Sisters First Look

Well it has finally arrived, I am good boy and told the emperor I was……and he believed me

The sisters are back and back with a bang. It’s been a long time coming but we have new shiny, I am wanting to look at the models individual basis so for this post I am just going to be looking at the value of it.

The box is very pretty, the artwork that runs through the new range is epic. There is a real baroque feel which suits the theme of the army really.

We dont see the new artwork type/technique that has started to run through AoS, this is firmly set in the old school.

The unique codex is very nice, I am not going to call it limited edition as it isn’t at the same level as the normal ones. It is a normal codex with a cool cover, interesting it has no blurb on the back so we will never see this again unless they drop the box again.

The codex doesnt spring to many surpruises other than again some really cool artwork as well as much more fluff about the sisters and also some of the smaller orders as well

I will say we dont get to see some of the newer models in the codex, clearly not everything was ready when this was put together. Which means when the army drops for real in 2020 we will perhaps the ‘normal’ codex will be a little chunkier as far as pictures go.

Besides the tanks and some of the characters I believe the majority of the models are created from the this box. Speaking of which;

Look at the shiny mmmmmmmmmmmmmh.

The instruction manual is up to GWs usual standard, clean crisp and easy to follow. The main challenge is finding the piece on the spure.

Something I have noticed with this kit, which I probably failed to notice before is that the painting guides are that little bit more in-depth and really take you through the process of painting the models. Yes you need to put some work in still but its nice to know you could at least do some colour matching when painting them yourself. Much better than the old days when your were told about the zombie dragon being scorpion green when clearly it had more layers than that

The rules booklet/pamphlet which is always handy as it’s not the book of doom…

They are dice, just dice nothing special which I will be honest with I am slightly disappointed but with everything else going in this box. I can give GW a free pass on this one..

These two boxes come with all the cards you will need to play Sisters, the Tact objective cards and the like. Really nice little boxes in the same design as the other card holders for 40k .

Time for a glance over the spures, as we already know these are the ‘easy build’ type of models so everything is mono-pose which is a shame but we do get some choices but mainly in the head selection of models.

Then it is simply a treasure hunt to locate the bits you need, its a minor gripe considering how backed the spures are. But I spend more time looking for piece than building these days..

The detailing is amazing and will be a joy or a pain to paint depending how hamfisted you are.

I havent built the engine yet but that is a lot of detail to be behind the ‘pilot’ sometimes I do wonder if GW do because they can and that is the only reason.

The Cannoness is the only model that is on a separate spure (expect her to be released solo soon I assume).

A lovely model and the detailing on the rod is amazing, thank you Nuln Oil.

A final note one the Seraphim with the new flying stands/storks. I am not sure about them, yes the older ball jointed ones meant you had a gap in the model but the connection point for these have me worried. I wont pass judgement till I get to the Flying Nuns themselves.


The elephant in the room, very limited quantity of these at launch and the disappearing of them, when we wont see the whole range till the new year. Is a disappoint and I had hoped GW would have had enough to cope, but such is life of a gamer I wouldnt be surprised if its relaunched when the rest of the sisters arrive.

With that out of the way, the box is amazing and the value was pretty reasonable

If we consider the price of start collecting boxes and the Christmas army boxes which are around £65-110.

I think we have got a really good deal with the box, admittedly there is only around the 400-500 points in the box and unfortunately only really one troops choice. But with the addition of the codex (lets say £25) and the card sets (£10), we shall ignore the dice 😉 it does enter the same cost as those army boxes.

Admittedly they are slightly more points and have a vehicle of some description at least for brand new models rather than a repackaging I have to say it is a great way to start an army and I sort of hope that GW do more of these boxes which include the codex etc going forward.

Shout out to who sorted out my box for me which was amazing of them!

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