Whips and whips and

Our continued look at the Sisters Battle Box, brings us to a set of models I have a real soft spot for. The arco-flagellants, they take me back to a simpler time when I was knee high to grot and enjoying the amazing 54mm models for the Inquisitor game. Damien 1427 was his name and he was very misunderstood.

So having these guys in 28mm (or whatever scale we are now) and in plastic is a very big, YES.

The models are easy enough to put together on the whole around 4 pieces and like alot of the models in the box also gives you head options for the duplicate spure body. With the leader model being different.

They are going to be difficult to convert over some of the other models as the options are a bit more limiting unless you do specific cutting to change the flails.

The detail is really lovely and very dynamic. They deliver everything they should be, chemical madmen with electro-shock arms..

I do have concerns about how well the cat’o’nine tails will last in the long run as the plastic is pretty thin and long…never a good mix with clumsy gamers. But apparent from that they are pretty robust for naked people with a lot of other details a bit more protected. For instance I have no concerns about the injection systems on the back.

For those interested the Blackstone Negavolt Cultists make pretty good leader models for the unit but from a scale point and also they look just as mad and having just two of them gives me a nice little currently gives me a unit of 5 for the time being.


I am really pleased to see these guys in plastic for the nostalgia, although I really wish he had a larger unit of them in the box, I appreciate it is a min unit but these guys are not surviving much with 3 bodies (we want more madmen!!)

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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