Slave Ogryn Gang

I couldnt resist during lockdown to make some escaped slaves.

At the moment I have 4 of the Ogryns and this has nothing to do with there being 4 ogres in the BB ogre team set…


The quartet of runners..


My leader and the first of the Ogryns I did, I wanted something a bit different so they are part bionic as they all have little guys riding in their now non-existent bellies 🙂


Next I had one of the champions with a very large mining tool 🙂 not decided what to run it as yet but I had fun making it.


Everyone needs a Spudjacker in their lists 🙂


Basic Ogyrn in the fact he has 1 arm and a very nasty looking fist. When it doubt hit it.


Finally we have JonE-5 the lobo-slave who during a brief fight with a mining vehicle lost his head but not one to let that stop him got a 0101010000110101010101111 instead


And being a slightly lobotomized chap he is a bit excitable so has a habit of losing the little friend he has. More so when he is running over rubble….

2 thoughts on “Slave Ogryn Gang

  1. Super stuff, I love the creativity here. I see that the Gnoblars are not only the brains of the outfit but also the bellies. Is the leader the Ogryn or the handgun-wielding Gnoblar pointing which way to go?

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