more variation than the starter kit.


Also the walls are a nice example of the detailing across the kits and it will certainly mean painting is nice and easy!



For the price of the pair of the kits you will be set for all your Guild Ball games for life, unless you want to go down a theme for you table. But as generic terrain goes you can’t go far wrong.

The advantage for me is that I can easily use this in other systems and still have the deseried effect. I dont have too much area terrain so these kits will do the job nicely!

Great pieces of terrain that are tried and tested by a freindly bear 🙂

Bendy Boards Battle Board Review

Today I will be having a look at the new Battle Boards (cue thunder and lighting) from Bendy boards , you may remember when I looked at the crew boards which are suitable for Malifaux and other small skirmishers..

Well Mr Leee has expanded his scope and has now started creating BattleBoards which are daddy versions of the crew ones which will cover large model counts for say Warmachine and Hordes (or people with massive Malifaux collections *looks over at Marc*).

As most tournament tray business comes in from the US its nice to see UK-based availability of these sorts of trays. Lie all BB trays they have plenty of space for models but also the various paraphernalia, you need as well such as stat cards, dice, pens, tape measures etc. freeing up your hands for some juggling 🙂

You can see Leee has learnt much in the time between my reviews, as now we have a flat-pack arrive rather than the block that is the crew board.

The whole thing is very nice and clean and goes together very easily, even with my daft hands..

Some nice features worth mentioning are the support beams underneath the tray, they really add some rigidity to the tray and make it feel as solid as the block crew boards!!

There is also the lip around the tray although small, it is certainly high enough to help catch the minis before the fall when you do have a brain fart during a tournament..

As always we are provided with more than one type of board configuration and in my case I went with the ‘A’ board but you do get a further 3 choices as well. Below is the layouts on offer;

Battle board A

  • 1 x 120mm or 2 x 50mm and 2 x 30mm
  • 8 x 50mm or 40mm
  • 29 x 40mm or 30mm
  • 4 x 30mm

Battle board  B

  • 1 x 120mm or 7 x 30mm
  • 4 x 50mm or 40mm
  • 8 x 40mm or 30mm
  • 38 x 30mm

Battle board  C

  • 1 x 120mm or 7 x 30mm
  • 15 x 50mm or 40mm
  • 6 x 40mm or 30mm
  • 22 x 30mm

Battle board  D

  • 7 x 50mm or 40mm
  • 9 x 40mm or 30mm
  • 40 x 30mm

Plenty of variation across the different boards, in fact the only thing not catered for is those broken players who take 2 Prime Axioms……Colossals I meant all Colossals and Gargantuans.


Ignoring the drunk Angel (which the lip stopped btw) I can hold a fair amount of models in this tray with little fuss. So what about the price then? Well for the currently reduced price of £30 you can not go wrong!

Overall if you play Warmahordes (or another lipped base game) and need a tray to carry your miniatures from table to table, then the Bendy Boards one is what you want!

The only question I have left is do I theme the board up like my gremlin one…