Mythos Review

Welcome one and all to an exciting time, the rebirth of Mythos. I was gutted when Paranoid Miniature had to close its doors after getting to the know the guys via my sister podcast.

But thanks to Warcradle we are ready to rock and roll again. With brand new shiny and we will soon see new factions and models, its all very exciting so I tip my hat to them for saving a great little system.

Today we are going to look at the first of the releases which is the Hidden Ones, Priory and the gubbins box.

They all come with a lovely box sleeve with some atmospheric artwork on the front

Tentacles everywhere
Pretty pendant
mmmmh rules

While the back of them gives us the 3D renders of the models and also the names of the characters. This is helpful as the character stat cards are all online only at the moment. Which you can find here also the rules are available for free as well (Yorkshireman rejoices).

Once we have carefully removed the sleeve or ripped it to shreds we are greeted with a black box with a nice shiny logo on



The rule book is a lovely little A5 book that has all the rules plus some scenarios to play around with. While also having some fluff around all the factions new and old.

It also has some great artwork in there and also some of the painted models which is a really nice touch. That you dont see too often in these smaller rulebooks.

A note on the rules, they have remained close to the original set. This means old hands will still recognize the game but we have seen some tweaks to which will be welcome (for instance we now have points system in place)

As mentioned the artwork has a flavour all its own with it still feeling like the game Paranoid had built. I have to say this has been a great lifting of a light game!

Additionally the gubbins are great quality really thick cardboard tokens that are finished well, the warcradle template (WWX fans will know it) and some lovely green dice because who doesnt love more dice?


To the models then, they are resin and if you have dealt with the Wild West Exodus resin this is the same sort of stuff. Doesn’t feel too fragile but holds excellent detail. I mean the details are really really good!

Individual barnacles anyone?
Anyone for dressed crab

The larger models are full of detail but so are the human scale models and very much in keeping with the theme of the era the game is set in

Something I will say, is that the some of pieces can be a little small and a pain to deal with. Individual hands and the like. Made slightly worse as super glue is needed and I like to glue myself to myself

Once we are built though we have some amazing looking models that are going to be a joy to paint.

The Priory ready to hunt

The Priory are perhaps my favourite looking of the 2 as a force but how can you not love click-clack???

Something smells fishy

The detail is amazing and the main reason resin was used . I mean who doesnt like to see saggy boobs and life like tentacles?

While the fish nets and floats are going to look awesome painted but you may go blind….

I applaud any designer who indents his work so I dont need to freehand anything 🙂

While a lamp post with actual cracks in the glass is to me next level detail.

Poor lamplighter

Now for the biggy especially for the older members of the game. Scale!

The models are bigger that is for sure and I think this helps the more clumsy painters of us (not me you understand)!! With this in mind I took the good professor and placed him on a normal wyrd 30mm base not the plinth style the game now has (those extra millimeters add up).

As you can see he is taller than so of the various other models I have but you can say he isnt massive!

Now in a one to one with the Wyldborn he is bigger but I think when you are playing a game you are not going to notice too much. I think the biggest thing is to make a decision on basing as those plinth bases do actually make a much bigger difference especially to the eye .


You may have guessed by now I am super happy to have the game back and supported into the future.

The rebirth I think is going to be a good one as the fun system started by PM is still there and the models are very much still the same we have already seen. Some may not like the scale creep that has happened but for the extra detail and it also being clearer I think it is a win.

The prices are inline with other resin models with the sets coming in at £35 which for 6 miniatures with at least one of them being a big model, that is a steal. While £20 for the gubbins box is also decent value as then all you need is a tape measure to play the game as the cards are online and free 🙂

Overall I welcome our new masters warc…Cthulhu!!

2 thoughts on “Mythos Review

  1. Thanks for the review. I’m quite interested in the game as I think that I could get some of my lapsed wargamer friends back into the hobby with it. Have you played any games yet? What are the rules like?

    1. Game is similar to how it was. So has some similarities to faux (ap’s) and warmachine (2d6 roll, 3d6 charges). But what stands out is each roll is competed with your opponent (faux) but difference in rolls is damage taken. So you can attack and take the damage not your opponent 🙂
      Other part is mythos which is another resource on top of models/wounds that lets you trigger abilities. But you can go insane so you can be removed from the game without taking all your wounds as you run screaming. Good fun

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