Playing with UV resin

So I have being playing around a lot with UV resin of late.

Doing the water effect of my Slaanesh stuff for example and ice pillars for Malifaux.

So I wondered if I could do some stuff around a blue stuff mold of something I sculpted and here is the first test.

Now it isnt a prefect copy, this is less of an issue with this being potentially an ice gamin some variation I can get away with.

But lessons have been learnt the heat from the resin as it cures can be pretty intense more so if you have a lot of resin about and are adding ot quickly on a big surface.

This means the blue stuff mold actually becomes malleable again. Well more than is helpful..

Hence why I think we have the wavy leg and also you can see some of the blue stuff embedded in the chest.

So the next experiment is a little more extreme for me but not for anybody who casts. I am going to cut up the model to make smaller sections to mold and hopefully this means the process is less heat intensive and so I can reuse the same mold. As at the moment the whole mold needs redoing to go again.

I will report back when I have done more 🙂

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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